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Talking to Myself
H. B. Woodrose
Citation:   Day Tripper. "Talking to Myself: An Experience with H. B. Woodrose (exp28900)". May 20, 2007.

5 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (tea)
I once bought 14 HBW's from a shop in Manchester, UK. They were black & cost me £20 for the lot. The guy in the shop had never done them before & didn't really have any idea what they could do to a person.

I took them home & checked the internet whereby 5 was supposed to be the standard. In preparation, I scraped the black from the seeds using a pen knife & placed them whole in a cup of boiling water(1/4 full). Left them there for 3 hours then took them out of the water, crushed them up, put them into a small bottle with the water they had been resting in & added a little more water.

I shook them up vigorously then left them for another hour. At 8:00pm that evening I sipped down the murky water that had become, shaking it again beforehand. I sipped it slowly for 20mins.

About an hour later I was beginning to feel a little funny, my feet felt extraordinarily light whilst walking from room to room & my eyes were kind of pulsating. I thought this was due to me watching the telly at first but when I turned the telly off, the pulsating was still occurring.

About half an hour after this I was finding things to be quite amusing. The fact that nothing was really amusing kind of made it even more amusing!! However, I was feeling a little ill by this time so I had a spliff to chill out the nausea.

Come 10:00pm, I began to watch 'The Office' on telly which made me laugh quite often & I felt quite comfortable watching it, although still feeling nauseated. By 10:20pm I was beginning to worry. My main worry was: What am I going to do after The Office finishes? I realised I had the first series on DVD so at 10:30pm I went upstairs to watch it.

By 10:45 I was board of watching The Office & wanted to do something else. Tried playing Solitaire but the cards seemed to be jumping around a bit & it was making me feel sicker than I already felt. I was feeling rushes & seeing minor visuals. I thought I was definitely up by this point & at a peak.

11:00 - Still didn't know what to do with myself. The wallpaper in the spare room was looking quite interesting & a lego man image on a skateboard seemed to be moving his hand up & down but then stopped when I looked directly at it. I could feel that I had progressed even further since I last thought I had peaked.

11:15 - Put some music on, Dreamfish. WOW!!! By now, things were really hotting up. I put my head back & just lost myself in the music. It was like as if the music new exactly what I wanted to hear. I Began to imagine that there were numerous other people in the room with me. It wasn't as if I could see them, but I could feel there presence. I had many deep conversations with them. Strange considering they weren't even there but I managed to find out so much about myself during this experience. I should have written it all down but I don't think I would have been capable. I even had a debate with somebody(nobody!) about who was rolling the next spliff. I ended up rolling it in the end because the person who wasn’t there kindly reminded me that, well, they weren’t there!! Still felt sick by the way, with no signs of the sickness diminishing.

11:45 - The third track on my Dreamfish CD came on & I couldn't make out whether I liked it or not. It seemed to make me feel even more nauseous than before. I was twitching around, trying to find something to do again but everything I thought I wanted to do just seemed to become boring within seconds & then I’d want to do something else.

11:55 - Wanted to go to bed, although I think this was just another false idea. Went to my bedroom & got into bed. Didn't bother getting undressed. Turned the light off & closed my eyes. Sleep had no chance!! Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see were 10 kaleidoscopes all rotating at the same time. Don't be fooled, this felt really horrible. I felt as though I wanted to go to sleep but the HBW wasn't letting me. This became an instant worry for no apparent reason. I opened my eyes & turned on the light. Put the telly on & tried to watch something. It was useless, I ended up just channel hopping because I couldn’t concentrate on anything for long enough. This also became an instant worry bearing in mind that I still felt ill at this point.

12:10 - Burning up! Opened a window, still feeling hectic, sorry, FRANTIC!! Began to march around the house rubbing my head thinking I was going to die & become one of those 'silly boy' drug death statistics on TV. I remember thinking how perfect it would be if I did die - almost textbook. I also began to pretend that I was showing somebody around my house as though I was selling it or something (ie: “here’s the kitchen, needs a bit of work blah blah blah”). Walking did help, though, mildly.

12:20 - Went into the bathroom, all walls were breathing. The tile effect on the walls was sickening & seemed to stretch on for miles & miles. Ran out of the bathroom whispering 'I don't like that room'. Went back into the bedroom, sat on the bed. Considered phoning a friend, considered going for a walk. Decided not to go for a walk as reality had been removed, therefore, I probably would have been knocked over or something.

12:30 - Still sat on my bed thinking - this is it, I can't go on through the rest of the night like this. I honestly felt suicidal because I felt so uncomfortable with myself & the way I was feeling. I noticed that pain didn't really have any affect on me as I tried biting my fingers hard but couldn't really feel it.

12:35 - Still felt sick & thought maybe if I could be sick then the horrible feeling would go away. I went into the bathroom & knelt in front of the toilet, still thinking I was going to die. I looked up at the ceiling, it seemed to be so far away. Walls still breathing, couldn’t physically be sick so decided to get a beer to see if it would relax me a little.

