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Unique, Interesting Experiences
2C-I & Cannabis
by Zak
Citation:   Zak. "Unique, Interesting Experiences: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp29727)". Erowid.org. Jan 4, 2004. erowid.org/exp/29727

T+ 0:00
1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:05 12 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:05 5.0 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:25 5.0 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
Tues, Nov 18, 2003 T=6:00

T-2:00 I pick up my 2C-I from the mail.

T-1:00 Using the graph paper method, I arrange my 500mgs into a 5x5 square. I separate one side, then cut it up into (roughly) 20mg squares. (This is not hard as the 2C-I was very clumpy). I toss one square into 200mL of water, and give another to my roommate, C. Taking a small dab of the substance, it tastes odd. Itís not a bad taste, but strong. This isnít the most accurate way of measuring, but, from what Iíve read, it should work for 2C-I.

T-0:30 Light dinner, all carbs.

T-0:05 Smoked a small bowl of marijuana.

T-0:00 I drink 100mL of the water (10mg). The taste is barely noticeable in water. It is presently 6pm. I know no one personally who has tried this drug before, but I have researched it online and am intrigued. My drug history is limited to lots of marijuana, 5 shroom trips (one of which was incredibly intense), E once and some painkillers. C has done weed and shrooms.

T+0:30 Nothing yet; Iím in my dorm room, spent the last 10 minutes writing this report.

T+0:40 Maybe a little something, maybe placebo.

T+0:45 Somethingís there, a little body load. Semi-nausea when lying down.

T+1:00 A little body buzz and some fuzzy thinking

T+1:10 Shpongle on, music is intensified. Contemplating adding another 5 or 10mg. The drug seems to come in waves. [This will continue throughout the entire experience]

T+1:30 Lost my pencil, itís in my pocket. I left the room because my roommate left the door slightly opened when he went out for a cig. The RA knocked on the door and it opened slightly. I went out the back door, not wanting to deal with her, especially if it smells like weed. Very slight visuals, wavy floors, some difficulty reading. Roommate remarks on how easy it was to talk with the RA when he was returning from his cigarette.

T+1:50 Definite visuals, not overwhelming though. General good feeling. There is a slight jaw clench, but much less than on E. Contemplating another 5-10mgs. Will decide at 8.

T+2:00 I take another 50mL (5mg) of water, roommate takes another 10mg

T+2:20 Iím feeling pretty good, and take that last 5mg.

T+2:40 Iíve now ingested roughly 22mg. The effects are entirely different from mushrooms. Iím not getting any mindfuck at all. We keep losing things though.

T+2:50 I decide to take a bong hit

T+3:10 Roommate has severe time dilation. Bong hit definitely increased the visuals, still not overwhelming though. Majority of the visuals come from colors; most of the real world just looks a little different.

T+3:30 Psychedelic mindfuck is increasing a little bit. Strong time dilation. Wood grain produces interesting visuals.

T+3:45 Time is dilated to all hell. The last 10 minutes have felt like hours to the both of us. [Right here, the wavy effect is in full force. One moment, Iím tripping like crazy, then I almost feel like Iím coming down, then something will thrust me back into it. At this point, this cycle is happening, if I had to guess, about once a minute]

T+4:30 And then all of a sudden itís half an hour later. I smoke another bowl.

T+4:45 Strong visuals now, but still not overwhelming like shrooms.

T+5:00 Leaving for friendís room, itís pouring rain and dark, looks sort of like a movie out there. Iíve had a bit of energy throughout the trip, but havenít really expended it. Now, I run, avoiding the puddles of water which are almost everywhere is fun.

T+7:30 Back, tired, well on my way down, going to smoke a bowl, take a shower and go to sleep, have to reflect on the experience tomorrow.

T+9:00 That didnít work, I canít sleep at all. I get on my computer and talk to people.

T+9:30 I smoke another bowl and try to sleep again.

T+12:00 This is getting annoying, I want to sleep, but just canít. I have an intermittent headache.

T+14:00 I vomit for a good 20 minutes or so and generally feel like crap.

T+14:30 I finally fall asleep.

2C-I is an interesting drug, it warrants further exploration. The comedown, however, was pretty rough. C didnít have quite as hard a time with it as I, but he also had trouble sleeping. Marijuana didnít seem to help, perhaps something with a stronger sedative effect?

I never felt any negativity to the drug and my mind was often very clear. Thus, I concur with the sentiment that this could be a good intro to psychedelics, especially if a way could be found to reduce the comedown. Also, this seems like it would be a good rave drug, with its energy and affinity for music and colors.

Sun, Jan 04, 2004

Since the writing of my first report, I have experimented twice more with this material as well as having shared it with almost 10 others. All three of my trips have been vastly different; as well, every report that I have gotten from others have been very different. The reports that I have received from those who I have given the drug to, all at a dose of roughly 20mg, have varied from ďdidnít really feel anythingĒ to ďI think Iím in love with 2C-I.Ē One female who took 2C-I as her first psychedelic really enjoyed it.

I think that setting has an enormous impact on the experience. Trips spent in dorm rooms have generally been subdued. My second experience was at a friendís (who also dosed) house, with other friends coming and going, with a lot of weed smoking. 2C-I worked well in this setting; while not a mind-blowing trip, it was just a good time, less of the energy of my first trip and more chill. My third trip was at a new years party, where there was a lot of alcohol and a little marijuana, but I was the only person tripping. This trip actually reminded me of a moderate dose of mushrooms, I had far more visuals, and things were fairly confusing. The whole night seemed really weird. Fun, but weird. Of course, I donít know how much of the weirdness was the drugs and how much was reality, as my friends who were just drunk and stoned said that it was really weird.

2C-I continues to be a drug which interests me. The comedown was not nearly as hard on my subsequent trips, nor on anyone else. I should shortly be receiving an accurate scale, which will help cut down on the variables involved in exploring the experience. One hypothesis I have at the moment is that taking the whole dose up front increases potency by a good margin. My strongest trip by far was the one where I took it all within an hour of dosing.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29727
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 4, 2004Views: 53,736
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