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First Strong Voyage
by Ivcear
Citation:   Ivcear. "First Strong Voyage: An Experience with DMT (exp29471)". May 15, 2008.

5 hits smoked DMT


I've been experimenting with dmt for awhile now with a little success, compared to my salvia trips, but tonight I made sure I'd get there.

I got a new lightbulb style pipe, for vaporizing dmt, cause I was having problems with cooking it too fast and ruining it, never getting the FULL experience I wanted.

This time it was different. I had my girl light a few candles around the room while I went to the bathroom. Then I came in and finshed up the end of a Joe Walsh album to the song 'Ordinary Average Guy' while I prepared the dose and cued up Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album.

I loaded the lightbulb shaped pipe with 50 mg of what was red sort brown DMT that I assume came from a mimosa hostilis root bark extraction. Then I loaded 50 mg of another off yellow DMT (perhaps it was a synth, and i was told it was over 2 years old at the time that I got it) that I have tried a few times before with little success (I kept cooking it too hot before cause of the pipe, and the quality may have degrated over time)

So with 100 mg of a 50/50 split of two types of dmt in the light bulb, I stip naked and prepare my bed for the voyage. I prepare myself mentally and take 3 really big lungfulls while heating the bulb from the outside only while I'm smoking it... Then I take a fourth lungfull and I can feel the world shifting but I'm still in full control... just to be safe hand off the ligher and piepe and I lie down in the bed under the covers for a second and wait, but it wasn't enough.. I get the pipe back from my girl, and take one more really really big feindish lungfull.. then I knew for sure it was coming on strong.. I pass of the pipe and lay down and close my eyes.

To my amazement I see all these east indian type colors and patterns and then this one central patten that looked sort of like buddah in the sitting position with legs crossed and hands folded togher which is visually speaking out to me as if to say 'welcome, its nice to finally meet' then it smiled at at me, but it had no one central face, more like 1000's of faces all melding together near the top of the being... I remember it kept sorta changing forms and it had many eyes and lots of red and orange and other bright colors, with this very east indian look that was so peculiur, but never fearsome, just me and this beautiful peacefull sentient being, trying to make sense of each other as our worlds collide..

I could really feel the dmt in my body, like a sort of mdma rush, that I have felt off dmt and 5-meo-dmt before, but this time it was more intense, but less pain and constriction in my lungs and my heart like I have felt before when I burned the dmt too hot... my body was a part of my conciousness when I was there, but it was unnecessay in order to take in the whole experience, it was really just my conciousness that was transported to this realm.

The whole peak experience lasted only about 1.5 mins according to my girlfriend... after I stopped witnessing the entity, I spoke to her and told her how wonderous and beautiful the whole expereince was, more that what I expeced, yet sort of exactl what I expected in a way...

The light of the candles really helped my visuals, because in the past I tried doing dmt like I do salvia, in the dark.. it didn't seem to be as good in the dark the last few times, I never hit a DMT peak like this before...

Pink Floyd was pretty amazing soundtrack for the whole experience, but I dont really rememeber listeing to the music, becaue I was so impressed by my connection to this entity.

I remember reading that Terence McKenna said that his DMT experience can be summed up as what he feels is that the DMT beings are trying to teach humans a new language.. I sort of felt that... the communication I was making with the being was incredible, but it was pretty primative, all telepathy - mostly to me though my visions of the being, from the being... I don't exactly remember how I was communicating to it, I guess mostly telepathy, but I was, and I loved it's smile, it had a most beautiful smile, for a thing without a central processing unit, like a face.. or at least in the singular sense of form.

I'm still glowing after an hour of doing it, but I found my peak was the most intense, and everything after that was very minute, not nearly as intense and coming down off salvia where I have a shroom type buzz with residual visuals for up to an hour afterwards... this come down was very quick... I was laying in my bed describing my trip to my girl, when I sorta felt no more drastic hallucinations, just a speedy buzz, with mild, subtle visuals... then I got sorta cold and shivered for a bit, that was probably the worst part of the whole thing...

Overall it was a very positive experience, and I hope that I may get the chance to meet this gracious being again, and communicate more with it, see what it really means, perhaps stay a bit longer next time I pay it a visit... ayahuasca may be the answer to make sure that I receive the message for a longer period of time... I wonder if just taking an MAOI and smoking DMT would be enough to make it last longer... I don't think I could have managed to smoke much more without some one lighting the pipe holding it for me while coaching me to smoke it up, because I felt the need to let to and relax at a cerian point after my last mad hit... everything after that was bliss, I just have to figure how to make it last longer so I can get a fuller understanding of the dmt world, it's beings, and what it all means to me.

This is dr.trip (the signing off after another successfull journey... I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year...

there will be more trip reports to come.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 15, 2008Views: 6,742
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