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Violent Reaction
Citation:   Jane Doe. "Violent Reaction: An Experience with AMT (exp28897)". Mar 13, 2008.

15 mg   AMT
I write this report after a couple of months have passed--the experience was most disturbing to me.

We were two couples--two girls, two boys all taking varying low to medium doses of AMT for the first time. We had positive previous psychedelic experiences with other substances--except one girl, K, had not much.

K has asthma, so she took 2 prescription pills as a precaution one hour before the experience. Unfortunately I never got the name of the pills, but I believe they contained ephedrine. These may have contributed to the experience.

On 15 mg of the AMT (swallowing powder in a gel cap) K began to feel effects in a little under an hour. She was very fidgety and seemed irritated and unhappy. Looking back I think she was a bit scared and unhappy going into the whole experience, which also probably contributed to her freakout later. We were all not very affected by the drug and were mostly just sitting around in a safe comfortable room just talking and laughing.

About 3 or 4 hours into the experience K became progressively more and more withdrawn, refusing to talk, rocking back and forth, craning her neck, looking around her. She went into the bathroom, and stayed in there for about 10 minutes before I asked her boyfriend to check in on her. He popped back out and asked me for help. K was lying on the floor crying in frustration asking everyone to leave her alone, she was pulling at her hair, scratching her arms, and the more I interacted with her, the more violent she became. She eventually began to bang her head lightly on the tub next to her.

I found some sleeping pills (unisom) and asked K if she would take them to help calm herself down. (I wasn't really thinking--that may have made her worse--I'm glad she refused them). I gave her a plastic cup of water and she threw it against the wall. I tried putting a pillow between her head and the wall, but she moved it. I decided to get out to see if leaving her alone would calm her down. Her boyfriend soon followed. After about an hour she came out of the bathroom. She would occasionally kick the bathroom door and bang her head on the tub--maybe every 15 minutes.

I was debating how to get her to a hospital when she came out. She sat down and asked questions which indicated that she was hallucinating that 'bad people were coming'. She kept asking us to stop hiding the bad people. She wouldn't let us touch her. We all decided the best thing to do was stay absolutely still and not look at her. I lay on the floor, my boy on the bed, her boy in a chair next to her. K kept jabbing the air and mumbling conversations with her hallucinated attackers. Gradually she did it less and less, After another hour she took her boy's hand and pressed it to her face and she seemed to finally be coming down to a controllable level, She seemed very ashamed when she finally snapped out of it and immediately left--sadly to our great relief.

For myself, the AMT made me rather sleepy and sick to my stomach, produced very mild visual hallcinatio patterns in the air, but was overall not worth the risk and trouble that it had caused, I'd take Foxy, 2CT7 or 2CB over AMT anyday,

As I look back on that experience--we had done it in our home in a nice apartment building, and if K had gotten just a little more violent or loud, we could have been arrested and evicted. It was a sobering thought after the whole thing was over. Think about such things before going into an experience. The 'safest place' could end up being your prison.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28897
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 13, 2008Views: 7,725
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AMT (7) : Bad Trips (6), Second Hand Report (42), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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