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Severe Mental Problems
AMT (freebase powder)
Citation:   Gonzo. "Severe Mental Problems: An Experience with AMT (freebase powder) (exp29409)". Erowid.org. Dec 22, 2003. erowid.org/exp/29409

65 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
[Erowid Note: The following reports seems like a classic description of a psychotic break. Many psychedelics, including the well-known such as LSD, or the lesser-known research chemicals such as AMT, can precipitate psychotic breaks in those pre-disposed or with a family history of psychosis.]

FOREWORD: I am changing the names of those involved and leaving out important geographical information that pertains to the situation in order to protect myself and anyone in danger. I will gladly give more information directly to Erowid thru my e-mail and would simply like to get this information to the public. I have previously posted a positive experience report, and though it still stands, later experiences proved much different as you will see.

Myself along with a few friends who attended the same public university were all very eager for experimentation, although our experience went little past marijuana and one or two mushroom experiences. We discovered AMT via friends in Michigan, and found the experience in low doses to be speedy and definitly psychidelic, and we began more research through the internet.

After much research and investigation, we eventually discovered sites online and decided to order some of the chemical for ourselves. The price was amazingly cheap through the internet ($60 for an entire gram!!!) and was delivered directly and discreetly to my dorm, in complete legality (this was before AMT was finally put into emergency schedule sometime in April). This large a quantity was more than we could handle to ourselves and we made various distributions to other friends throughout the dorm and surrounding area. All in all I would expect that nearly 45 people experienced AMT in varying dosages that I broke up from our original few grams.

One major mistake we made throughout our entire AMT experience was never using precise scales to mark out dosages, and I personally broke down every dose by eyeball. I had mastered a method that I truly believe to be fairly accurate, and the normal dose range was 25-35 MG, although I secretly changed the size smaller and larger depending upon who the person was, their experience with drugs, their size, body weight ETC. but nothing, I REPEAT NOTHING, was exact througout the experience.

Approximatly 50% of those who consumed a normal dose considered the drug very fun and very speedy, very social with very little nausea or discomfort. The experience was noticibly long, at least 12 hours.

Another 40% consumed higher doses in the 40-60MG range, and 'tripped' 4-7 times. Within this range, nearly all experienced severe nausea during the first few hours, prolonged 'trips' lasting upwards of 15 hours, and minor 'mental lapses' as we called them for months in the future.

The last few of us consumed high doses of AMT, and tripped more than 10 times over the course of a few months. I personally tripped at least 15 times, but believe it may have been higher. My highest dose is estimated to be around 100-120 mg, and lasted 24 hours with nasty side effects for days. Having experienced no other drugs except marijuana before AMT, I now have fairly vivid visual traces at all times, have a prolonged sleeping problem, and stomach discomfort all accruing from the AMT.

This is where everything went wrong. My close friend 'Paul' was also very into AMT with me, and we frequently took the drug without telling others we were on it, going through our daily routines tripping pretty hard. The total number of times he consumed the drug is unknown, but it was definitly over 10. We had ranged our doses many times, and he never ventured over the 60-70 MG range as I had. There are many stories that could be told, both negative and positive that occured during those months and numerous trips, but when it all came crashing down I didn't know what to do.

After a weekend of tripping, something wasn't right with Paul. He wasn't acting himself and I was somewhat worried. He was rapping to himself, and spouting off phrases and words from music. He also was staring off into space and althought I took it in stride, it just didn't seem right. Later that evening I got a call from Paul and he was in the hospital asking me to come pick him up from the ER. He didn't explain, and only said that his father had brought him in and left him there. I immediately rushed to the hospital but was told that Paul was under observation and that I could not see him. I left, only to be called again and I was allowed to bring paul back to the dorm. His explanation was sketchy, but he seemed OK, and said that his father just thought he sounded funny on the phone and wanted him to be checked out. Knowing of Pauls family problems, I understood and Paul went to see a movie that same night.

The next day the problems were back, and Paul seemed even worse, I was worried but given the situation I didn't know what to do, I just figured he'd snap back. Later that night I got a call again, as I would for months to come, from Paul in the hospital again. When I arrived with friends, we were sat down by a very nice doctor who was obviously more there to help Paul than to bust us for drugs. We were still very hesitant, and only said we smoked pot, lots of pot, but only pot. The Doctor shrugged this off and gave us a few bits of information before allowing me to see Paul. He was really bad, having back spasms and staring at the ceiling. It is hard for me to explain his actions, because they were extremely disturbing and can only suffice to say that although Paul was still in there, he was clearly having a hard time figuring out what was wrong. He kept speaking of the same events that occured the day he first went to the hospital and couldn't stop telling me he just wanted to go home.

I left and returned to that hospital many times in the next day, some at the call of Paul, some at the call of the nurses needing help calming him down. I sufficed to everything tripping buddies can to snap the other out. I screamed, I slapped, I talked, I shook, I did everything in my ability to try to snap him out but he got worse by the day. I eventually leaked to the doctors that Paul might have been 'tripping' but never told him on what. After a day Paul was transferred to the city hospital and placed in the psych ward where he would stay for nearly 2 months. Paul was constanly shifting from severe mental problems to being almost normal throughout these months, and I was called many nights with random calls about nothing. Others would be please to come pick him up from the hospital. When school ended for the semester and I went home for the summer, I stopped hearing from Paul, and he got out in early June.

Though I have spoken to him since, the rift between us is pretty huge. He's back to normal I guess, but I know he's not, and never will be again. We spoke of it only once, and in brief, but I don't think he'll ever be quite the same again. We both know that this occured because of the AMT. There is no medical proof, there is no way to prove it, but we KNOW. The doctors never figured out what triggered, or what was really wrong with Paul, only that some bi-polar disorder may have been triggered due to a mental lapse.

I destroyed all my AMT after this experience and was happy that it was made illegal before more people had a problem. I do not believe that this drug is bad in low doses, but high doses and repeated use DOES HAVE SIDE effects and I do not recommend this drug to others. Although I made it through, and still trip on mushrooms and LSD frequently to this day, my best friend Paul will never be the same. I wonder every day why I risk it, but its a personal compulsion. I love tripping, and feel at home when I do so. I have had numerous bad trips and keep control. I should probably stop but haven't yet and I test the limits whever I can. But I do know that I would never fuck with another research chemical ever again, nor anything relative to being an upper.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 29409
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2003Views: 24,835
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