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Multiple Reflections
2C-B & Various
by Dave
Citation:   Dave. "Multiple Reflections: An Experience with 2C-B & Various (exp28944)". Feb 2, 2004.

  insufflated 2C-B
    oral 2C-B
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
    smoked Cannabis
    insufflated Cocaine


I was recently gifted with a large quantity (500mg) of 2CB from a friend who is a research chemist. He produced the drug himself. The compound is approximately 1 year old, and has been kept cool and dry for this duration. I sampled it approximately one year ago, and the efficacy has not been effected by time. It is in a powderish form, resembling tiny cotton balls.

This article will describe the last four experiences I had at different doses, along with some personal feelings on the subject.

10-15mg - I received the drug from my friend that afternoon, and was of course excited to see it again as it had been over a year since my last experience with it. Being a bit wary of the dosage as usual, i made myself and another friend of mine two very small doses (approximatly 1cm x 1cm square by 1mm high as recommended by the chemist who made it.) This would be approximately 10-15mg, which at the time I considered from my recollection, the ideal dose. I was correct. My friend had never experienced this drug before so I councelled him briefly on the effects. He was mildly familiar with psychoactive drugs and had never had a 'bad trip' or bad experience with them before so we proceeded. As a side note, I am a very experienced user of psychoactive compounds of all sorts, and have had mostly awesome experiences, and have also had terrifying experiences so know what to expect in the worst case (having accidently taken 16 hits of L-25 if you can imagine that!)

At 10-15Mg orally the experience came on fairly slowly regardless of our consumption of beer and no food. We each consumed approximately 3-4 beers during the wait period (30-40 minutes) When the trip began, it was wonderful and well worth the wait as usual. Listening to trance and techno music is a wonderful experience, especially if it includes a great deal of vocal harmony, funky rhythm, and depth of sound. All of these factors are what I call floober points, or points which cause my entire body to flush with heat, then chill, then goosebumps all over. Even a slight twitch or muscle spasm like one would have after a particularly good stretch. Beautiful visuals very subtle, sound and images are much more 'alive' and vibrant. Eye candy (graphic images with motion) are particulalry interesting at this dose, and textures (like my sand textured ceiling paint) take on an almost animated life of their own.

The experience lasted approximately 3-4 hours, The entire time we drank beer, smoked pot and cigarettes frequently laughed alot, and discussed art. (We are both particularly talented artist, although the ability to produce good art seemed significantly dulled.) Overall, wonderful experience! I couldn't wait to repeat it!

15-20mg - Insufflated - Approximately 4 days later, another, more experienced friend of mine and I decided to partake after about 6 beers each. Being a little buzzed on beer my measurement system was a bit off, and wanting to make sure he and I had a bit more intense experience than my other less experienced friend, I poured a little more out. In addition, it was getting late on a weeknight, and we both had to work the next day, we decided to insufflate. QUITE DIFFERENT. The first thing, the burn, was extrordinarily painfull, and not at all easy to ignore. It was a comparable burn to crystal meth. Absolutly felt like we had snorted Ajax or some other horrible substance. This lasted for at least 15 minutes, maybe longer. I sneezed violently 7 times within one minute of insufflation.

Within 5 minutes we were both shot out of our little cannon of reality into a world quite different. Visual distortion, accompanied by a feeling of physical discomfort, nervous, jittery energy, sweaty palms, short breathing, and a feeling like I want to sit down, I want to stand up, loop that seemed to go on for some time. Time was very much distorted, what seemed like hours was mearly minutes, we both listened to the music I played during the first trip, but became impatient with it and kept switching songs without feeling settled or ok with any of them. Disturbing images of distorted faces appeared to be projected onto his face, his facial charectoristics became somewhat distorted and ugly, somewhat unpleasant. A magazine with a very disturbing image on the second page was accidently opened and that image kept coming back into the forground of the minds eye so to speak.

After approximately 30 minutes of this sort of thing (Which seemed like an eternity) things started calming down, and becoming more pleasant. Music started to take on the same beauty as the first trip, feelings of fear and nervousness diminished, but didn't go away entirely. He reported stomach gurgling as if he was going to have diharrea, but it never came to that. I did use the bathroom for that, but it was normal, and aside from the normal unpleasantness of the general experience altogether, was fairly 'regular' for lack of a better term. The trip, although a heavier dose for sure, was no more visual, no more pleasant, nor enjoyable than half that amount. I would strongly recommend that persons taking this eat it rather than snort it, particularly at higher doses. Although, as you will see from my next experience, I didn't learn my own lesson here.

30-35mg - Insufftated - Big mistake. Mixed with cocaine - bigger mistake.

I was at a party just a few days later and decided to dose myself, and a handfull of friends who were interested in trying this. We were all doing cocaine already, so decided to 'keep with the format' so to speak and snort the 2cb as well. Once again, big mistake. The nervous energy of the cocaine buzz, mixed with the nervous energy and enhanced emotional state of a 2cb trip was in my opinion, VERY unpleasant. Peoples faces all became distorted, with various sized blow holes, and gnashing teeth, eyes blacked malformed and ugly, peoples faces and physical movements because disturbing and frightening, all the while, feelings of paranoia (cocaine-related for me) anti-euphoric and otherwise nervous waves flushing though the system, even pleasant music became jangly, distorted, and unpleasant. Occasionally the music would ring pleasant tones, that would bring me back to a warmer place, but one thing or another would continually distract me away from the warm fuzzy feeling and back into the 'in your face' nervous anxiety.

Colors were no more enhanced than usual, one of the 4 other people to take it felt nothing visually or auditory, but had severe abdominal issues, never vomiting, but feeling like he would. I myself felt close to vomiting but did not. Alchohol, more cocaine, very strong marijuana seemed to calm me down a bit (especially the pot) but overall I felt uneasy the entire trip, never getting that nice euphoria back from the first time only a week or so before.

I would strongly recommend that this drug not be taken more than 1x per week (or less even) and in smallish doses. Believe me, it is much better to have had no trip at all then to have a nasty one on this drug. I have had several more experiences since then on 15-20mg both orally and insufflated, with a variety of people and an interesting side note is that approximately 40-50% of the people I have dosed with this have had either a non-existant or unimpressive trip. Perhaps they are expecting it to be more than it actually is, but have found that to be true. They all say the same thing: 'I didn't really see or feel anything out of the ordinary, maybe I didn't take enough' I tell them, 'Believe me, you took enough, I have found that some people just feel this way afterwards, I'm sorry it wasn't better for you'


Overall I am very impressed with this drug, prefer it over LSD for its 'short trip' but would warn that there do seem to be some mild emotional side effects after frequent use. Like MDMA I have some feelings of worthlessness, emotional depression, sadness, inappropriate fear of certain images, laziness, self doubt, etc. after repeated use with little break between. I strongly urge that people use this drug very carefully and sparingly, in opther words, don't do it night after night. The wait time in between doses does seemed to enhance the experience. (two weeks seems optimal, but that's just me) Also, I find dosing after dosing already that evening, seems to be a less potent experience overall. We did do a 20mg dose, then another 20mg dose one evening and the second round was almost boring. If anything, it may have prolonged the comedown a bit, but not much else. The peak was neither as impressive nor as intense as the first dose that evening.

I find that eating rather than snorting it (it tastes nasty) makes the experience much better, if more subtle.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28944
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 2, 2004Views: 19,540
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