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This Changes Everything
H.B. Woodrose & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   neon green snake. "This Changes Everything: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Nitrous Oxide (exp29665)". Jan 17, 2004.

12 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
    oral Alcohol (liquid)
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
    smoked Cannabis  
It's been a while since this took place, but not too long. I have to use extensive detail so that the reader can understand the mystical experience and so that the reader knows what the trail looked like on the way to divinity. It was mid summer, and a good friend's birthday was upon us. I had just recieved a package in the mail a week prior containing 50 hbw seeds I bought from a trusted supplier. About half of them were gone, I had eaten some with some friends the day I got them. I had about 25 seeds ground up into a fine powder when I was invited to a huge party the birthday dude was throwing. I had just gotten my paycheck so I bought a box of nitrous oxide cartridges from the smoke shop up the road and some anti-nausea medicine to counteract the almost inevitable nausea experienced when injesting hbw.

I set out to my friend's house with a backpack full of: a change of clothes, the drugs and medicine, a few sobes, some music, and a discman (solely for comforting me in case my trip goes bad and I have to isolate from the crowd, music is the most potent antidote for me for a downward spiraling trip). I catch the bus and make it to his hometown by about 5:00 pm. He said not to show up until about 6pm, so I went to hang out at the park and took a few inhales of nitrous to kill a little time. By the way, I have a metal cracker and a baloon for the cartridges.

5:45 rolls around and I head over to his house. Physical preparation ideas, I'll let you know that all I had to eat all day was a breakfast sandwich from work and a sobe. The breakfast sandwich was consumed at about noon and the sobe was consumed on the bus on the way to the party. I arrive and give everyone hugs and refrain from telling him what I brought for him right away. I check out what's happening and there's about 10 people and more to come. At about 6:30, I pull b-day boy aside and let him know what's in store for his mind. He smiles at the concept and is immediately eager to dose. To further help reduce nausea, we take small doses, just a little pinch every 10-15 minutes or so. Everything goes in a direction completely unexpected. At about 7:30, we had all we were planning on taking in our bellies, and I had about 2 pinches each for us to prolong the trip later on. I know I'm starting to feel more towards weightless and warm by now.

We'll call b-day boy J. J decides to spend some private minutes in the bedroom with his girlfriend and at the moment most of the partiers were gone trying to get weed or something else or whatever. There was only 3 people in the backyard. So I sit out in the front yard talking with this guy who lives in his car in front of their house. He's a good friend of the family, real cool guy. It was about 7:45 now and I was starting to feel the shit squirm around in my stomach, arousing a little nausea but not much. I found myself glancing around wild eyed and rubbing my chest and my belly because my skin was crawling and tickling itself. I started to get the urge to move around and asked the dude if he wanted to walk to the store with me. While it seemed he was extremely slow getting his shoes on and stuff, taking his sweet little time, I was pacing back and forth, slowly getting higher and lighter and...weirder. The nausea was intensifying, but despite the upsetting texture, I drank a tall can, one of the 10 others I brought over for everyone. 211 malt beverage to be exact.

It didn't seem like I drank it too quickly, with my internal clock slowed down and all, but the whole thing was finished by the time we got out the door. I noticed that everytime I took a swig, I felt immediate relief from the nausea, but if I let the liquid settle in my stomach, the nausea came back magnified, so that contributed to why I drank it so fast. I was definitely losing myself by now, 5 minutes till 8. I was glancing around at the beautiful mountains, experiencing an exagerated feeling of wellbeing, and noticing a tingly fuzzy feeling moving around in my head and spreading slowly to the rest of my body. It took an hour to walk a block in the state of time I was in at the moment. In reality, it took about 2 1/2 minutes. Now, to this day, I don't know if I hallucinated it or not, but when I was at the store waiting for dude to pick out a beer, I looked out the window and I swear I saw the dude that kicked my door down months back, waiting by the phone booth, glaring at me. Oh well, anyways...

We get back to the house, and it's about 8pm when I see J's best friend in the front yard, looking all pissed off. He looked up and was definitely happy to see me, I don't visit these people much. Then he told me that it probably wouldn't be best for me to go inside, that J was in a state of ineffable rage. My eyes bulged out of my head, I said, 'shit! Why...why?' he told me it was all drama and I shrugged him off and ran inside to get the whole picture. Sure enough, J was pacing back and forth with tears streaming down his angry red hot face, murderous texture singed his expression, fists clenched. I hurried up to him and put my hand on his back and said, 'hey, bro, what the hell's going on?' he couldn't make eye contact with me, he was too upset, but he explained that his mom was freaking out about some missing money and blamed it on him. I knew he would not take his mother's money, especially on that particular night considering he just got paid and had a crap load of b-day money. I was immediately furious with his mom for enabling this insanity, although she probably didn't know he was on lsd's closest cousin.

