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Out of Stock
Salvia divinorum (leaves & 10x extract)
Citation:   Shadam. "Out of Stock: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves & 10x extract) (exp28981)". Nov 1, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
    repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
Here was my set up. I ordered some Salvia online and when it came in I was so eager to try it that instead of waiting for the water pipe that I ordered to come in, I rolled a joint. I used the leaves and I also sprinkled some 10x in em just for a little extra kick. I didn't have a sitter, but since I knew that you really need a good bong or water pipe to get the full effects, I wasn't too concerned.

I lit up and took in all I could. I forgot to count how long I held it in, but I started to feel it's effects quickly. I was listening to 'The Grudge' by Tool, maybe not the best choice. I had on some shitty little headphones that weren't turned up too loud but I began to clearly hear the words, while the music drifted to the background. I was thinking to myself that the joint reminded me of these things called 'beadies'. Thats when the pulling sensation that I have read so much about set in. It started from the upper left corner of my view and pulled me backwards and down to the right.

I actually forgot what I was doing and found myself agreeing with something or someone about what Maynard was saying. I was thinking to this (let's call it a person, although one without a face or body, but definitely feminine) person, 'Yeah, Maynard is right.' Then the person said (without actually speaking) to me, 'Come on lets go.' It was beckoning me somewhere and I was telling it,'Hold on, let me smoke some more.' But when I opened my eyes to take a hit, I realized that I had just been tripping on Salvia. And yet as quickly as it had started it was over. That was odd I thought to myself.

Then feeling bolder, I rolled another j and sprinkled more 10x in it than the previous one. I changed the cd to Mike Oldfield's 'Ommadawn'. Without hesitation, I blazed up again. Half way through the j, I began to trip again. This time, the music (there are no word's, just instrumental) started to make these little block shapes appear and the began stacking themselves in circles in tune with the music. I found myself to be in a playground outside a brick building, looking at one of those old timey fire escapes. I didn't actually see this place, I simply felt the vision, if that makes any sense.

Maybe it had something to do with the childlike quality of the music, I don't know. But then there was that same person-thing-woman beckoning me to come with it. I did not resist but, rather, ran out of gas, so to speak. The trip had ended as quickly as it had come and I was left feeling really weirded out. I was able to get up and walk soon after with no residual effects whatsoever. Later on, as I reflected on the events, I pinpointed the feeling of the both trips. It's like that little period of time right before I go to sleep and I start dreaming but I suddenly wake up because, let's say, I tripped over a log or fell down or something. I've done this several times as I'm sure we all have. And usually, I think to myself, what the fuck was I just dreaming about. It's usually some wierd shit. Well, salvia is just like that. At least on small doses.

Later that night, I was in town and I bought one of those cheap-ass corn cob pipes to use when I got home, as I was eager to break through. I packed it 3/4 full and then dumped some extract on top. Just for reference, the first two times I did this, I was alone sitting down with my back to the wall. This time however, my wife and my 15 month old son were home, but my position was the same. I put on a copy of 'ill nino' that a friend of mine had burned for me cause I really love this one song on it. This was irrelevant however, because I had planned to start the music when I felt the salvia starting to kick in. I literally took one humongous hit and before I could exhale I was gone.

I don't remember much of this one, just that there was another voice-person-thing to my left, this time masculine. Also the other thing was there too, to my right. They were both kinda telling me that they were out of stock of something. Like I was in a garden center of a store or something. Then I heard my son squealing about something. I told the things 'Ha, thats my tie to reality!' They seemed to laugh at me. Then I remember wanting to go on the trip that they had, and were still urging me to go on. My body seemed to disapate and I was thinking to myself, 'Cool, but how can I really leave if my body is still here.'

The feeling began to recede. I then felt I saw the male figure piling bags of sand beside each other and they were communicating to me that it was almost over. I opened my eyes and saw the room, then closed my eyes again and realized the bags of sand were the back of my eyelids. During this whole time, I was also struggling with the idea, should leave my mouth open open or closed. Don't ask me why. I felt this fuzzy stuff on my ears and was wondering if it was the music. Then I realized that I had never turned the damn thing on. After that, I vowed not to rush the experience ever again. Meaning that I needed total silence and nobody around.

Well that lasted for about fourteen hours, because the next day, I was watching T3 with the wife when she went to lay my son down. I thought 'Hey, I'll just slip in and see were ol' salvy will take me.' This was not a good idea. I used the pipe again and just like before, I was off. Except this time, there were several things, male and female and they were all laughing at me and saying 'Hurry, hurry, your girly's waiting for you.' I came out of it abrubtly and stumbled into the kitchen kind of spooked out. The things were kind of spooky when they all were laughing at me. I was unerved to say the least.

Later that night I felt compelled to give it another go. Same old, same old, and then boom I was in. It was just the two of them now, male and female. They began telling me that they were out of salvia. Suddenly I felt I was in a Home Depot and they were telling me that they were just out of stock on fertilizer and salvia. They told me to pass the pipe to my wife which makes no sense and then I was coming back to reality. It felt like the top of the room had been torn off and they were setting me back in my room. But the wierd thing was that my room was one of many rooms that were all in a line in this weird long building. It felt like some giant woman was just pulling back the roof and setting me back down in my room only to move on to the next person. This trip has sensed repeated itslef two or three times. And everytime, they're out of stock and I get put back in my little room. Except where as before they seemed giddy in their demeanor, now they are cold and sort of distant towards me.

What all of this means to me is that this is not some feel good plant meant to be smoked to get a buzz. There is no lingering high or body buzz of any kind. I wish all the reports I had read before I tried it had mentioned that fact. This is not something to do to pass the time or do it in a hurry. I am positive that I have not even 'broken through' yet. But already, this thing has earned my respect. I actually get kinda scared when I think about doing it again. And ever since I have been a little frightened to go into the room that I've smoked in. I wouldn't describe the entities as evil, just fucking alien as hell. Downright fucking wierd. To all you travelers out there, be careful. Don't take this stuff lightly. I've never done anything like this before.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28981
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2007Views: 4,967
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