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First Time Advice
by PotHead
Citation:   PotHead. "First Time Advice: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp27861)". Dec 20, 2006.

0.3 g smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


First off I'd like to give you a brief description of my drug feelings as it is highly indicative of my mindset at the time of trying the speed. I started off with a very naive and eager attitude towards drugs. Over my years I've tried most of the common ones, and after several particularly bad trips and hangovers (due to various substances), I became quite fearful and distrustful of all mind-conquering substances except the faithful weed, my most trusted and ever present companion. But, my psychosis-induced fear is not yet enough to completely suppress foolish desires that lead to occasional experimentation, and so I had found myself with my first bag of crystal meth (a whole crystal that was a gram+), which I believe was of quite good quality. At the time of taking this I had not taken any substances for a long time, so there was no cross tolerance.

Not wanting to get too high too fast and end up begging the Lord for sobriety, I took it nice and slow, which I'd say is recommended for a first time. I didn't want to snort because it would be more difficult to take it slow and I figured it was a more direct and dangerous route, not to mention certainly painful and possibly nauseating from the drip. So I decided to smoke it in a pipe designed for such things (though I use it for hash, except this time).

I did a bit of reading on the internet about dosage and experiences, and realized there was no clear answer on how much to take. I chipped off a very small bit which I hoped wouldn't even cause much of a buzz much less hurt me and smoked it. I started out quite anxious and afraid, probably more so than the average user's new-substance-jitters. I took tiny hits every 10 minutes. I felt mildly different but I knew I hadn't breached the threshold. Gaining a bit of confidence, I decreased to 5 minutes and continued. After some amount of this (a -rough- eyeball estimate I'd say around 1/10 of the gram) I broke the threshold. By threshold I mean the difference between some vague energy/anxiety feeling 'yeah I feel something' and the undeniable euphoria-buzz that makes you feel damn good. I had only mildly broken that barrier, I was not anywhere near as high as I've read some people getting, but at this point I had a lot more happiness and almost no fear. The euphoria was very reminiscent of coke and less so to X, though I'd say coke was more demanding and X far more emotional.

Some people describe a great sensation lasting for hours. Perhaps this is so with large doses taken more directly. For me, the euphoric buzz itself lasted only about 10-30 minutes. As it faded, I would take hits (not so hesitant now) to re-attain the euphoria. I did not do this for too long, and I slowed the new hits down quite a bit. Although I say the euphoria itself fades fast, that's only a small part of the experience. After it fades you are of course still left with the speedy buzz, which can be quite strong, but it is not so euphoric, i.e., doesn't make you inherently extremely happy and pleased in the head. The longer effect feels energetic and talkative and dancing/moving is pleasant (pretty much what you intuitively expect from 'speed'), but its not the same joy as the initial feel. This second stage lasts a long time. Strongly probably for quite a few hours, and then continuing for many more. I had started smoking about 1 pm and continued over a course of 15 hours till 4 am, with the a vast majority of the usage occurring in the first 6 hours. I smoked about a third of the gram over this time.

The comedown was unpleasant but not terrible. I got chills, muscle tightness, stomach unpleasantness, slight headache. Nothing terribly unexpected. The worst part was when I tried unsuccessfully to sleep at about 6 am but was haunted with unpleasant dreamlike visions when I closed my eyes (felt sort of like aborted dreams that I experienced for a second or two then got pulled out of by the meth). Being unable to sleep was very unpleasant as by this time I felt quite drained. Although the meth kept me going, my brain wanted to shut down and reboot. By this time the feeling was a mix of withdrawal and a not-so-fun speediness that refused to let me rest. This same night a friend of mine smoked about half a gram (of the same stuff, ofc) over a period of 6 hours and felt a similar but more compressed and intense experience.

I only tried meth once, but I can relate some of my previous experiences to it. Also, I've read many reports about it, so I'd like to offer some comments:

Watch your heart rate and keep yourself hydrated. I'd have gotten worried if my heart went above 140, but luckily it didn't.

Some people describe great sex. Not me. Almost impossible to get my plumbing working during the euphoric phase, and only slightly more possible in the second one. I wanted to experience an orgasm on this drug and wasted three hours getting there. Although this was sort of beneficial because it allowed me to come down and I was not so eager to go back up once I felt the withdrawal (knowing it would only get be worse later with more)

Don't plan on being able to go to sleep for at least 12 hours from your last decent dose, probably much longer. I was only able to pick up about four hours of very restless naps throughout the next day. Even at 10 pm the following day sleeping was not good for me. If you want to sleep before the sun comes up, you might want to stop midafternoon.

Its quite difficult to eat but you should try to get some stuff into you unless you are desperate to lose weight. Solids are difficult to swallow, but something like a slimfast or similar shake should go down much easier and you probably won't feel as shitty the next day. Some recommend a vitamin pill for replenishment.

Meth has a bad rep as far as drugs go. I think this is most applicable when used multiple nights consecutively. It's bad enough to put your brain/body in overdrive for many hours, but to do it again (and again) without a sleep period between the days/waking-periods when you would normally have one is probably exponentially worse. It's the long-term sleep depravation that will cause the most terrible symptoms. Unless you're curious as to exactly how it feels to be suicidally depressed, struggle as best you can to limit it to one-nighters.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27861
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 20, 2006Views: 44,518
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