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Cross-Dressing Crystals
by The Guy
Citation:   The Guy. "Cross-Dressing Crystals: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp28876)". Jun 13, 2006.

4 lines insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


As an experienced user, I know that there are 2 things about this drug that are rarely covered. One of them is that it opens the door to anger, the other that it opens the door to Pleasure, and that is what my post is all about.

I have used this drug countless times, however not all the time, more like from time-to-time. With each use I believe it has started me on a journey to discover a new level of pleasure.

I don't know why it affects everyone differently, but I want to share where It took me one evening/morning, so that someone can see the possibilities of the pleasures it could bring. First let me make one thing clear. I am a Straight Male, and in no means is this experience false or some 'made-up story'

Everything here is real and I actually ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE!

The day started out perfect. After acquiring a good amount of the product I proceeded to go SHOPPING. After doing a small 'blast' of the stuff, about the size of a nickel, I went to the ladies lingerie store where club/dancer-stripper apparel is sold. The store thankfully was a bit far from home, and in a somewhat secluded location. Already feeling a bit shaky, but completely erotic, I started to try on some huge platform high heels. After 4, or 5 pair I decided on a very comfortable but strappy black pair for 45 dollars.

Next I bought a pair of shiny black PVC panties with a chain hip strap. I also bought a matching belly chain, choker, anklet and 2 toe rings. Done there and thank god because I wanted to get out of there, but at the same time the speed increased my awareness of my body and the whole shopping experience. The next place I went I bought I industrial strength clear plastic shower curtain, huge bottle of baby oil, shaving cream and some good razors.

Last stop, a cheap motel located Downtown. I got the room upstairs on the back side of the building, which was perfect for me. I laid the sacks on the floor and went straight for the shower. I got the water a bit warmer than normal since sometimes meth makes my fingers and toes cold. I stripped and lathered-up my whole body and began to shave EVERYTHING! I knew this was not normal behavior but this is what I had been feeling all along during the previous uses, a need to reach a sexual peak, something almost forbidden. After a painstaking hour there was not one hair on my body below my neck, and I must say I knew I was in for something magical tonight. My body felt so sensual and soft, merely walking to the table was erotic.

At that time I broke-out the small Ziploc baggie and made myself 4 huge lines. I used some near-by tissue and blew my nose well. I took a deep breath and sniffed the first two. It must have been good stuff this time because it had a very strong odor, which is a good sign! Plus when I inhaled it and it felt very sharp and it really burned! I could feel the substance dripping down the back of my throat; I swigged a bit of water in preparation for my last 2. I took a deep breath again and did the 3rd one, at this time my heart was pounding so I decided to save the last one for later. So I took it and placed it next to the air conditioner so just in case it could be swept in front of the vent to dissipate into the air. SMART.

The lights were low, and luckily there was free porn in the room which to say the least was making me very horny.

I took the shower curtain and spread it over a white sheet. I sat on this completely naked and I could not believe how this felt. It was as if my skin could feel things that have never been felt before, of course shaving had some part in this.

I proceeded to dress my self with the jewelry, toe rings, looked cute, the anklets cold steel felt amazing, along with the belly chain, and my choker. At this time my body was feeling like a million balloons about to burst with an orgasm that was just on the brink. Thatís the only way I can explain it. I proceeded to put on my heels, and I must admit, Iíve never put anything on my feet that made me feel so sexy/slutty. They looked amazing and looking down at my body, pulse racing, sense of touch heightened beyond belief. Last I put on my bikini-panties and as I look down at my body, I have begun to actually arouse myself at the mere sight of it all. I stood as best I could and suddenly, trying to keep my balance I felt so feminine.

I soaked the plastic in baby oil. My senses are going wild, I wanted to show everyone just how horny I was and how beautiful I looked, this is something I would have never done but this hotel is known as a sort-of gay hang-out, so what did I do, I grabbed a smoke and walked out on the balcony/walkway and lit a cig. Leaning over the rail, ass sticking out a bit I could feel the speed, as If I just couldnít stand still. And no wonder, what If the wrong person sees me (police) I didnít care, thatís the neat thing about Meth, my inhibitions disappear when It affects me! My skin is feeling tingly like the goose bumps on my freshly shaved skin have all just popped off turned around and began to lightly touch me. If that makes sense.

My sight is also a bit clearer, due to my pupils widening and allowing more ambient light in, which is neat because sometimes I might think someone is right beside me walking up to me and when I look thereís nothing there! Well no one sees me So I go inside. I sit on the edge of the extra bed watching two lesbians kiss on the TV, this is setting me off and I cannot wait to touch myself but I am holding out. Meth does not make me hard, but the sensation of touch is all the same, of course multiplied X 100 (now) I press the cold PVC bikini against my genitals and a shock of pure raw Pleasure moves through my torso and legs. I really enjoy the texture of the material and the sound it makes when it is moved.

The baby oil has a bit of a strong smell so I light an incense that I brought in from the car. I draw the curtains a bit so if someone really wanted to they could look inside, Iíve also left the door cracked so I could be caught masturbating, which also helped heighten my experience. Every piece of cold jewelry that touched my body only increased my ecstasy along with the girl/girl movie, I felt as If I were one of them, and the Meth made me feel as if another equally stunning girl was caressing my body. I stood and slowly removed the bikini; at this point my body feels like one big orgasm on the brink of exploding.

I dropped the cute black panties to the floor, and slowly crawl onto the baby-oiled plastic. OH GOD! I have never felt anything more erotic! I watched my body and legs become so shiny with the oil, I was almost frustrated to tears of joy because this whole experience was almost too much to bear. Keep in mind, I feel as if I am the brink of an orgasm, and it is never-ending pleasure!!

Damm I looked so sexy in those heels, I felt a bit of jealousy toward females wash over me! My heart was still pounding and I 'seemed' thinner and more tone, very pleasant to look at. I was laying doggy style, with my ass in the air. My only WANT/NEED was to feel the slippery plastic against my penis, heart pounding, tingling and watching the shadows at the window and door, watching and listening to the young lesbians on the TV, feeling the oil between my shoes and toes and dripping down my legs, feeling the wet jewelry against my neck and belly and ankle, oh God I touched it and was in ecstasy and I was sliding all around on it. I made circles with my hips and pressed down very hard, causing me to slide in different directions that I didnít expect! All of this made me moan. To this day Iíve never felt anything better than that moment!

I turned over and looked at my wet shiny body and I swear Iíve never seen a more beautiful/sexy/erotic/slutty looking body in my life. Those shoes were a definite high-light of the whole experience.

I grabbed the bottle and poured it over my penis, I have just topped the first feeling, just as good but in a different way, my fingers were shaky and my penis was small because of the Meth, but I swear I felt every microscopic inch of it as if I were receiving 1000 b/j at once. All of these feelings are because of the Meth. Needless to say, before I write a novel, I forced myself to masturbate to an orgasm, It took me about 4 hours of long concentration/lots of porn and saliva (not salvia) to get hard, and when it felt it building it was unlike anything Iíve ever felt. Hot almost, and when I came, I swear to this day it shot from me so hard, I really believe I almost fainted with pleasure because the semen shot at least 3 feet in the air. Some landed on my chest and legs, the rest on the plastic, which was a mess to say the least.

I will never regret that evening/morning, ever! In fact If I ever get the chance, I will do It all again. Am I gay? A cross dresser? NO But these forbidden acts and clothing only heightened my whole experience. Now If I could only find someone guy/girl to dress-up and do it with me! That would be unforgettable!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 28876
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2006Views: 49,202
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