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Touch Sensitive
H.B. Woodrose
by Justin
Citation:   Justin. "Touch Sensitive: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp29053)". Jan 5, 2007.

6 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)


On November 6, 2003 my friend told me that he had gotten some seeds that would make you trip just like lsd or shrooms. Being the experimental type I decided to give it a try. He was selling them to me at $0.50 a seed and I read on here that I needed around 6 to 10 in order to feel some effects. So I bought 6 seeds from him for $3.00. At 7:00 I swallowed a pill capsule that had 6 hawaiian baby woodrose seeds crushed up in it. I then proceeded to smoke a couple of bowls with my friends(marijuana) and I sat down waiting for the effects to start.

I sat in the living room of a friends dorm until around 11:00. All that I was feeling up to that point was a steady naucious feeling in my stomach. I had decided that obviously the seeds were not going to do anything. Since I had come to that conclusion there was no point in me sitting in the living room any more so I decided to go to a party that was going on that night. The party was at a person's home and there were about 30 people there.

I went to the living room and sat down beside some people on a couch. My stomach at that point was very uncomfortable to say the least so I decided to smoke another couple of bowls so at least I could be high. I proceeded to do that and completely forgot that I had taken some hallucinagenic seeds earlier. At around 1:00 I was sitting on the couch talking to a girl named Joy when I realized that I had started tripping. We were talking about the world being on a pirate ship heading toward God readying to shoot God with cocaine...needless to say I was tripping my balls off at that point, so I started writing everything that I was thinking down on paper.

Me and Joy sat there for a few hours talking about everything while I was telling people not to forget the pirate ship. I was surrounded by a bunch of drunk and stoned people so they didn't think a thing about it and agreed with me which enhanced my trip even further. I talked to Joy until around 3:00 when everyone was going to sleep. I was not about to go to sleep though, I was about to start a religion with my new thoughts about the world. The room was dark so I couldn't see much, and my vision was blurred so I could hardly see anything else in the room. Joy was snoring behind me and I wasn't about to go to sleep.

At that point I looked across the room and saw two piercing eyes staring at me across the room. I picked up a small bottle of frank and murr and opened it and smelled it. The smell was so intoxicating at that point that I felt as if I was getting high off the smell of the scent. My senses were extraordinarily sensitive and I felt a hand from nowhere touch mine. The piercing eyes from across the room was now lying on the floor in front of me with her hand in mine. I was amazed by the sexuality of her hand moving in mine and I proceeded to join her on the floor.

Every touch was amazing. Her beauty and her sexuality was calling to me on a level that no one had ever touched. She was an angel waiting for my approval. I proceeded to touch her everywhere and she proceeded to lie on me and started kissing me. My hands were not going to let me go to sleep. They were caressing her with a fire that is not my own. She said that she was not sure why she felt the way she did, but it was almost as if through me touching her that I spread my trip to her and she also had the energy that I had. We kissed and caressed each other until dawn, not knowing when this heavenly experience would stop.

I was in a sort of drunken state in the morning, not because I had drank any alcohol. I had blurred vision and complete relaxation of the muscles as I attempted to stand up. I was like jello and I was tired. It was 7:00. My senses were in a state of exhaustion. I could not feel anything at all. It was as if I had used all my energy the night before and my senses were tired of everything. All I had felt all night was sexual pleasure and my body could not do anything at all anymore. I had not stopped talking though. I was talking all night long about her. I was talking about everything that we did.

Anyway, it was morning and I was hungry. The house was just right down the road from a fast food joint and I decided that I was going to walk down there. I had no shoes on and only a t-shirt on and it was 26 degrees outside, but I could not feel anything. I walked there and gave the lady at the counter a blank look and she said, 'well honey you gonna order anything?' I was like...yeah, give me something for 2 dollars and a water. So I got an egg mcmuffin and an ice water and walked back to the house.

By this time everyone was up and I could not taste the mcmuffin at all. My senses were just blah. I could not taste anything it was like eating nothing. So I gave it to Molly the girl I had spent the night with and she ate it and went to sleep. I got a ride back to campus and tried to lie down to sleep. My mind was racing, I was overwhelmed by what had happened that night and my mind was trying to understand it.

I couldn't sleep so I went to get some food with some friends. I was still sort of feeling crazy and was still talking. I walked to another dorm to find someone that knew the girl that I had been with all that night. I couldn't find him but bumped into a girl going to a band concert. I went to the concert because I thought it might calm my mind and help me to get back to normal. I was right, it calmed me down, but I was still tripping.

As I listened to the music, when the band would hit a particularly loud note I was feel thoughts come into my head. As the string quartet played I imagined their music as a blanket around me. The blanket was made of silk and it was the smoothest blanket ever. I told this to the person I had come to the concert with and she just looked at me and smiled.

I finally stopped tripping by the end of the concert and I was feeling a little dumb, but I could stop the thoughts now. By that night I was back to normal feeling better than ever. I had not slept in 36 hours, but I was drinking caffeine to stay alive. This is the day after and there are no more after effects that I can tell. I do not feel dumb like I do after eating lsd or shrooms, it is almost like I feel smarter. My creativity is heightened and I feel it is easier to write and to draw. I feel like a better person than I was before the trip. This was the best experience with hallucinagens that I have ever had.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29053
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 5, 2007Views: 35,583
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Sleep Deprivation (140), H.B. Woodrose (26) : Large Group (10+) (19), First Times (2), Multi-Day Experience (13), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4)

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