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Herbal Surprize!
Herbal Ecstasy (Red Dawn) & Cannabis
by Dazed Rezin
Citation:   Dazed Rezin. "Herbal Surprize!: An Experience with Herbal Ecstasy (Red Dawn) & Cannabis (exp28458)". Oct 19, 2007.

1 tablet oral Herbal Ecstasy (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is the second time I ever had Red Dawns. I've tried other herbal products that don't really work or amped full of ephedra. I don't care for ephdra so I got the ephedra free formula.

I took the pill at about 12:50 am. and now it's about 4:20 am and I smoked a few hits off a shwag filled blunt about an hour ago. I feel as though I injected my whole body with Novocain. I had a friend over for a few hours and hooked him up with one and he had good effects too. The caffeine in this pill makes it feel a bit like rittlen and whatever else is in it feels almost like a mild trippy roll. I feel like I'm floating and everything is moving so slowly and freely around me. When I shut my eyes I see what I saw when they were open and it begins to change. I'm trembling a little bit but I think I'll be OK. Colors are brighter and everything feels as though it's in slow motion. I kind of feel like I'm in the Matrix but that probable doesnít make sense unless you're tripping. The vapor feels like air in my lungs. It's making me even more cloudy headed. Now it's like my short term memory is gone and I'm living strictly in the present ('the isness of is'). Wow this is steaming a lot, I didn't know I packed so much.

I'm absolutely shocked write now that I'm able to type this well. The affects make me feel drunk when I type or move around. I almost feel like Iím on DXM. Here's the ingredient list. 5HTP, Bioperidene, Guarana, kola nut, cinnamon, Indian Bromine, Niacin, Fo-ti, bioperidine. I looked up the ingredients bioperidene and bioperidine on the internet and got nothing so did they just make that stuff up? I take Prozac and trazadone so I hope there's no interactions between the two.

What I care about is that it works (and my safety). Now it's 4:51 am. I work late nights so I stay up till dawn. I've been peaking for about 2 and a half hours. My mouth feels kind of numb and I feel very comfortable. Colors seem to switch on and off. I'll look at my blue carpet and swear that it looked pink for a few seconds. My vision is a bit blurred and everything is kind of woozy. My setting is perfect for this experience, Thousands of glow in the dark stars, black lighting, posters, comfortable bed, and all the other usual and predictable stuff. I'm seeing double and at times it seems like I'm seeing right through the middle catching a glimpse of the infinite. It's like my mind has shifted to a basic style of thinking allowing me to comprehend a large amount of information with a limited amount of understanding.

I hope the sun starts coming up soon. I love being in that time of day while night slowly merges with day and I'm stuck somewhere in the middle. Everything seems so brilliant and there's an over whelming feeling of security and potential. I think I just talked myself into going outside. It's 5:16 right now. It's not dawn and it's like 30 degrees FH outside. Every star shined and glimmered. The sky was so clear and everything up there seemed so significant. These kinds of experiences are so awe-inspiring but so few people venture to try to achieve it, whether it's with drugs or without drugs. I feel a oneness with everything and my vaporizers about to feel a oneness with my cannabis. I use cannabis medically to treat boredom, but I guess that doesn't count.

Now that it's 5:38 am and I just packed my vaporizer I want to say that writing this gets me to get to know myself and hopefully it will give you some new info for you to discover while looking over this fascinating web page. I feel so euphoric right now. My visuals are slowly diminishing but everything is still moving in slow motion and I feel like I'm floating. Everything feels great but my appetite is suppressed. I'm hungry but it's as though I can't eat. Maybe the vapor mist will give me back my appetite. I swear I just wrote a paragraph a while ago I was vaporizing. How strange.

It's dawn now (6:07). I'm gazing out the window and all the bare tree branches are all criss-crossed and I can make shapes out of it in my mind. I see spider webs, face masks, and cubes. All the lines in my air conditionar keep blurring together and separating. This herb really brought back some visuals. It's like everywhere I look it's like it's painted right before me. I feel as though I'm seeing the world through different eyes and it is cool to say the least. I keep getting these melting sensations. I feel like I used to as a sophomore high school student staying up all night and getting high. I love this feeling. I hate to ramble but I'm so stoned right now and it is taking so much concentration and hard work to do this. It's funny, now I have the munchies while my appetite is suppressed. I'm trying to eat a nutri-grain bar while my body wants to deny it.

Ok, now it's 6:38 because it took me forever to spell check this while being in this state of mind. I feel even mellower now and I can feel myself slowly getting sleepy. I just collapsed into my bed and observed. Everythingís so mellow and tomorrow seems so far away. I can connect to the music so well right now. It's the Kotten Mouth Kings. So far I think I like these pills but I don't want to recommend them to anyone because herbal products arenít regulated by the FDA and I don't want any responsibility for them, but it's a free country.

Everything is starting to seem to wave. It's similar to seeing the air conditionar lines move in and separate. Everything also feels as though it's turning, like the spins but it's not nauseating. I still see some symmetrical shapes when I closed my eyes but I think I'll still be able to sleep when I want to. I'm going to hold off on my medication for a while just in case.

It's 7:05 am and I Just plugged the vaporizer back in. I will return when it's kicked. Okay now it's 7:30 I'm out of weed, and I don't intend on getting more for a while, but I'm glad I did tonight. Now Dream Theater is playing and it sounds better than any other time I've ever listened to it. I can really appreciate things when I haven't slept in a long time and get faded. I think I need some sleep now but I hope you found this report helpful. It was for me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28458
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2007Views: 48,861
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Herbal Ecstasy (194) : General (1), Alone (16)

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