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It's Sticky
Citation:   Jerome. "It's Sticky: An Experience with 2C-I (exp28795)". Erowid.org. Feb 2, 2004. erowid.org/exp/28795

16 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
Well Iím coming down, but still up. This whole thing was written on 2cI. Every single word, including the introdction.

I got 200 Mg of what I hope was 2cI in the mail. It was a slightly off white powder. I made a bunch of mistakes of various sorts, but the end effect was the powder was in approximately equal amounts in two different baggies, after loosing an unknown amount when transferring through intermediate bags. No one ever mentions how hard this shit is to deal with. Its sticky, and 200 mg is just enough powder to be noticeable. Ė To clarify- if 200 mg was laying around on something in your house, a perceptive person may ask you what the pile of powder was. 199mg, and no one would ever notice.

Well my scale that is accurate to .1 g said I had two equal bags of 100mg, but I could move dust between baggies and still get the same results on the digital scale. The powder was really sticky and clings to everything.

I thought I would measure it by dissolving it in exactly 15ccís of water that I had measured and put into an empty Visine bottle. That would make a 40-50 (16.5-20mg, respectively) drop dosage. Unfortunately for me 2cI doesnít dissolve as easily in water as some reports state. I was left with greasy chunks floating in the off white water. I tried to cut it into another 15 ccís in another bottle, upping the dose to 80-100 drops, and it still didnít really dissolve.

I took 80 drops which would have equaled 16.5 mg if an unknown amount wasnít lost somewhere along the line (and it was lost), So erring on the side of safety I got a pleasant experience without noticeable visuals.

Dosage: less than 16.5 mg
Set: 18 yr old male, doesnít know what to do with himself, experienced drug user, in process of applying to college (actually interrupted essay writing to explore). Iím smart according to the ACT (32)

Setting: living room of my parents house, knew they would be going to bed as I started coming up

Rather than go over, step by step, the experience, I will just submit what I wrote. This is totally unedited, so thatís why it seems so dumb. This is the directors cut here, read up on 2cI working over my brain:

PS. I recognize this is a stereotypical teenage rant and is a boring read. Thatís what 2cI does to me at a low dosage. You get the point. Happy tripping!

What do I know?

Certainly not much.

Starting with the matter at hand I know drugs exist. Certainly.

Other people certainly do drugs. I assume I got the drugs from someone else. 2cI. Or is it? A sketchy matter to be sure.

On with the topic of other peoplesí drug use. Some people would have you believe that everyone uses drugs. That everyone in the know has drugs in their system, or at least has had them in previously. The Doors certainly did, certainly. Still, I am inclined to believe that the people trying to convince us that everyone is on drugs are themselves strung out. The doors certainly were, but I digress from this pleasurable tangent.

I am starting to believe that everyone does use some type of drug, Jung said so or at least someone I associate with hi- oh wait it was that website. Well it sounded true anyways, they said that a need for altered state of consciousness is a universal need, and I certainly see the truth.

The more a person seems to divest in the logical, visible means of release (as well as self discovery) the more they seem to need. For example take the religious fanatics we all associate with on a daily basis. They all constantly chasten and beat themselves for their impure desires for what is otherwise pure- sex, chemical altered states, etc.

Instead these people the few religious fanatics turn to other means of altering their state. A few drink coffee. A few sing or meditate and control their breathing to start the asphyxiation process. The vast majority indulges in the pleasure of refined sugar. While the logic may be hard to follow, things like coffee, CO2, and sugar are releasing substances, and a change of state is readily apparent. Readily apparent.

What impresses me is the quantity needed to sate the desires of the self-repressed. The amount of fat one would need to consume in order to fill a void within oneself is literally astronomical. My relatives chug coffee like it was pure sex. Priests who repress themselves arenít satisfied with a taste of ass, no they go on a 500 child molestiní spree that lasts until they get caught.

This isnít where I wanted to take this report, but I gotta explore our human condition for a sec while Im just a little impartial here.