I insisted we go for a walk. I was tripping out! This was not the energy intended! This was hell! His knuckles were bleeding, he said he tried putting it through his door, 4 attempts. I asked if he was high yet after I got him to smile. He said he didn't know, he was too shocked about the accusation and said he thinks the rage counteracted the lsa. He asked me to split the rest with him and I did, giving him the better half since I was damn near frying balls by now and he was sober. Or at least that's what he thought. Before he gave the re-dose enough time to kick in, and he was over the whole dramatic bullshit, he started telling me he was wrong, he's pretty damn high. Ok, I'm stretching this whole story simply to build a better picture of what's about to happen. Be patient...

We hung out outside until about 8:30, until everybody was done tripping out. J went in the house to make a phone call for some weed and I stayed out and talked with his girlfriend. We had a little giggle about how hell just broke loose and disappeared without a trace in the span of an hour. Then something snagged me by the roots of my stomach and I appologized, 'excuse me sweety, but I around the corner her an...' I couldn't finish, I sprinted to the side of the house where she couldn't see me, so as not to gross her out, and I let it all go. Barfed all over the grassy area there. But let me tell you what...I loved it! My state of mind made it feel like a release, a relief, not painful at all! The barfing itself, I can honestly say, was actually euphoric. I stood back up with the biggest smile on my face! Throwing up made me like 3 times as high as I was! Visuals were starting to kick in fully now. The colors in the trees and the clouds and the road were splitting into three different colors, kinda like double or triple vision, but the object itself wasn't splitting, just the colors.

Standing back up felt like waking up in a weird way I will not attempt to explain. I stumble back out into the front yard and exclaim, 'don't worry, no negativity in this fireproof belly, I feel like a million bucks...where's J?' inside...I walk inside and I can tell the journey is just getting started. It seems like I'm seeing everything for the first time, and I'm just looking around in this state of obvious awe, no need to look in the mirror to check, my pupils were as big as they'll ever be! I could feel them opening up trying to swallow everything they see. Literally! It was as if I was touching everything with these invisible, divine hands that branched out from my black hole eyes! I found J in the backyard telling everybody he would be right back. He saw me and smiled, 'holy shit, I didn't know this shit would be so intense! It's like acid but with more of a natural and physical texture!' he was rubbing his arms and face and chest like he took some really good ecstacy. 'I gotta go get some weed, you wanna run with me?'

Before I could answer he said, 'wait...I feel so comfortable here at my home with my family here and stuff, I'll get my little bro to go pick it up for me.' and he did just that. Everything was happening so fast, yet time was going so unbelievably slow! If I didn't notice it was still not dark yet I would have guessed it was the wee hours of early morning! But no, it was...10 minutes to 9! I couldn't belive my eyes when he held out his pocket watch to me. This is where I decided to drop the time habit for the night, since it was in fact irrelevant. Now he doesn't know I brought nitrous oxide with me. It's another one of those surprises I wanted to hit him with when we were frying balls, and the time had come. 'Hey J, how does a balloon full of bliss sound?' he looked up at me with that look someone might give right before they explode in excitement after winning the lottery. The pre-shock look. The luminous look, like I just told him the meaning of life and it all made sense to him finally. He had that grin, that mischievous grin, with that distant hint of fear. He didn't know if he wanted to, but he knew he was going to.

'You brought gas?! Holy shit you sure know how to swim the deep end you fucker!' so we hurry back to his room, and I think. 'I think we should do it outside, sitting down in the grass, it will be comfortable.' he nodded, so we take it outside and people see what we're up to and like 6 people start following us around. We keep exchanging these looks like we're the only ones who know that life is just a dream, and everything is a mirage. Before I inhaled the gas I thought. 'I think we should step away from this crowd, it feels too weird.' he nodded, so we go and sit in chairs on his back porch next to the music and the crowd got the picture and split up a little. He took the first one and I barely remember him saying some weird shit as he let it out and his eyes got sooo wild and fear froze him solid, followed by excitement and nirvana, followed by exhilaration and breathlessness, followed by a, '...oh god.' I got the hint and quickly filled my balloon up and waved everyone goodbye. I looked at J and he nodded, telepathically wishing me luck on finding my way back to reality.

I inhale and hold it. Time stops. People are still talking, I can hear them, but their bodies were moving sooo much slower than their voices and time was not budging. The fabric of reality announced its presence as it slowly started to rip and shred. Every ounce of familiarity vanished, every ounce of sense died, and I felt like the air was converting itself to water. I was still holding my hit in. I let it out. I'm under water trying to catch my breathe. The bodies moving around in my field of vision struck me as aliens. Unfamilar beings. Maybe even not bodies at all but spirits. Bubbles were coming out of everybody's mouth as well as mine. I came to realize that I just slid past like 10 parallel realities and landed on one randomly. I was light years away from the party. Time didn't even occur to me, it was inexistent. I would have wept but I wasn't aware I was part of the physical anymore. It was all so beautiful. Like exploring a place on a far away planet nobody in the entire history of man or the entire future of man well ever even fathom.

