Guide to the Subconscious
2C-I & LSD
Citation:   dreamer. "Guide to the Subconscious: An Experience with 2C-I & LSD (exp28153)". Jan 27, 2004.

T+ 0:00
1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 16 mg oral 2C-I (gel tab)
Mind setting: good nights sleep prior to experience.
Other prior additives: acid (extremely mild)

In beginning this night’s trip I had initially decided to start off with acid. My friend and I took equal amounts 1.5 blots each. However the acid was extremely mild. +2hrs my friend got no visualizations until he smoked pot and I got no visualizations since I am currently unable to smoke pot. I was extremely disappointed but I didn’t want to waste the night so I went over to my friends to pick up 2C-I. I had experimented with the substance before though I had never completely understood its effects.

The combination of acid with 2C-I brought about some intense visualizations.

+2.5hrs acid
+.5hrs 2CI

I am surprised to see how quickly the 2C-I seems to be kicking in. Normally it would have taken me at least an hour to get to this point on 2-CI however half an hour into it and I am definitely feeling the distortions created by 2C-I. At this point I am also seeing some intense visualizations due to acid. Though inadequate one way of describing it would be to say that the acid is changing colors and patterns to all of the images that are slightly distorted by 2-CI. My stomach definitely feels upset. I am getting some body vibes mainly centered around my stomach.

+3.5hrs acid
.1.5hrs 2-CI

My friend and I are walking around campus. It is an extremely nice day out, the moon is shining rather brightly and the sky is lit up with stars. Looking at autumn trees is incredible. I always thought that these trees had large huge tops with and always admired them without ingesting any drugs. However this is in no way prepares me for what I am about to witness. On our way back home I look down a sidewalk and see it tunneling (getting smaller to provide perspective but more quickly than ordinary day viewing). The sidewalk is lined with autumn trees (they really do exist in everyday life) however the trees have changed form. Their stumps are slightly shorter and their tops and grown huge. This makes them somewhat disproportional but at the same time makes them more beautiful. Acid adds color to every individual leaf. I think to myself that this is by far the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

+4.5 hours Acid
+2.5hours 2-CI

The colors created by the acid are incredibly intense. I can sort of control them but they are definitely taking a mind of their own. The shift in proportions and dimensions caused by 2-CI in combination with this fact prove to be too much new information for me to handle at one time. Though at first I seemed to somewhat control these hallucinations I am now beginning to loose control. Normally I would smoke pot but since I cant I figure that ill just have to ride the trip out.

+5hrs acid
+3.0hours 2C-I

I am feeling intense effects from both hallucinogens. I roll around the floor in delight. What seems interesting is that I seem to be back in control of both hallucinations. I go to get a glass of water to calm me down. My hands are slippery due to sweat and I think that the glass might slip out of my hand. As I think this I feel the glass slipping out of my hand, though I know for a fact that it is not. I can rationale that the strength with which I am holding it should be enough for it not to slip. However as long as I think that it’s slipping and convince myself that it might I generate a feeling of the glass slipping. It shrinks so I have to continually grip tighter. I put the glass down with fear that I might drop it. I decide to experiment around a little with this new found insight.

I hold my hand to the air blowing thorough the fan. I think that the air is blowing through my hand and not on it and to my delight this generates a feeling of the air blowing through my hand. I can feel the air inside my hand. Later I hold my head up to the fan and to my surprise I feel the air blowing right through my head!!! I am amazed. At this point I begin to feel as if I am controlling the feelings generated by 2-CI thorough thinking. The additional creativity that acid presents allows for some truly amazing experiences. Basically acid allows me to convince myself of anything and 2-CI immediately generates that feeling. My stomach still feels a little upset but I am able to ignore this.

+6hrs Acid
+4hrs 2-CI

The effects of the acid have definitely dropped but the effects of the 2-CI have now grown in intensity. I begin to wonder what it means if the hallucinations that I am creating are self controlled. I begin to wonder if these hallucinations are somewhat related to subconscious thoughts. The patterns have now almost totally faded though I can create them by trying really hard. I notice that one of my friends has slightly smaller legs in comparison to his body. Putting this and the fact that the tree stump was also smaller in comparison to the tree I begin to wonder if this is a general effect of 2-CI and decide to experiment.

I get in front of a mirror and look at my body. It is slightly distorted in many ways but this does not frighten me. I believe that I am in control of the hallucinations. I perform the following test to see if this is true:

1. I look at the mirror and examine myself thoroughly.

It seems the part that I am focusing on the most changes the most drastically.

2. I turn away from the mirror and try really hard to convince myself that I have a well built chest.

To my surprise the image in the mirror has now changed to verify this fact. I now have a larger and more built chest then before.

