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Nonlinear Fry
LSD & Cannabis - Hash
by Kaz
Citation:   Kaz. "Nonlinear Fry: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis - Hash (exp28912)". Mar 30, 2007.

T+ 0:00
250 ug oral LSD (liquid)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis - Hash  


TV is on the local comedy channel, which is actually pretty decent. The vial of acid was almost empty, with an approximate two drops in it, but considering there's always some residue in those vials, we cut the vial up and put it into a bottle of water and took turns sipping it. My friend B and I that is. We had some nice hash and hash oil around, so by the time we got to drinking it all we were at least slightly stoned. I'm pretty excited about doing some proper acid after a long period without this specific substance. B's estimate was that we would each get around 300mcg of acid each, and later estimates put it in the 250+mcg range for sure.

T+00:00 - We had taken it around half past eight. Decided composing a track would be a good idea, so we might as well get started before it kicks in. B's brother comes in.

T+00:20 - First signs are definately here, it always surprises me how fast acid can hit you compared to most other substances. Making music becomes more and more complex as the simple controls for the program are suddenly more and more complex. Complex rhythms are suddenly very easy to follow.

T+01:00 - Feeling cold. Acid is still shifting gears. Visuals have started, slight breathing, slight tracers, colors shifting, brightness accentuated. Still feeling cold. Pupils are dialated. Perception of time is still rather intact, as I can follow all of the input outside (music, people talking)... Wonderfully sensitive to sounds. I wonder when I'll hit fifth.

T+01:30 - Time is significantly distorted now. At the moment it's still stretching. I can feel my brain being overclocked. The room grows warm, very warm. I take a hit from the bong, smoking some hash. Instant ramping of psychedelic effects ensues. The track has become a game of 'let's just click and it'll be nice', which is a lot of fun. Some very original beats and glitches - or at least, that's how they sound now.

T+02:00 - Just smoked some hash oil from the bong. I will not smoke any more at the moment. Thought process is going too fast, totally out of sync with the rest though. Trying to work within normal parameters, which makes the asynchrony intense yet bottled, not sure if this is a good thing. Visuals are not very extreme, but the mental effects are in a full psychedelic dose, I am in a strong +++, and my ego is being shredded at the moment so I will return later.

T+02:30 - Totally out of phase with time and space. I know where I am. I have no idea when who said what, myself included. A strong feeling of doubt as to my place in time, conversations lose their meaning as such, as things I hear grow either unintelligeable or totally out of phase in the time they were said. Many people entered and left during this time, some people came back in. This was all very confusing. Too much input. Noise. Seven people in a room, all except myself talking. Music being played, TV is on. I slowly become an observer. Someone talks about smoking some potent salvia extract. Had I smoked it already, and this would explain my last half hour of temporal insanity? I am quite insane right now. The outside world is an alien being. No introspection, as I am irrelevant at the moment.

T+03:30 - Time is spread thin like butter over a toast and experiencing slipping on butter in irrational loops. I have been in 4 different places during this time, the order is obscure. Order is obscure. I shut off the music at least once, asked people for quiet at least twice. Looking on the computer in order to understand what time it actually is just shows me that time does not move very fast at all, and that the games of time/space played on me have a lot of room for work. The CEV field is dominated by an upside-down cone shape with tiles spinning around it at a monotone rate, moving a pulse at a time. Some tiles are outside of the shape itself, but still rotate around it in perfect symetry. Some of those tiles vanish and return to their spaces on the cone while others leave it to replaces them. Perfectly ordered movement, but no patterns. Irrational logic. Logic in feedback.

T+04:15 - My ego has returned. Everyone has left except for B and his girlfriend, another friend who joined in and myself. It feels wonderful to be able to think about myself again. We put on Spirited Away. We see the first half and enjoy it immensly. I am still rattled by the overload that happened. I enjoyed it, yet it was startling.

T+6:30 - After organizing a few things, I am now officially down. Still have trace visual effects (lights are accentuated) but that's it. We call it a night, and I drive home, which thanks to setting my cruise control to legal speeds is simple enough (just staying in the right lane and let everyone zip by at this late hour).

In summary, this experience was a positive one, yet extremely shallow for any setting other than a party. I needed to regulate the power of the outside influences, but didn't really succeed. Very little introspection, not much eye candy, but a very intense experience, with a 2 hour peak during which my ego had been locked away somewhere in the background, not completely gone, but definately out of sight. After a year and a half since my last big dose of acid, I was caught by surprise. Instead of my usual looped/deep thinking trips on acid, I felt as if I was sitting in place with my brain frying away because of working too fast. One can never expect the effects of acid, a lesson good to be remembered.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28912
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2007Views: 5,559
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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