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I Got Sick
Citation:   James. "I Got Sick: An Experience with Cannabis (exp29052)". Jun 28, 2007.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I am 20 yrs old now and started smoking pot regularly at the age of fifteen. 5 yrs ago back in my freshman yr of high school I was smoking everyday. Then one day the weed fucked me up bad. I was smoking with a group of my friends after I toked I new something wasnít right. Since it was a pretty big blunt, I figured I smoked too much and id just wait until the effects wore off.

I cant really remember but I donít recall the trip being that dramatic. However, later that night I wasnít coming down. I felt weird. disconnected from my body seeing fuzzyish type things in my vision and had the strangest sensation which I can only describe as a dulling of my entire body. It was like I could still feel my body but my sense of touch was all messed up. And I had this awful pressure behind my eyes. My vision and equilibrium got screwed up also. I couldnít look in the distance with out getting dizzy and being overwhelmed with this evil sickness. Iíd have to close my eyes it didnít go away after a couple of days so I went to the doc.

They gave me screened my urine and found nothing in it except weed. The weed I smoked was from my stash and I smoked it several times before with no side effects, so I donít think it was laced. Doc tells me ill be fine and it should all go away in 3 wks. So I stopped smoking for three weeks and it wasnít gone. I then convinced myself I was 'sick' with like the flu or something. I was like 'fuck it Iím sick and they cant figure out what is wrong with me Iím going to blaze. And blaze I did. I puffed and puffed. Way more than before believing I was suffering from some sort of illness.

It is only now that I have 11 months sober and some distance from the situation that I can see it may have been the weed all along causing me top feel sick. I wasnít puffing because I felt sick I was sick from smoking. This went on for five yrs. Iíd try and quit but after like two weeks Iíd get fed up and start feeling a lot worse and start up again. It led me to other drugs big time because I felt so helpless and scared and anxious. But I couldnít stop. I had to medicate this sick feeling in my head. I donít mean like sick thought it is an actual somatic feeling like my brain is swelling.

Iíve been hospitalized and put on heavy duty meds like Haldol several times. I finally stopped for good and Iím going through hell on earth. Seriously I am fucked up. For a yr and a half now my sleep pattern is off. I feel like I am going to die. Iíve had almost 11 months of sobriety and everyday has been torture. Basically I have been bed ridden. I swear to God. I canít eat sleep fuck or do anything. I know this doesnít happen to people normally and I feel so so alone in my suffering. I cant keep a job or go to school. I havenít even been to school since I was a soph. in high school because I had to drop out do to all this BS. It has completely ruined me. My body is fucked Iíve been to literally dozens of doctors and they could never figure this shit out. It never occurred to them or me it may be all the weed.

I now have what they call complex partial seizures. I see flashes, traces all sorts of shit. I get strange sensations in my body at times that are almost unbearable. Worse than any pain most people can imagine I have had horrible Crohnís disease, that shit is excruciating pain wise. Crohn's is a walk in the park compared to this because they arenít really feelings. Itís like a total mindfuck. The last doctor I went to see decided to test my mitochondria. I donít want to go into depth but I have severe mitochondrial damage. I donít know if ill ever be my old self. And Iím not 100% sure if I can say the weed actually caused this per say. It may have brought to the surface some weakness I had or exacerbated something. I can say that the weed definitely has a role and it threw my body's metabolism off. Maybe I lack certain enzyme's to break this shit down I donít know.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 29052
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 28, 2007Views: 5,264
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