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Never Smoking Again...
Citation:   Johnny. "Never Smoking Again...: An Experience with Cannabis (exp2892)". Oct 18, 2000.

  oral Cannabis (extract)
I'd always heard that eating Cannabis produced an entirely different effect than smoking it, so I went about experimenting on my own. I cooked about 7 small/medium buds in 7 Tbsps of butter, by microwaving it to hot, but not boiling, then letting it cool for 15 minutes, then repeating the process for about 2 hours. When I was done, it was a crystallized, almost icy mix, still kind of wet. I ate the entire thing on toast with jelly. The taste is a little strong by itself, so the jelly was a must. I didn't strain anything out, just ate everything.

About 30 minutes later, I was well on the way to a trip that I can only compare to about 50%-75% of an acid trip. It kept getting more and more severe, complete with tracers, an inability to speak, an inability to stand up or even concentrate on anything. Wasn't a very cognitive high, more of just an experience kind of high. VERY unsimilar to smoking it. After the experience, I don't think I'll ever smoke it again, I'll only eat it. I was never a huge fan of the smoking side-effects anyway.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2892
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 18, 2000Views: 13,706
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