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Intro to Raves
by Bugs
Citation:   Bugs. "Intro to Raves: An Experience with Ecstasy (exp2859)". Sep 13, 2000.

As parties ('Raves') are becoming more and more popular with teenagers, many are going without knowing anything about what happens. I myself am a teenager but have had the chance to experience many parties and what it is like. For some kids that dont know exactly what to expect they can get drawn into the drug aspect which is very tempting. Yes ecstacy is easy to get at a party but then again it is easy to get anywhere if you want to do it. I am not against 'E' one bit and i have done it many times my self but KIDS CAN STILL HAVE A GOOD TIME AND PARTY STRAIGHT.

Different parties have different atmospheres. Some parties have only a few hundred kids that go but there are the bigger parties which get 2-3000 etc. kids. I like the bigger parties but if you are traveling with a group of people don't be suprised to get seperated from them for happens and all my friends understand what i'm talkin about. At bigger parties you usually see the more famous Dj's, better dancers and there are some cooler things set up too. For example Nitrous ballons. These stations are set up a lot of the time and that is definitely pretty cool to do when rolling, but there is a slight possibility to passout for a shot moment of time. (also, on a little different note, ketamine or 'K' is something many people do with ecstacy, it is definitely cool to do but just be careful because you're still mixing drugs).

I have been to parties where they had massage tables set up and thats always a very nice feeling when rollin too. Every party i have been to I am always amazed at how nice all the people are wether they are on anything or not. The people you meet at these parties become good friends and you always have someone cool to share the experience with. I usually bring a pen and something to write on for e-mail addresses etc. This is also where the 'candy' or braclets and things like that come in. It is always cool to trade friendship braclets bascially to say you have meet a really cool person.

I always have so much fun even trying to find a party, the flyers are pretty cool and its always fun callin the info line and tryin too keep up with the recording. Usually i'll eat a pill before I go into a start my roll of course....(but DONT take this as me saying to drive when you do this because i'm not) Then we wait in line or whatever and when we or any of you get to the doors dont be suprised if they are searching, i've worked parties and its standered. so if you want to take pills in you should find some sort if hiding place for them, but if someone does find one on you they will usually just throw it big deal, just out a couple of bucks >:0(.

When your roll is just starting you feel little hints of it dont worry if it is your first time this is normal and it can take some people up to two hours depending on the person and what they ate all day. You will definitely know when it hits you because you just kind of take a deep breath and the let it out and say 'hoooleee shhhhit' you'll then understand the meaning of rollin. Then you just feel amazing waves go throught out your whole body and the closer you are with someone, well lets just say it can inhance your roll.

Now glowsticks are a way for people to represent themselves at a party when they dance but it is fuckin cool as hell to watch either normal or when roolin, but when rollin i'v seen some cool effects like real long tracers and lots of other eye poppin things like that. when you have a good dancer in front of you its real fly to watch and even better if you are a real good dancer because its cool to have all the people watchin you.

It is imporant for people to stay hydraded when at a party especially when rollin because of the fact that you are dancing all night and depleting all your liquids and when on 'E' it dehydrates you pretty bad anyways. Also remember you dont know exactly whats in a pill or if it is fake some kids are out to make a quick buck and could sell you some weird pill their mom takes. Because of the fact that there are so many different kinds of pills you cant always tell if it is or not 'E'. so play it safe. mdma and stuff like that usually tastes really bad.

Please be careful after a party especially because a party goes on all night and gets out in the morning and if you danced the whole time it can be pretty rough. Hopefully you dont have to drive far and you can go to bed but i usually have to drive a few hours to get back home and if you rolled the night before you are very tired the next day, so be careful.

If you made it all the way through this report, Sorry it wasn't describing much of an experience. hopefully this is giving fairly helpful info on how to stay safe and have a good time no matter what you do, and i hope this helped any first time partiers/ravers. I'd love to see you all at a party and having a good time and i will say it has been a blast everytime, well at least for me... keep it real and always remember the ravers motto.

(peace love unity respect)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 13, 2000Views: 9,453
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MDMA (3) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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