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Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & Anadenanthera spp.)
by Mad Merv
Citation:   Mad Merv. "Overdose: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & Anadenanthera spp.) (exp28491)". Erowid.org. Feb 23, 2004. erowid.org/exp/28491

T+ 0:00
6 seeds oral Anadenanthera spp.  
  T+ 1:00 5 seeds oral Anadenanthera spp.  
  T+ 0:00 1 Tbsp oral Syrian Rue (seeds)


[Erowid Note: The term 'yopo' is traditionally used in reference to Anadenanthera peregrina. Recently many people have started using it to refer to both A. peregrina AND A. colubrina. This report specified only 'yopo' so we do not know the exact identity of the seeds used.]


I had taken some time to study and explore ethnobotanicals in the past, and having had some intense drug experiences on synthesized chemicals between my experience with HBWR (seeds), I thought returning to the natural experience would be a good way to cleanse and renew my spirit.

I would say I got the Liquid Plumber version.

A friend of mine showed me a copy of Heads magazine in which there was a catalog for some of the ethnobotanicals I had recently purchased. He was curious about them, having never tried them, and since I could show him the actual substances in raw form, he was interested in experimenting.

This was my first try with Yopo - I had become the guinea pig earlier in the day before he had arrived, trying 4-5 small yopo seeds and an under-dosage of rue, I was convinced I had experienced something very vaguely reminiscent of the synthesized 5-meo DMT experience; so, that evening, I prepared the rue with a mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of rice vinegar to assure acidic content of the mixture. I would say it was about 50ml total rue+lemon juice mixture, tasted nasty (he mixed it with coffee, I chased it with water).

The recipe:
6-7 'small yopo' seeds for my friend
8 'small yopo' seeds of yopo for myself
25ml ea. lemon juice+water+rice vinegar droplets
1 heaping tablespoon syrian rue, split evenly

My friend drank 1/2 of his rue, I drank about 3/4ths of mine.
It was some nasty stuff. Too bad for the rue; I think it would make a fine coffee or tea supplement if it weren't for the required acidity of the mixture. I added some sugar; though I had read somewhere that one of the ethnobotanicals didn't mix well with sugar. (Couldn't remember which one, but believed it to be B.Caapi, which I had not included in this mixture.)

We drank the rue while I prepared the yopo seeds, totaling 13-14 seeds, popping like corn on the stovetop mixed with butter.

About a half-hour later my friend said 'I feel sick, I don't want the seeds..' to which I said 'You will want to eat after this' and fed him the fried yopo on bread, which he found restored his appetite. I did the dishes and we retired to the living room.

The trip increased in intensity and felt very good; much less 'damaging' than the smoking of the 5-meo DMT.

I would say that aside from the nasty taste of the rue, the experience was pleasant. I left my body through use of yoga to hold down both the drugs that were churning in my stomach and awoke to feel refreshed. It was about 12 pm, I went to bed, and awoke during the night with one hell of a charlie horse in my shoulder, which persisted through the rest of the morning and the next day, but then went away without a trace.

EXPERIMENT #3: Can you overdose of Yopo?

The answer is yes and let me tell you it is not a pleasant experience, so be careful with your dosages. Not quite paying attention (in a sudden urge to trip alone-- which is not recommended for the faint of heart.. lest someone find you later, curled up on the floor of your apartment, choking on a piece of food stuck in your windpipe... or worse, blue-faced, stiff and ready for burial).

After smoking 2 grams hawaiian canabis slowly over a three day period and playing video games, I decided that I could trust myself and I took 5 seeds (the fat ones) and got a little evil on myself and took a sixth, decided that was enough, fried them up on the hotplate and munched them down, sat in front of the computer and began to compose electronica when I realized I had forgotten the rue preparation after an hour of 'waiting to trip' --

First Ingestion 0h:00m :
6 large yopo seeds, buttered + popped

After the realization I immediately felt like I had wasted the seeds; felt bad about it, but decided that 'if you're going to trip you better do it right' so I decided that the yopo I had already eaten were metabolized completely (not possible) and that since it had been an hour, I should 'start from scratch' with a new batch of seeds and rue mixture. I felt mildly tingly, but nothing close to what I expected. Of course, I wasn't entirely sure of myself, but thought doubling the recommended dosage would make a good anecdote.

Before preparing the yopo I had eaten a cheese sandwich and three pieces of buttered toast.

Second Ingestion approx 1h:00m :
5 large yopo seeds
1 8 oz glass of rice vinegar+water mixture
1 'heaping' tea spoon syrian rue

I drank the entirety of an 8-12oz glass of rue -- one large teaspoon of powdered rue bark and about a teaspoon of rice vinegar, mixed with the rue, boiled in pyrex for about 5 minutes, to insure infusion.

(rue preparation: 1 teaspoon rue + 40ml water + 10ml vinegar, boiled then diluted with 8oz water)

The rue was nasty and I forced it down in 30 seconds.

I chased the rue with 1 cup chocolate milk.

I then prepared the second batch of seeds in oil this time (not butter) and allowing the oil to drain off, put the seeds on bread and hesitated, then munched the hot seeds burning myself lightly but crunch crunch crunch and they were gone.

I suddenly felt tired (it was the end of the day) and I went to the living room to lay down on the couch and await my trip.

I felt as though I had made a mistake but started to drift off into a light alpha-state I often find myself in when 'power napping' --- a quick fall into unconciousness.

I awoke from a vivid dream of lucidity to find myself feeling a lot of pressure from inside my stomach.

In essence I 'barely regained control' from a reclined position (the very position that causes people like Jimi Hendrix to choke and die from drug overdoses). I felt lucky on the way to the bathroom, hand on mouth, mentally controlling my gag reflex.

I made it the first time; I vomited violently 6 times, each time thinking 'wow this is really really absurd' and as I vomited the 'feeling' the drug was producing subsided. From the smell of my bile, which was an odd yellow-brown, I could tell it was the rice vinegar which was the root of the problem; had I used lemon juice I wonder if my experience had been this violent.

I returned to the couch only to discover I was still sick, ran back to the bathroom and vomited again, maybe 3-4 hard heaves, got worried and carefully lay back down to recover, whilest discovering my bowels were full and I needed to drop a deuce, which I could tell would be something like diahrea. I noticed this was similar to 'bad E' reports of pills I had overheard at raves where you would 'shit and throw up simultaneously' -- I felt it was the pressure, added dosage and general nervousness which caused these problems, but I have no idea the medical/biochemical reasons.

I lay back down and rested, had some very cleansing moments of semi-concious contact, and then proceeded to have three experiences of extra-pineal travel; cross-dimensional or OBE experiences, all seemingly at will. I felt in my mind that I was searching for my pineal with a 'conscious finger' -- and when my mind opened, the pineal gland would instantly suck my conciousness out of time and space and into a beyond world where I could see only darkness. Then I would 'snap back' into my alpha state, feel the presence of my body cavity, and then begin the process of searching for the 'Exit' (or, the pineal transporter).

I exited via pineal gateway approximately three times, possibly more, as on the third time it became like a zeotrope -- a flickering back and forth between conciousness and super-conciousness until I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning, took one hell of a dump, and decided that I had discovered the limits of the drug interaction yopo; and needed to share my thoughts.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28491
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 23, 2004Views: 23,443
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Anadenanthera spp. (284), Syrian Rue (45), Huasca Combo (269) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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