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Zen as a Couch Potato
by White Rabbit
Citation:   White Rabbit. "Zen as a Couch Potato: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp28372)". Jan 8, 2007.

3 nuts oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  1 nuts oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)


I had tried nutmeg several times already and had been routinely disappointed - SO I'M SWALLOWING BITTER-NASTY SAND FOR NOTHING?! Then I came across several entries describing the usage of whole nuts rather than pre-ground and decided it was worth a try. I have a cute little grinder and plenty of hammers, so I got to work. While grinding was fun, I soon decided just to eat the nuts. I smashed 3 of them in small pieces (perhaps eighths) and proceded to eat, chewing thoroughly and leaving the stuff I'd ground out without much thought. Now, many have claimed that they notice no difference between the store-bought and the freshly ground, but I beg to differ. This alteration of the normal drill seemed exactly what my system needed to acknowledge the foriegn substance. I began feeling the effects even before I finished eatting. (I took the nuts slowly, over about a half-hour period)

I was feeling spacey, a bit drunken, and even a little giddy. I was working at the computer, listening to Queens of the Stoneage, and the music began to do strangely disturbing things. It was as if the sounds from the individual instruments were seperating so that I could hear certain sounds with frightening clarity. The volumes rose without me ever touching the knobs until it was almost unbearably loud. I took a shower, probably the longest in my life, because it just felt that damn good. The only downside found by this point was that my eyes had begun to burn, intermittently, and I had to keep a bottle of Visine handy.

My room mate came home around 5, but, thankfully, the stuff was not strong enough yet that he noticed anything. We sat down for dinner and watched 'Finding Nemo', which was infinitely funnier and more enjoyable than I think it had the right to be. I very much blame that on the nutmeg. In the middle of the film, about 6:30, we took a quick break and I went to my room to swallow the last, ground-up nut. I had read from Adamood that you could take it in smaller doses, over time, to increase potency. I felt the new kick almost instantly, much like a half-drunk person does when they suddenly throw back a couple heavy shots in rapid succession. The colours in the movie (and in general) were kinda freaking me out now and the fish had these mental problems that began to seriously disturb me. I was actually a bit frightened after awhile by this cute little Disney movie, but it was that spellbound kind of frightened, awe-struck.

I did some yoga, reached major zen, and hung around watching game shows in a very relaxed state after that. I was exceptionally spacey now and having trouble listening to my roomate when he spoke. It wasn't that I couldn't follow him; in fact, it was simply that, like when on LSD or pot, his words were perhaps the most fascinating thing in the world to me. He finally commented on my vague, empty stare, but the apartment was dark, he couldn't see my red-rimmed eyes, so I just laughed it off. He thinks I'm half-retarded sometimes anyway, so he didn't question whatever explanation I offered, and finally he went to bed.

That was when I decided to really test my happy place (this was at about 9pm). I sat down alone in a candle-lit room to watch '28 Days Later' for the first time. I wasn't exactly as TERRIFIED as I would have liked to be because the movie really wasn't all that scary. But the cinematography was such that it seriously fucked with my head. I started seeing things, both on the screen and in the room around me, that weren't there.

The screen itself seemed to be shaking and I was being pulled into it the story on many different levels. I was also becoming sleepy, when so many seem to have problems with insomnia on nutmeg. This made my state all the more suggestable. I was having trouble following the plot, which made the visual experience that much more unreal and frightening. I think I started to fall asleep and that was when, in a vague dream-state, I became impassively aware of (bear with me) a large snake crawling up the side of my incliner and running along my left cheek. The flesh became numb as it came into contact with this hallucination - I was QUITE aware it was an hallucination, which was a first for me; I just couldn't do anything about it. So I waited until it left, until the movie was over, then went to bed.

I had exceptionally vivid, vastly peculiar dreams I won't even bother trying to describe, and woke up to two differing sensations. The first was EXTREME dry mouth (me not heeding the water warning as well as I should have) coupled by a stomach ache. The second was the awesome assurity that the nutmeg had yet to leave me. I spent the next 16 hours or so in a dream. In many ways, the second day was more pleasent, though subdued. I had errands to run, shopping to do, and it was very much like a low dose of LSD.

I even sat down for an hour and held a stunningly pleasent conversation with my mother, who I generally dislike. I did some astral travel in the evening, after developing a difficult headache, and was again content to watch television - something I seldom have the attention span for. The only downside was that headache (easily solved by 3 Excedrin) and the slight stomach ache that grew as the day progressed, but I had ginger ale on hand, just in case. With all the 'experimenting' I do, I'm used to turning to those two remedies. Sleep came quick and was relatively bare of distinction.

Day three - AHA! Here's the kicker! AAAAAHHHHHHHH! stomach pains. I mean, I felt like I was having contractions! Nope - not pregnant, so I certainly can't be experiencing some premature birth. I felt like the nutmeg was sneering back at me, as if it had sprung some deadly trap. However, these lasted (thankfully) for no more than 4 hours.

Other than that, the trip was fantastic. The nuts are MUCH easier to ingest. I think the pacing plan is a good one too. Next time I'll add a nut and lengthen the process more.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28372
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 8, 2007Views: 11,448
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