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Love The Island Music
by PeoplesMind
Citation:   PeoplesMind. "Love The Island Music: An Experience with DMAE & DOB (exp29755)". Jan 29, 2004.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:59 500 mg oral DMAE  
  T+ 2:00 2.0 mg oral DOB (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:59   oral DMAE (daily)


Title : 'Love The Island Music/An Instrumental DOB Trip'

T- 2:00 1 multivitiman
T- 2:00 500mg DMAE
T+ 0:00 2 hits blotter DOB (~2mg)
I had recently been able to acquire some DOB blotters, and gained the oppturnity to gain some more. I had acquired a few more hits of the DOB blotter (same blotter insignia, ect.). I had decided to take two hits (aprox. 2 milligrams from the previous batch estimate) on the night of this occurance, about a week after gaining these. Two hours before ingestion I had taken a multivitiman and 500mg DMAE, which i feel it is worthy to note i had been taking for a stretch of about 2 weeks, to help jog my memory for the upcoming exam week.

Recently, I have been feeling as if i were in a rut. I feel i am stuck in a position in my life, not physcially or mentally, but rather more spiritually. Most of my life, since i was made aware of it I have always felt good energy around me, or in some situtations i have been in positions to see some bad energies, but the situations most always turn out to have better vibes about them. As of late the vibes surrounding me have neither been good nor have they been bad. It is more of an everpresent sense of lacking qualities. Instead of noticing the good vibes/enegeries off people, you don't notice the bad either, but rather the fact that they lack the perfect. An analogous situation of this would be amorality, rather than immorality or morality, it is not either morality or immorality nor the middle, but rather something different alltogohter.

The onset of DOB is very much like LSD, occuring generally 20 mins after ingestion. The first effects i noted were the familar T+ 0:20 distortion of my vision. it was as if someone had placed quasitransparent bubble wrap over my vision and was shining a multicolored flashlight through it. The color of this 'bubblevision' was black/charcoal at first, but later morphed into a orange color. Watching the slowly changing colors in my vision i suddenly realized where i was. It was as though the impact of an asteroid had flung my mind into reality. I was sitting in front of my computer, tripping on DOB. Everything was so simple, like life itself. The sudden jerk towards reality made me uncomfortable, so i got up from my computer and managed to walk to the deck in the back of my house.

On the deck of my house i had noticed another major effect of the DOB onset : the changing of colors. From a spectrum of colors with millions of possibilities for the human eye to interpret, it resolves itself into a few basic colors. Watching TV in black and white is one thing, because the eyes can decipher the information being presented to them, and the shades in between. But seeing the world in less than 10 colors live is another thing all togother. I wish I had been more patient to analyze the spectrum of colors present rather than skip over them in haste. The change of colors was a gradual transition and watching it took a hour. Reflection upon things which had recently been occuring in my life started occuring, weather by force or by natural reflection, i can not recall.

I had gone back into my house and went into the living room. I was starting to feel a slight pressure in the back of my ears, which would last throughout the entire expierence. I turned on the television, and made out what i now assume to be CNN Headline News. The lady's face on the screen was rather odd looking, with no body but only a dull slanted oval shaped head with two vaguely blackish spots a little below where the eyes should have been. My vision could only decipher a few colors on the screen. Thinking about this blob of a face, I started reflecting upon looks of people, and how it affects them. Through some non-linear thought pattern, i then found myself thinking about a vacation i had taken down to south florida. These sporadic and seemingly random thoughts continued for quite some time, and I found myself often questioning my previous actions, yet ALWAYS resolving that I had taken the right path. Perhaps it is because the right path is what actually happens.

Then things started getting very tricky. After about two hours of climbing towards the peak, I finally reached an odd place. I met two entities there. Their names are Kazamir (like ka-za-meer) and Bbibblblo (like b-bib-ble-blo), and yes they had names. At this point in the trip i was aware of a vague presence of energies floating all around me. My 6th sensory prerception/dolitic (i touched on this in my first DOB trip report) perception had shown me that I have met these two entities before. I call them entities because of a few reasons. First they resembled dots. Like a little small glowing orb with no clearly defined edges floating in my vision. They could speak to me, within my head. I could not hear them but rather intrepret what they said within myself. I do not how i identified each entitiy as an individual but I could clearly tell the perfectly same orbs apart from each other. Their speech was more like a thought within my head, but in no language.

