An Unparalleled Experience
by Mike
Citation:   Mike. "An Unparalleled Experience: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp29568)". Jan 3, 2004.

4 flowers oral Brugmansia (flowers)
The seeds of my Brugmansia trip were planted as I suggested its consumption to a friend while being bored as all hell, knowing he knew the location of a datura tree. Later that afternoon, my friend, another friend's girlfriend, and myself went to retrieve the goods. My friend's girlfriend ran up to the tree to pick them and quickly returned with 14 to 15 large flowers that were yellow in color and about 8 long and 3 wide (guessing). We returned to my friends house, and upon suggestion of my friend's girl friend, we mistakingly ingested the flower raw. She ate 3 whole flowers, my friend ate 4, and I also ate 4. She had to go home, so we began driving her which is when the effects first started taking place (aprox. 45mins later) which first felt like a warm budlike high.

When we got back home is when the effects REALLY started taking effect. The warm high strongly(!) increased and I began feeling a bit deranged, and I have a feeling my friend did, too! This was strongly evident while embarking on a short quarter mile walk to 711 for some cigarettes and drink. While (attempting) to walk to the 711 my friend repeatly zoned out on random objects and was seemingly oblivious to my attempts to converse with him or communicate in any matter as he was standing in middle of the street aimlessly, etc. It was about 12:30 at night now, and we all agreed (? lol) to go to bed, or at least attempt to. About 2 hours later. I couldn't sleep, due to extremely intense hallucinations and mental derangement and stayed up until dawn when i went for a walk. While embarking on this walk, it started getting reallllllllly weird. I frequently had hallucinations of friends (who were in totally different cities than me) conversing and making plans, and when I would look back to talk to them, they were gone. I also had an extreme paranoid feeling.

Coming back from my walk I found out the authorities were called on my friend, who when we agreed to go to sleep, instead of going to his apt. sat in front of a parking structure and did not move for any cars. They asked what he took and he still couldn't converse so they assumed he was on shrooms, and then went into his apt where they found (and broke) a scale and found (but left) some schwag we got for free. I also found out that my friend's girlfriend was admitted to the hospital after her mother found her wandering outside delusional and nude. Needless to say, this was extremely intense and extremely dangerous. Later that week, I researched the drug better and found out we took over 6 times the recomended dosage, and could have died. I would be extremely cautious if you decide to take this drug. Some of the side effects included extreme dry mouth, irritated eyes, a verrrry bad taste, and my vision was so horrible I couldn't read a phone number I had written in my wallet. So again, if you play on taking brugmansia, DO NOT take too much. Thats pretty much all to my story, so have fun if you decide to experiment with it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29568
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2004Views: 11,088
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