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Sharp Bender
by fr33
Citation:   fr33. "Sharp Bender: An Experience with AMT & MDMA (exp2951)". Sep 16, 2000.

T+ 0:00
28 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 6:00 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 11:00 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
Short Story

AMT Seems to have a significant effect as an MAOI and makes MDMA dangerously and uncomfortably potent.

Long Story

New goodies and a desert party called, and we decided to make this weekend the bender of the summer. We had started the weekend on Wednesday with 2C-T-2 & MDMA, Thursday with GHB followed by cocaine, had felt tired the next day and opted for a good nights sleep on Friday before heading off to the desert party on Saturday.

I had just obtained some AMT, and this was the last party before university started again. No one we knew had taken AMT before. Being the educated psychonauts that we are, we had read several trip reports beforehand. Each seemed to vary to a huge degree, depending on amount and setting. Not wanting to get stuck in a psychedelic crisis, we decided to go with a ~28mg dose. Better safe than sorry, right?

The party we were planning on attending ended up being road blocked by the cops. However, we walked in past the cops on a train track nearby and got in to find the party still going, although in a much more disorganized way. We decided to pitch our campsite down the road about 5kms away. After much debate & discussion, we chomped down our AMT and started to set up camp. In an hour the tent and tarp was up, and my mood had smoothed out considerably as well. Drug effects or just achieving a goal instead of stewing? Both, I think. We set off walking down the road to sneak into the party by walking along the railway tracks. By T+2 hours I was starting to feel 'different', points of light in the darkness became much more intense, and the amount of 'static' increased continually. Sounds became fuller. I tripped over a chunk of rusted metal on the road and we both nearly had heart attacks from the shock and noise.

Over the hour and a half that we walked I came up slowly, my emotional headspace started to follow a predictable pattern of peace & tranquility => wonder => doubt => fear => paranoia. Just when I thought we were doing the wrong thing, sneaking down the train tracks into an illegal party, and was ready to go home and hide somewhere warm, I'd get a wave of security, trust and love.

Once we got into the party with no hitches I felt much less muscle tension and spent a few minutes sitting and eating chocolate chips. As we were eating the chocolate, we remembered about the MAOI effects of AMT, but wondered what an intense chocolate buzz would be like. Iím not sure if it was just from the sugar or from the chocolate, but all of a sudden I was full of energy again and went to dance. Dancing was excellent. Mental focus was in the groove, and I felt energetic and coordinated, if a little less social than usual. Once I found my friends, I felt extremely social. Rather mdma-like.

There was not much to report on visually, I didnít notice much other than lots of static and enhanced colours/shadows. Definitely one to try during the day.

Over the course of the next few hours the visual aspects of the drug became slightly more pronounced, the primary effects being points of light becoming shinier and enhanced patterning, constellations and geometric patterns appeared to jump out in the stars. It was also very cool dancing with giant shadows made on the walls of a desert cliff.

Energy levels were doing just fine, in fact, I felt slightly jittery but not uncomfortably so. Dancing remained very good fun. Felt very coordinated and in touch with the music.

However, after a while the effects started to seem like they needed something else. The experience felt slightly unfulfilling. It was pleasant enough, but a sort of bored feeling seemed to set in. (I felt this aspect later on another AMT trip also) This was our last weekend party and we wanted it to be something extra special.

So, at about T + 6-7 hours, we considered taking some MDMA. We'd both done these pills before and knew them to be quite nice, a good MDMA experience. (Marquis reagent tested) The pills were fairly strong, somewhere between 125-160mg. As I previously mentioned, we'd heard about the MAOI effects of AMT, but had also read trip reports in which others had done MDMA some time into an AMT trip and enjoyed (and survived) it. Being the fiends we are, the caps went down the hatch with only a second thought.

