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Not Really Stimulated So Much as Just Not Tired
by Jackle
Citation:   Jackle. "Not Really Stimulated So Much as Just Not Tired: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp28050)". May 5, 2021.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 18:00 15 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)


Past experience: I've tried this chemical 7 times at various levels. I could not weight it until now. I actually have yet to trip 'hard' at all on this drug. The shortest trip was 14 hours, with the longest being around 24.

Setting: At my home, with my brother, life's event have not been going that well, and I'm sort of down about it. I feel I can cope with a slight trip though. I'm also kind of in a rush to test this material.

4:42 pm start drinking soda with 5 mg alpha-O in it.

4:56 done drinking it.

5:08 my stomach/that whole area feels a bit uneasy.

5:14 not feeling to great in the stomach area... kinda like bordering on nausea.

5:15-5:45 I laid down to subdue the nausea, and it pretty much worked. I feel better, but not 100%. I got shivering cold in that 30 minutes. I just noticed some visuals with the edge of a door having like a glow starting about an inch away from it.

6:29 I feel weird. I can't really describe the way I feel very well. Kind of tired too.

6:58 at around 6:45 I noticed that everything looks different. Everything has that delicate shine to it. Everything looks shinier and more intricate.

7:23 I am slowly feeding myself 2 sandwiches. I have very little appetite, but I made the sandwiches, so I'm eating them. I just closed my eyes and it took a while, but after about a minute I saw pronounced kolodoscopesc outlines large petaled flowers... all of this on a black background. The flower things spin, they're all over my vision (with eyes closed). After I opened my eyes, things looked different, 'amplified' might be a good word. Right after opening my eyes, movement from my hands produces visual trails. Quite nice. I can still see the trails from moving objects, but much more heavily right after I open my eyes.

7:27 I'm still cold. I put a sweater on a while ago. Also, a while ago a friend called. He had no idea I was tripping till I told him.

3:03 am I'm not cold anymore, but I was for a few hours there. I'm starting to feel a head-ache coming on. This has been a VERY mild trip. Tracers/trails have been almost non-existant. I went to the store and interacted with my brother all night. I think he had no idea that I was 'tripping.' It now takes more than half a minute to start seeing anything clearly forming when I close my eyes. I'm definitely coming down... If I was ever even up... More like the mild effects are wearing off. I am not tired at all, that's for sure.

It seems to me that the less light I have while on this compound, the better the visuals are (which seem to only consist of slight patterning, visual trails and CEV patterning)... if that makes any sense at all. Things look much more different when they have a shadow on them than when light is directly on them.

11:26 AM been up all night on a,O-Dimethylserotonin - since 4:42 PM yesterday. I've been lightly 'tripping' for many hours. I have not been sleepy at any point. I need to stay up for a whole day and I've been up all night, so I took more of this substance. I just started drinking water with 15 mg alpha-o dissolved into it. Going to A Perfect Circle show. ...Should be good. I am excited to see old friends and go to a concert.

11:56 done drinking the water.

12:03 stomach feeling weird... kinda like my stomach is expanding a little. feel a puke coming on sometime.

12:21 I was feeling better laying down, until my brother wanted me to clean, so I did... thus I just got finished puking. It was a rather short puke, topped-off by what I think was the most painful puke of my life, which seemed like my intestines shot food back up through my stomach and into my mouth. It hurt deep down. I feel MUCH better now. I'm seeing visuals much better than I saw the whole of last night already.

We then went to a concert. Low light is DEFINITELY the way to go with this compound. I sat in my room with very low light and saw the ceiling dancing. I would go outside, and all visuals would go away. My pupils were dilated at no point in the last 2 days. Closing my eyes produced many images. All swirling in circles. I saw gingerbread men and women spinning in circles, as well as other cookie-cutter shapes spinning. I saw cartoons of the devil dancing and spinning. I saw Homer and Bart of the simpsons. Homer was being shocked in an electric chair - all of this I saw with my eyes closed. With my face in the sun, all the CEVs were bright, orange and yellow and red colors. With my face out of the sun they were blue and green with maybe some orange on a black background.

I could not go to sleep at any point on this compound. I stayed up for 45 hours on 2 doses of a,O-Dimethylserotonin (the first dose was 5 mg and 18 hours later I took 15 mg which kept me up and slightly tripping for about 13 more hours. The whole time I was very in control and could function just as well as I could not on this substance. I was not really stimulated so much as just not tired at all. The entire time I saw intricate patterns on everything, but they weren't very pronounced. For me, this substances effects are very strange. My muscles around my jaw were very sore by the end of my trip, I think from clenching my jaw.

When I finally did go to sleep at 2:45 am November 1st (after the concert), the effects had just worn off and I had no out of the ordinary dreams, but I did have some dreams. I did not get a headache at the end of this marathon trip as I usually do.

NOTE: the product was stored in varying degrees of heat (at one point it was stored [accidentally] at 140 degrees F for 9 hours).

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 5, 2021Views: 506
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