3. I perform more experiments involving convincing myself that I look ugly or good. Convincing myself that I have a small or large stomach and every time that I look at the mirror the image have changed to verify my conviction.

I later talk to a friend of mine that I have thought was pretty cute. We sit side by side and now not to my surprise her image is rather appealing. I am delighted at how much I can control my hallucinations.

Now I turn my attention to the images that I have been creating without prior thinking. Like the tree on acid. I believe that I created this image because I had always thought that the tree top was huge. So the tree took on that image. Since I had thought that the tree was also pretty prior to taking drugs the tree appeared in that way. What is interesting is that when I saw the tree appear really pretty I thought to myself wow that tree REALLY is beautiful. Hence the image changed to create a tree that looked even better then before. Thus through the creative aspect associated with acid and 2C-I combined I was able to create an image of what I thought was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.

Below are some of the deductions that I came to during my trip. I wrote the above while sober (the next day) and the below while on 2C-I.


2 c I is a very controllable hallucinogen. From my personal experience hallucinations are created through the following process.
1. The idea: Think of how something is. (How you know something to be)
2. The visual: Visual confirmation of the idea in “real life.”

For example

Take the following case. A person that looks at the mirror in everyday life (not on any drugs) may notice certain things about themselves. They may for example notice that they have a slightly well defined chest or that they have skinny or built arms. By using these simple inputs' they will create a “self image” of themselves. In some respect an image of what they think describes them in the most accurate manner to other observers. (The outside world)

Through controlled hallucinations 2C-I seems to enable one to single out and focus on any one of these desired inputs. In some regard it can be said that 2C-I seems to enable one to break down their wholly created self image, focus on any one of these simple inputs one at a time, then recreate an image that confirms their “idea” of what they look like. For example someone that believes that he or she is overweight will be able to focus on the fact that his or her stomach is large and consequently will be able form the image(hallucination) of herself with a large stomach in proportion to the extent that they believe they are fat. What is intriguing about 2C-I is the extent to which these hallucinations seem to be under the total control of ones will.

2-CI seems to give one extraordinary freedom of control in creating images. For example, if the very same person that believed that they were overweight in every day life were to focus on their stomach and convince themselves that they actually weren’t that fat, then they would create an image (hallucination) that would verify this. In other words one has to think of how something is or how something is happening in order to be able to see it. In order to be able to see any idea one simply has to be able to conceptualize it then convince them self that it is actually true. However since it is hard to wholly convince oneself of something’s existence prior to seeing it there are some inherent limitations to the hallucinations that can be generated. In this regard it can be said that hallucinations generated by 2C-I are bound by the realities of everyday life. Nonetheless, it is important to note that hallucinations that are completely detached from ordinary world are possible. For example, if one were able to be able to conceptualize shifting patterns on a carpet and convince themselves that they were true (real) then they would create an image verifying this.

It should be noted that images created by 2C-I can expand upon one another, i.e. one who is seeing patterns on a carpet can use these hallucinations in convincing himself that there are further patterns and thus will generate further visuals confirming the assumption.

Try the following experiment:

1. Stand in front of a mirror and examine yourself. Do not be shocked by the initial distortions, they are reflective of what you are currently convincing yourself to look like; they will inevitably be shifting as your conviction of what you look like changes through your inspection of your image.
2. Still standing in front of the mirror, look away, making sure that no part of your reflection visible.
3. Focus, in your mind, on any part of your body. (Parts that you have prior convictions on will work easier at first) i.e. if you think your chin looks big in every day life focus on how big your chin is.
4. Look back at the mirror, your reflection will have changed in proportion to your current conviction and you will thus have formed an image of yourself with a disproportionately large chin.

If that the above holds true, 2C-I enables its users to gain vast insight as to subconscious thoughts. Because basically if you are seeing something a certain way it is due to the fact that you believe it is true. For example if you see your friend with slightly shorter legs, then this might suggest that you subconsciously think that he has short legs. Or if you see someone as being particularly beautiful, then this might suggest that subconsciously you are thinking that they are attractive.

Another remarkable property of 2C-I is the fact that body vibes or rushes can also be controlled. For example if you hold your hand to a fan and convince yourself that the air is blowing not on but through your hand, you will generate a feeling that will verify this. You will feel the air blowing through your hand. Once adjusting to this you could just as easily feel air blowing through your head or body.

Try the following:
1. Take a glass of water.
2. Convince yourself that the glass is slipping out of your hand. (Think that it’s slipping)

You will no doubt be surprised as to how real the feeling of the glass slipping is and may even feel the need to put it down in order to prevent it from dropping out of your hand.

Body vibes generated by 2C-I may also be reflective of subconscious thoughts though they present themselves in less obvious ways and deserves further exploration.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28153
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 27, 2004Views: 16,962
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