Time dissolved right about there... we came up quite quickly, and I really only remember bits and pieces. Started to hallucinate quite a bit more from the E and the eye wiggles got to the point of not being able to see hardly at all. My jaw started chattering and clenching uncontrollably as well. Usually I can control these side effects, but nothing worked this time except stuffing my mitten between my teeth. I was so high that I was scared for my health and my friends. Not to mention the fear from being so high that you are unaware of things you are doing and that are going on around you. Since neither of us could talk or walk we laid on our sides in a tent and chattered 'I love you' to each other to make sure we were awake/alive.

Iím really not sure what happened for the next couple of hours. There are brief moments I recall but not many, and quite discombobulated.

Finally, we started to come down a little and climbed up onto a massive pile of sand to watch the sun come up. This must have been about three or four hours after taking the MDMA. To be alive, in love and hyper aware of universal forces was the greatest feeling in the world. I had a headache from the violent E high for about 3 days though.

To experience the empathetic effects of E while being dangerously high is something I cannot describe and do not want to repeat. The trip was very scary as the MDMA high just mangled us. We are both quite aware of the health and safety risks of MDMA, and to feel yourself being electrified with that much was quite disturbing. Yes it felt good, but it was debilitating to the point of not being able to do much but shake.

At about 9-10am, we left the party and went back to our campsite. There, having recovered and feeling sort of normal, we decided to take another dose of MDMA. Stupid? Probably. Lucky? Yes. In part, we wanted to make up for the lost time and have some time being comfortably high rather than just messed up.

The effects were like a normal booster dose of MDMA, however, hardly pronounced at all from the last dose in itís magnified form. We then drove back to the party for another couple of hours. Took 1 and a half tabs of acid each, fairly weak acid to start with, and got hardly any effects from that.

Since I was feeling fine, no hallucinations or real mental disturbances, we decided to drive home about 2-3 hours after taking the acid and not having much happen, and as well people were leaving and the party was pretty much over. Driving on psychedelics is of course foolish and I am usually quite paranoid regarding driving and psychedelics Ė one experience on mushrooms was enough to convince me of that. This time I was feeling almost normal, but took it extra easy and avoided the main roads.

When we arrived home we continued our binge, with plunged MDMA, followed by some 2C-T-2 later that evening. We had a lovely walk at sunset and watched the city, which looked very cool as all the lights turned on. My friend reckoned the 2C-T-2 visuals were stronger than normal, as we only had an 8mg dose, but it seems synergistic with MDMA.

Then it just became stupid. A third pill of MDMA was opened and snorting some amount of it produced very minor effects. Needless to say, we called in sick the next day as the weekend was not over. We made the mistake of leaving a line or two of MDMA from the night before, which became the start of the next evenings excess. By the end of the next evening, I was exhausted and really tired. Burnt might be an appropriate word.

This experience truly sated our drug appetites, in fact, it made us a bit turned off. It was a test of boundaries and excess, and we really did find those boundaries. Iím not sure what the point of banging our heads off the wall for the last couple of days was, but it was interesting to try. The final MDMA + 2C-T-2 experience did yield a fairly good trip, perhaps riding on the serotonin upsurge from the massive usage the night before as the serotonin system rocks back and forth.

However snorting all that E afterwards was just a waste of good drugs.

The experience really rubbed in the fact that with E, less is more. The first experience was too intense. Eís beauty comes from the gentle euphoria, not being so messed up you shake uncontrollably. Finally, we learned that no matter what, BE CAREFUL, taking a full dose of MDMA was a mistake and I hope no one else repeats this. The other trip report is misleading as it barely makes mention of the insane intensity of it. I wonder if it wasnt as strong, or what? Yet another trip report mentions the urge to take MDMA as they felt a similar unsatisfied feeling. If you are going to take MDMA with AMT, I would start with a tiny dose. I wonder about the extra damage done by MAOIís though.

I repeated an AMT trip later by itself. I found a similar thing, that it was very long, perhaps too long. I donít imagine it to be too bad as long as you have something to entertain yourself with. But, due to the MAOI effects, I would urge you all to be very careful about topping up the trip in the last legs because you may get a lot more than you bargained for.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2951
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2000Views: 25,322
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AMT (7), MDMA (3) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Overdose (29), Bad Trips (6), Combinations (3)

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