I started feeling cold, so my body shuddered. At this point Bbibblblo and Kazamir both introduced themselves to me--in english, and I welcomed them into my home (yes i was clearly under the impression this occured everyday in life). Both Bbibblblo and Kazamir said they wanted to show me something, and I must lie down on the floor face down while they jumped into me. THe majority of my trip ensued just lying down on the floor. I remained in the same position for most of the trip, lying on my side with my arm stretching upwards (if i was standing) and my left leg out as if i was running.

Also, At this point my vision was completely colored in fractals, like LSD visuals but more suttle like pastels rather than the neons/brighter colors associated with LSD. I was feeling a fairly regular pulse and slightly depressed senses, besides my sight which was completely taken over. I was pretty rapid and fast paced feeling, like an amphetamine rush.

I was on the floor, and I then did exactly as Bbibblblo and Kazamir said and was staying still and not moving. I then also somehow managed to relax myself to the point that my breathing rate was lowered and my body felt like it was completely stable. I forced myself to medidtate for 20 mins in that position--just to see what sort of results would come, but medidtateion, which seemed damned near impossible to complete, was unproductive. I then felt two things on my back. I dont know what they were but they crawled from my shoulders to my toes, and then climbed back on the front of my body (where the floor was) directly to my eyeballs. Then i saw them within my feild of vision, as they approached my eyes, though I had closed eyes. All I could see was two orange black spots with a suttle pink outlining them. As I recall now, they came closer to my eyes until all I could see was the black of the dots. When they entered my eyes, I felt like I was going into a seziure, which startled me and my trip sitter.

At this point my trip sitter started to calm me down and pouring out some tea (which has always been able to help me relax). Rather than help me, i felt myself signal my trip sitter to sit down and then handed him an object which I do not remember. He recalled later that I had nothing in my hand and was insisting on handing him the nothingness. I handed him this object, without my own accord and then went back to lying on the ground in the same position. [I think the two things which crawled into my eyes were my mind making up two 'entity spirits' of Kazamir and Bbibblblo.

Within myself I felt as if I were a skitzophrenic. The feelign resembled slightly a anticolnergenic trip with multiple contrasting streams of thought flowing within, more specifically Datura. In this case it was more of a unified skitzophrenia. I felt as though I had a back seat within my own body, though not quite an OBE, it was an IBE. Inside Body Expierence, which i consdier to be my first--since i was not out of my body yet i did not habatat my body, it had been taken over my the two entities. I no longer retained control of my body, with two entites Bbibblblo and Kazamir 'steering' my body. Suddenly I felt rushed forward from the back position. My line of sight was once again clear with, though it felt far away. I felt like i was in a back seat of a car, with the car being my body, i wasn't steering through the world within my own vessel. But though I felt far away from my body, I was close to the reality of things.

I opened my eyes and suddenly I was in a large feild of water, very clear blue water. I was racing towards the horizion, when all of a sudden appeared an island on the edge. We flew over this island, slowed down and landed on a small raidiant dot. I remember thinking how much detail there was in the sand, and how colorful the flora of the island was. Bbibblblo and Kazamir both then stopped being dots within me and blew up out of my eyes. Imagine an explosion from your eyes out into the world with open eyes for you to see all of it, it was beautiful. They sprayed their 'dust' into two creatures which are indescribable. I don't think I will ever be able to relate the form of these creatures, Bbibblblo and Kazamir to any being, which i have encountered. The anatomy of animals did not apply to these two creatures, but rather they were something different all togother. They had no focal point of the body, no Head, nor any areas for which anantomy would require. But hey, they were only just entities!

Within this alternative world, I spontaniously felt the need to do some hatha yoga. I did do hatha yoga, but I did not do it physically in real life. This all occured within the alternative world. Much like a lucid dream, i could control this alternative world, and I chose to do Yoga in that world. I felt completely sober on this alternative world, with not even the slightest effects of cognative thinking processes being slowed. Mind you this entire expierence of being on the island was no longer part of tripping, but I was myself, just as stranger in a peculiar place. When i came out of my yoga positions, I started to explore the island because, at that point, Bbibblblo and Kazamir were not in my sight. I can only vaguely remember the flora an fauna which occupied the island but i spent what seems like many years admiring and catogorizing the speciies and the pastel colored existance of the plants. Often the plants beckoned me to step towards them, or to teach them a few things, which i did so willingly.