It seems to me that we, as a race, have two extremes, a life of total physical denial or a life of debauchery. Each has its own style, but neither is what Iím looking for. Aside from that, people need to be just a bout at the epitiomime of human development to last at either side.

In the best case you end with someone like Ghandi vs. Jim Morrison. In most cases you end up with Sister Barb and your wasted-life uncle. The problem is Ghandi and Morrison lead such a bright example that they make every dumb ass loser think they can follow in their steps. Not everyone has a morrison or a Ghandi inside themselves. Most likely you got a stoner uncle or a fat not-quite-nun.

Middle ground is where no one wants to be, no one aims for, but Thank God!, thatís where everyones at! It explains the total mess Americas in, the middle class that doesnít know where the fuck its at (I sure donít know where the fuck I am). Everyone who wasnít poor and dreaming of middle class dreamt of the pope or ozzy ozzbourne, and the poor plus the dreamers all achieved muddle class, because thatís what it is, a muddle. Minus the stupidity attached to that word.

The fact that there are a majority of Catholics in the USA, but the USA isnít Catholic. It doesnít even vote against abortion or war, the two biggest enemies of the Catholic Church. God Forbid listening to catholic music!

Then some asshole like Alan Bloom comes and attacks us for not being interested in other cultures. Not objectively judging the people of the world. He seems to think that we have fought long and hard in order not to be judged and now we keep not judging others and something or whatever.

How can we be expected to judge other cultures or even learn about them when we have no Idea whats going on in out own culture? MTV isnít culture, and the fact that it changes weekly reflects that. Even the most ardent follower of the latest trends somewhere wants to have something they can hold onto and make their own that will last, a favorite band or hairstyle. They want something that will last, (watch how they start marketing shit in the future- They are gonna identify sects and cater to them specifically, give them something to hold onto. There will be a sort of re-classing, but more along the lines of the SCL PUNK class system. Just wait for it.)

So while British youths can identify themselves as British Europeans, and go on to develop their own culture, no one in the Midwest knows a goddamn thing about themselves or anyone else. They are trying to make it and carve out a niche of comfort for themselves without a culture, or god forbid, a class system. And all it costs is sanity and vitality. I for one have no idea who I am. In closing, we need a culture. And I am not talking about a stupid counterculture based souly on drugs or sexual revolution- Those are too small, a culture has to be big enough to encompass such things, spawn counter cultures.

Ahhh! Now I gotta say, that we never had a culture, The south maybe WAS a culture, not anymore. ďThe systemĒ that was fought against in the 60ís wasnít a real system or social class. Taken on an individual level any one member of ďthe systemĒ was just another repressed individual looking to blow off some steam because they were forced (by themselves) to work their asses off day and night (to buy shit they didnít need).

Every time a society is about to be formed it gets fucked up and we gotta start over. First the colony thing, we woulda known our place- it sucks, but were second class citizens to the king. Then they break off, get in a big fucked up mess with a terrible culture starting in the south and the north creating hell on earth with the industrial revolution monopolies mess. Then the north taught the south whats what (or so they thought). Then we had whats closest to the culture of US, a mixed up bunch of workers. When we really started to identify ourselves with the work thing, back the 50ís when methamphetamine really took off we killed that shit off. Then we waged a war against hippies, and that was on the verge of creating a society based on the older, reserved types fighting the young reckless youth. Then the youth accidentally got old and we went through another meth binge that was the coke soaked 80ís, or at least thatís my understanding of it. Whatever the case now we are in a void that has nothing. I cant even imagine knowing what belonging to a class would be like, or even being an outsider to the whole class system would feel like. Paul Theroux does a decent job of describing it in My Other Life, but I get the impression that itís the kind of thing you need to experience for yourself.

Anyway here I am having some sort of experience. Peace out, unless I find myself not to be a peaceful type.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28795
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 2, 2004Views: 22,166
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2C-I (172) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Unknown Context (20)

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