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Meet Lady Salvia
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by Daytripper
Citation:   Daytripper. "Meet Lady Salvia: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp29707)". Jun 3, 2007.

200 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


In the past I have enjoyed the effects of a number of different drugs, but it has only been for the last year or so that (with great enthusiasm) I have been experimenting with hallucinogens, including acid and psylocybe mushrooms. Although I have found these experiences most pleasurable and thought-provoking they have failed to provide me with anything that could be described as a 'vision', rather with distortions of everyday perceptions, which although philosophicaly interesting in retrospect, fail to offer even the illusion of the instantaneous or implicit enlightenment or understanding described in many reports of hallucinogenic drug use, meditation, hypnosis, etc. By vision I mean a transference altogether from the realm in which our everyday perceptions take place to, well to anywhere.

I had read many reports on the use of Salvia and the experiences it produces, and had become intent on experimenting with the drug myself, I had also frequently discussed the properties of the drug with a friend who was also eager to try the it. Unknown to me my friend had ordered some of the 5X extract from an internet site which happened to arrive on the same day that I had tried my first sample of Salvia (A ready rolled joint of the dried leaves procured from a local headshop) with absoloutely no effects whatsoever, following the non-experience of this joint I was ready to abandon the idea of Salvia as a potential route to 'vision', but when later that day I recieved a phone call from my elated friend who had obtained the 5X that day and had still not tried it, I decided to give the extract a chance.

My friend packed a nice bowl of the extract inhaled the smoke and held it down. After a few minutes when he had stopped shouting at the corner of the room 'I just need to get out of here' I asked what he had seen, he told me that it was indescribable but that he was 'definitely not in this room' and that it was a terrible and frightening experience that he didn't wish to repeat. I tried half the amount that he had, thinking that he mey have taken too much, and had a strange experience, instead of feeling disconnected from my body as I was expecting from previous experiences with acid and shrooms, and from reports submitted by others on thier Salvia experiences, I felt completely conscious of my body, and in particular the horrible sensations caused by my clothes against my skin. Other very similar distortions in perception where also apparent and although the drug had most definitely had an effect this time I was thoroughly unimpressed.

It was not until a few days later that I realised the true potential of the drug. Me and a few friends had been in some pubs drinking during the afternoon when I decided to go and see my friend with whom I had tried the Salvia. He had not tried any more since his first experience. I didn't have the Salvia in mind when I called but when I realised it was there I decided it would be a good idea to try it once more before condemning it as useless. I'm sure if I had not been drinking at the time I would have left it.

I thought it a good idea to prepare myself as well as possible so I sat cross-legged with my back to the wall removed my jacket, took a few deep breaths to try and clear any anxiety and inhaled the smoke, I held the smoke in my lungs and as I was doing so the room around me took on a greenish hue, as this happened I exhaled and was in a new place. I choose my words carefully here as I did not feel myself transported to this place, or perhaps I just couldn't remember being transported, in fact memory didn't seem to exist at all. Salvia-space, as I have heard it referred to, is the domain of pure un-biased experience. The new place in which I found myself was, in colour, a perfect match with my own skin, however it was not made of skin but some perfectly smooth glass-like sheet material.

There were two endless sheets of this material stretching as far as the eye could see with about a foot of empty space in between them in which I was contained, unable to move. The only physical sensation I had at this point was that of two pins attached to a single device like a two-pin plug permanently stuck in my forehead. This did not feel painful, although it was uncomfortable. I could sense an esquisite womanly presence behind me, and although I was aware that there was no gravity and if I wished I could quite easily turn or flip over to see the woman, I felt no desire to do so because it was her that had placed those pins in my skull and through them I knew her, her physical presence, if she possesed one, was irrelevant. It is tempting to say that this woman was communicating with me through the pins, however it is not accurate, as communication is the exchange of information and she did not do this, I simply knew all that She knew, which was that I was in some kind of level that I would soon leave and that there were many levels through which I would have to pass in order to return to where I came from.

Most importantly though I knew from this woman's presence that this entire experience was hilarious. In fact this woman seemed to posess the funniest thing that could ever possibly exist and was sharing it with me. And so in my prison of flesh coloured glass I screamed and thrashed with laughter like I have never known. As the object of hilarity that the woman possesed grew less funny I suddenly burst through one of the walls which held me in place and was in an identical place, but the object was hilarious once again.

This cycle repeated itself many times until I once again burst through the wall only to find myself back in my friends house still sitting cross-legged against the wall. I was not able to speak for another ten minutes or so and when I finally asked what my friend had seen me do and if I had uttered any strange words as he had previously when intoxicated, I was informed that I had simply sat perfectly still giggling quietly.

My quest for a true 'vision' is most definitely complete and Salvia will be something that I will certainly return to when the time is right again. I have noticed an astonishing amount of reports on the effects of Salvia mentioning a woman figure or figures as predominant in peoples 'visions' this is very interesting given its femenine connotations amongst its origional users, could it be that the drug effects some part of the brain responsible for the identification of sex or does lady salvia watch over her loyal desciples?

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29707
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 3, 2007Views: 7,111
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), General (1)

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