12:40 - Got a beer from the kitchen. The kitchen was dark with some dirty dishes knocking about. It seemed as though they were watching me & I became a little paranoid but just laughed it off. Walking out of the kitchen there was a lamp next to the door. Whilst walking past it I nearly jumped out of my skin. I thought there was somebody stood there!!! Even when I departed up the stairs it still looked as though somebody was stood there!! Sat back on my bed with my mind still racing. By this point I actually wanted to die just to stop myself from feeling the way I was feeling. It wasn't the nausea but what was going on in my brain. I just felt uncomfortable in my body & didn't want to be inside my own body anymore. Also felt like bashing my head against a brick wall.

12:50 - Remembered how much of a good feeling it was listening to Dreamfish in the spare room until that nasty track came on that made me feel sick. I went into the spare room, sat down & began to play the CD from the beginning again.

MUCH BETTER!!!! The music took me again & began to calm me down.

01:00 - Began to talk to people who weren't there again but felt good, loved up, happy, deep, less nauseated but most of all, chilled. The sensation I was getting at this point can only best be described metaphorically as taking my head off my shoulders & putting it on a roller coaster whilst my body stayed on the ground.

The roller coaster went down low until the affect of the HBW was at a minimum. Then, it would climb high & fast until the affect of the HBW was at a maximum & then rush straight back down. Like a kind of build up before a climax. I remember wanting to feel like this forever.

01:10 – Feeling extremely chilled, no sickness whatsoever. Head rolling back, eyes closed on many occasions. Decided to take a lie down whilst listening to the music. Opened the sofa bed, got under a quilt & turned the lamp off but left my globe on.

This was a brilliant idea!! I just lay there staring up at a patch of light reflecting off my stippled ceiling. The light was moving in all kinds of directions & seemed to fill up with what looked like fizzy water. This made me laugh out loud. I looked around the room and everything seemed really noticeable, as if I could just sit & analyse everything. I looked at a tiny picture on my wall of a holiday resort. I felt as though I could leave my body & enter into the picture. I stopped this from happening but if I hadn’t, I may have had an astral projection at that point. I lay down & enjoyed this feeling for sometime, the light on the ceiling was most interesting!!

02:00 – Began to feel the affects slowly wearing away, now. Still felt happy but a little disappointed that I was beginning to come back to reality. Tried to close my eyes to go to sleep but was not able to.

03:00 – Still high but on the way down. Arms & hands felt very weak at this point. I propped my forearms up on my elbows but didn’t make any attempt to hold my hands up. They just flopped down whilst I swung them around a little. This felt very weird but particularly uncomfortable.

03:30 – Wanted to go to sleep by now. Whole body felt weak & quite achy, too. Found it difficult to close my eyes & getting a little agitated. I tossed & turned for a bit & think I managed to sleep for about 15 – 20 minutes.

04:30 – Got up & went to my bed. Went to sleep with no bother.

Woke up the following day feeling a little groggy & nervy but not too bad.

Now, you have just read what happened to me after taking 5 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. The following weekend I took another 3 with a friend who also took 3. The effects were OK but really I just felt very stoned more than anything. My friend, who had never done them before, said that he had some visuals & that he thought the seeds were quite nice & mellow.

I think it’s really amazing how just an extra 2 of these things can make a person really lose it like I did & also give off the fantastic visuals I experienced. Maybe it was because I was on my own. I have to admit, doing these things with a friend was much better. That way I always knew that I had somebody there who was real, who I could talk to just to bring myself back down to earth when I needed it.

Anyway, the real point of this story is not just to describe the effects of HBW but something else. The seeds themselves. When all my seeds had gone I decided to buy some more. I looked on the internet for the cheapest price & managed to get hold of 70 for $12 shipped from the US to the UK. These seeds were fresh & DID NOT come with nauseating black crap on the outsides of them.

What happened? I hear you ask…NOTHING!!! The following evening I tried 5. This time I chewed them for 20 minutes & then swallowed them. Still, not even a twinge. A couple of nights later I prepared 10 seeds in the same way I had prepared my original, mind blowing 5 seeds. Still nothing. The night after that I chewed 15 seeds but there was no effect. I don’t understand what has gone on here. The seeds look exactly the same, minus the black crap, they taste exactly the same but do not hold any effect whatsoever. I guess some seeds work and others don't. I am waiting on an order from another company.

Imagine what 30 effective HBW seeds would do to you if it only took 5 to make me feel as though I wanted to die. Bearing in mind that I have taken Ecstasy, speed & mushrooms many, many times, therefore, I do have a little experience with drug taking.

5x HBW was like nothing else I had ever taken before. To sum it up, it was like taking Ecstasy, speed & mushrooms all at the same time. The ecstasy came with the luvvy feeling, the speed with the “not knowing what to do next” feeling & the shrooms for the trippy feeling.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28900
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 20, 2007Views: 10,577
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