When the nitrous wore off, reality came back to me in an interesting way. All the unfamiliarity simply struck me as familiar out of nowhere. Nothing visually or physically changed, I just simply recognized everything after in irrefragable amount of time. After I reassembled, I quickly told J about what had just happened to me and his experience had a similar texture, but was completely different. Another way to put it is he experienced the sliding across parallel realities, but he didn't land on the same one I did. He didn't breathe under water or anything like that. As soon as we calmed down, his brother got back with his pot and we were psyched! We hurried to the bedroom and put on some bob marley and rolled some joints. I was out of my mind. I was totally on a far out acid trip, nothing more, nothing less, and I was completely indulged! The reggae music definitely had a positive impact on our state of mind. We started giggling and dancing to the music, people were coming in and out of the room. Everyone was drunk except us. We were on a way different plateau! The reggae/stoney experience in the room was a trip all in it's own.

His little brother was drunk and getting drunker and was becoming beligerent so we all had to struggle to get him to stay out of our bubble. He wanted to hit the weed but he was so drunk we were afraid he'd pass out on the floor. The sands of time, the smoke of vulnerability, and the ocean of alteration was being blown in all sorts of crazy directions at all sorts of crazy speeds. We hang out in the backyard for a while and enjoy our lovely psychedelic state of mind, listening to the best of the best, tool, and a little mudvayne as well. I have 3 nitrous cartridges left and I decide it's time to see what the synergy at this point in our trip would feel like. This time we're in the kitchen standing around with the homeless dude and J's girlfriend tripping out and having an uplifting conversation. I prepare 2 balloons, his girlfriend wasn't interested and I was planning on giving the 3rd one to the homeless guy. This time, we take our hits at the same time, unity of mind travel I later called it.

When I was holding it in, it was soooo much more different than earlier. Instead of the fabric of reality ripping and shreding and pushing me along the slideshow of parallels, the fabric was already shredded as if it remained in the state I left it in earlier, but I didn't slide. Instead, everything dimmed and the majority of colors became red and brown tinted and my thought process spun out of control and my mouth just let all the scrambled shit out in a jumble of nonsense, which made sense to me at the time. I realized I would fall on my face if I stayed standing so I slowly sat down on the kitchen floor and as I was lowering myself to the ground, I felt like I was a candle, and instead of lowering myself to the ground, I was simply melting, becoming a puddle of wax on the linoleum. The cupboard door I sat back against grabbed me like a magnet and I was just struck with the complete opposite of weightlessness. I was terrified of what had just entered my mind, but in a state of ecstacy in the same exact moment.

The gas wore off and me and J exchanged looks of fascination. We shared each other's experience and then turned to the homeless guy and asked if he wanted the last one and the look on his face that resulted in observing how we acted told us he was having second thoughts. He shook his head no with obvious fear in his eyes and I shrugged my shoulder and said, 'well, J, happy birthday.' and he said, 'No dude, my mind is fucking mush, you bought em anyways, go for it.' So I filled up the balloon, inhaled and was blasted right back into the vortex of confusion and separation. I remember yelling the same two words over and over again, 'satisfying synergy!' and the weirdest part was that I didn't know the definition of synergy as a human. It's as if I tapped into some other mind and used its vocabulary to express what I was feeling. I looked up synergy the next day and it tripped me out because the concept fit perfectly with the situation.

For the rest of the night after that last whipit, was basically a really slow come down. I walked around in this state of stupor and vacantness and, my mind was indeed mush. I drank a few beers to help me drift off to sleep way later.

I hope the experience and detail and setting helps you all to assemble a general picture of hbw effects and it's synergistic potential. I definitely do not recommend the mixture of lsa with nitrous to the inexperienced. It's a very vulnerable state and accidents can and will happen in those kind of situations. My fellow psychonauts, please be safe, overindulgence is not a virtue, caution is. For the beginner psychedelic users, a few words of wisdom for general trip setting ideas. Keep the energy positive. Do not interact with people who would get upset if they found out you were high, you will freak out and you will then know what a bad trip is all about. Have a sitter with you when exploring unmarked territory and have a backup plan. Avoid authority at all costs and watch your drug interactions. Music is a good backup plan for the comfort of a trip gone bad. Peace and lots of love.

Just a burning soul singing the frays in the fabric of reality

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29665
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 17, 2004Views: 23,271
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Personal Preparation (45), Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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