I then heard a distinct sound of a horn in the background. Somehow I pinpointed the location of the sound and gradually moved in towards it, taking my time on the journey while enjoying the flora and fauna. I heard music as i came closer, and finally when I was within the clearing I saw Bbibblblo and Kazamir playing instruments (what looked to me as though they were turning their 'limbs' in the air creating sound). This sound was, at the time, better than any sexual expierence possible. I felt as though I had achived nirvina and was going to break into a million balls of energy and float into oblivion as content as a happy buddha. I spent a few years listening to this music and just enjoying existance as a whole. This expierence really made me give a 'woot' for the entire asthetic expierence. So much can be learned from asthetics as a whole, simple things such as the wind floating over the textured orange leaves of the island can teach a person much about his enviornment and just enjoying life a whole.

When Bbibblblo and Kazamir quit playing the music they came to 'talk' with me. We engaged in dicussion about many things, as I was in a completely stable state of mind (not tripping at all--i think perhaps this was a 'sober trip' within a trip). When we first engaged in dicussion I felt as though they were lying to me, not as if they were really telling me the non-truth, but rather that they were not used to this form of communication (english) that thier words just held connotations of non-truth, despite the undeniable truth in it. Coincidentially the dicussion came upon truth, and Bbibblblo said/thought to me something along the lines of 'ram nam satya hai', which is something i hard heard my mother say, just a few days ago. It is a refrence to the common Hindi phrase that 'god's name is Truth' Kazamir then urged me to try playing the music, and I said I could not, because i was physically different. Then we talked about it for a while, and he taught me, through words, how to play.

I then proceeded to play music using my existance as an instrument. I have never grasped the concept of playing music more than this. I now know how Jerry Garcia felt when playing in front of thousands of deadheads. Kazamir then taught me a lesson about music, he taught me how to appreciate music, he touched me and transcribed to me some odd concepts and the already wonderful music then became a million times more beautiful. The last of this inside-trip-trip which i remember was playing the music. My memory seems to have abruptly stopped rather than fade away playing music.

I then woke up on the floor in almost the same posiiton as I was before. I woke up with the echo of music in my head. I had massive amounts of visuals around the outsets of my feild of vision. They were spirals of greens and pinks which were slowly and softly flowing on the outset. I was still tripping hard and my friend was on the floor beside me just waiting. He was very worried about me and near calling someone for help, for he thought I had undergone some sort of psychosis while 'sleeping' and tripping. But I had not slept the entire time according to him, because my breathing did not change from when I went out of this trance. I came out a lot more relaxed than before, and I was in a great mood. The rest of the trip was spent dicussing ideas and philosophies which had occured later with my trip sitting friend. Through the music, he sweetly displayed to me that the wonder of the music had not been lost by coming out of the trance. I think Kazamir left me a gift, not literally of course, but my appreciation for music has grown so much.

By the time i came out of the trance about 18 hours had passed, though it felt like a timeless eternity (yes i know that is contradictory--yet it felt possible). So all in all the 'trance' episode had lasted till T+20:00, a very very long time.

The come down occured at about T+26:00, and was fairly normal. I still was seeing pastel visuals till about 4 days later. Though the visuals slowly faded away. Temporary HPPD, since the mental effects stop at about T+30:00. As i noted in my last trip, this trip reflected the same quality of being an observer instead of being a participant in the play of reality. As i noted in my last trip report as well, DOB seems less 'natural' and is definantly a drug with a synthetic quality to it. This contradicts the pastel color motif the DOB trips have had. I was unable to sleep until well after. One thing which has amazed me about this DOB expierence was my memory recall. One thing which sucks is music will never be the same. After writing this report I feel like terrance mckenna, because I highly doubt people will beleive this (heh). Oh well, I'm just relaying my expierences.
After Toughts :
1) I need to do some reading on entities and their significance. Of course I don't take them seriously word for word, but rather the things which can be learned from them are wonderful. i feel a whole new sense of attachment to learning through ancedotes and stories. Stories of odd expierences can teach one a lot.
2) Music, I need to do some tests with music and see what will happen if i try composiing music, or just enjoying it in the same relaxed state. I haven't played music in a long time, and this expierence has renewed my love for music.
3) The appreciation of asthetics can be very important, as I learned on the island. Yet at the same time one can also learn by books, reading, and instruction, as Kazamir taught me with the instruments. I think if we could create a balance of both types of learning, as many philosophers have called it 'knowledege through description' and 'knowledge through acquiantence,' we can create a great balance and perhaps reach something futher. I think the emphasis in society tends to be on knwoledge through description, which is a bit sad.
4) Words are inadequate for describing things. We need to think of a new system.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29755
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 29, 2004Views: 16,695
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DOB (19) : Music Discussion (22), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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