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Citation:   Jolly Green Giant. "Show Me: An Experience with 2C-I (exp27897)". Oct 27, 2003.

20 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
October 24, 2003

Today I plan on taking a 20 mg pill of 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodophenethylamine (2C-I). It is my first time using 2C-I. I have used LSD on two other occasions; thatís all I have tripped on. This makes me quite inexperienced with the use of psychedelics.


Iím 17 years old, male, 6 foot 7 inches tall, and 200 pounds. I have recently gotten accepted to the college of my choice, so I was very happy. But with that, it also seals my fate with leaving this area, and all my friends. Most of them I have known for years. In particular, two very close friends are staying, and I will be leaving them.

October 24, 2003 Before the Trip

I ate a normal breakfast, but at lunch I only had about 10 strawberries and I did not eat again for the rest of the day. I hade made sure that I got a good full nights rest before this experience. At 7 one of my friends, and his girlfriend and I went out to see the movie ďTexas Chainsaw MassacreĒ which I must admit, was a very disappointing movie. We left the movie theater, and I went home.

October 24, 2003 The Trip

I took the pill at 10:15 pm. It was in a thin gel cap that was supposed to take 15-20 minutes to dissolve in my stomach.

10:15 My friend ĎAí was on her computer, so I began talking to her over AIM. She has been going through a hard time. She is a very good and dedicated student, but is trying to get into really tough schools. She is stressed out with application deadlines. She is afraid to get rejected from these schools, so she is trying to impress them that much more. I try to console her. I tell her how good of a writer she is. And not to worry about it, life isnít going to end if you donít get into to your number one choice. She leaves at 10:55 (+ 0:40). The talk with her changes my mood, instead of being disappointed about that movie, now I am happy I was able to help her.

11:00 (+ 0:45) It seems to really be taking a long time to come up at this point. My body has a sort of itch, or buzz. Not really anything to take notice, Iím off baseline, but not really anything significant. To rectify this, I decide that it might be a good time for a smoke. I go out to my garage and take 3 hitters (about 9 total hits). I donít know whether it was the Cannabis or it was just starting to take hold, but when I came back was for sure a good +1.

11:10 (+ 0:55) Iím coming up very fast now. Easily a +2. The body feeling is feeling intense. But with the feeling, comes the nauseas. I am very glad I didnít eat now. The visuals are really starting to come too. The ceiling is full of patterning. The colors are a little more pronounced. I look up at the ceiling and start watching the shadows move.

11:30 (+ 1:15) Bam! Itís hitting me hard. Its like the intensity just went up 10 fold. Iím now at a +3 for sure. The body feels immensely good. I cannot describe it. No word could ever explain how good this feels. It is the best I have ever felt on any substance period. I cannot stop smiling. The body and mind love this. I love this.

11:35 (+ 1:20) Although the body and mind likes this, the stomach doesnít. it seems that another hitter is in order to call it down (so 3 more hits).

11:40 (+ 1:25) Questioning the hitter now. It did help the stomach somewhat, but now the visuals are even more intense. I know that Iím not at peak. If it is this strong now, how is it going to be at peak? I try not to think about it. I lay down on my couch. I leave my Favorite song on ďLucy in the Sky with DiamondsĒ what can I say, my dad was a Huge Beatles fan. I can hear the music, but it seems distant. I look at the ceiling again. It is becoming more and more intense. My mind starts racing. Thought after thought. So fast that I canít even complete one without another one coming. I try to explain it to my friend ĎDí who is also on his computer. I feel that I fail in my explanation. The feeling is to intense to explain. I get back on my couch, and start looking at a lamp. Slowly I can see the light waves. Its just seems like the waves are flowing from the light. Everything seems to be in a ďflowĒ, the ceiling patterns have their own flow.

12:00 (+ 1:45) It is getting way too hard on the computer and couch. I need to leave. Get some place safe. I feel that Iím about to peak. I leave the computer and go to my bed. I donít notice anything odd about the way I walk. I stop off in the bathroom, and while there I look in the mirror. My eyes are rather large, they appear ďdeep.Ē

12:30 (+ 2:15) This has got to be peak. I lay in my bed and think to myself, ďShow me what I need to seeÖ.Ē It is the most intense experience of my life. It is perhaps one of the most important experiences of my life. I see a lot of planets. Lines grow from each of the planets to every other planets. Then, it becomes 3 dimensional. The lines are no longer black, but all sorts of colors. I feel like Iím looking at a map of not only the universe, but the universe and all its realities and dimensions.

I then get an overpowering thought. I think that maybe 2C-I or LSD or any psychedelic lets us visit these other worlds, in other dimensions, in other realities. And maybe people in those worlds, use psychedelics to visit our world, because to them, this would be a trip. This give me an over all feeling of understanding. I understand the universe and all its mysteries. This feeling and with the body high this strong, it makes me shudder, I love it. To call is bliss, ecstasy or euphoric would be a huge understatement. It is over powering. It is what I need to see. A good +3.

12:30-1:00 (+ 2:15 Ė 2:45) After the above thoughts, I move from thought to thought for what seems like an hours. At some point I go to grab my clock, but I donít remember where it is. I try to look for my window for a reference point. Maybe it was because it was night and I didnít have any lights on, but I couldnít find window. This doesnít upset me. I simply give up and decide to look for it later. I experience more thoughts that we either not important enough to remember, or I cannot remember them anyways. I remember that my temples felt like they were stretching, trying to open up my mind, to let all the possible information in. The visuals are still very intease.

1:00 (+ 2:45) Defiantly coming down. The thoughts are slowing. The visuals are still there, but are different. They arenít so crazy. Its like looking at the world at a different point of view rather than crazy patterning. It is a lot more controllable. Still at +2 Ĺ.

1:30 (+ 3:15) I feel like what I needed to see is over. It is time just to enjoy the visuals. I take a flashlight out and start shining it around the room. I watch the tracers of the flashlight. It is amusing to watch. I get bored of that and I watch colors in the different patterning.

2:00 (+ 3:45) Iím tired and hungry. I go down stairs and get back on my computer. I start talking to another friend who turns out to have taken 5-MEO-AMT. We share our nightís experiences. I am down to a +2 so I decide to smoke 3 more hitters. I donít really feel like they did much.

2:30 (+ 4:15) I eat a full meal. It is the first food I have had in 14 hours and there first meal in 19 hours. My sandwich tastes extra good.

3:00 (+ 4:45) I get off the computer. I feel very tired and mentally drained. Iím still at a +1. The body high is still there. It isnít as good as it was. I go to my bed and listen to some music.

3:30 (+ 5:15) Very tired, tried to go to sleep.

4:00-4:30 (+ 5:45 Ė 6:15) I drift off to sleep.

11:00 a.m. Wake up, feel fine, still tired and mentally drained.

October 25, 2003 Retrospect

2C-I broke me down in a way I never thought possible. It showed my exactly what I needed to see. It filled me with an understanding of the universe. It was everything I was hoping for and more. It broke down my reality, and showed me a new one. I donít know I will ever be that same, or ever want to be the same. I was truly impressed with 2C-I. It provided a lot of insight.

Will I try it again? Sure. But I donít want to try it again soon. This is a substance that needs respect. Use it wisely.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 27, 2003Views: 35,042
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