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Was Not Expecting This
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Ike
Citation:   Ike. "Was Not Expecting This: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp29756)". Nov 10, 2007.

300 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I have done many hours of research online where I learned all about morning glory seeds. I had read a couple trip reports on them and then I learned in one of them that they were just seeds you buy at the store. I went to a couple of stores but they all said they didn't sell seeds in the winter. I was disappointed so I pulled a jack move for some nutmeg but thatís a different less interesting story. I then stumbled across a website where you could order untreated seeds (no poison). I sent in my money for 25 grams of heavenly blues as I had heard they were the best variety. I went on vacation for Christmas and when I came back a small package was waiting for me in the mailbox.

Two days later my parents are asleep and I whip out my seeds. I start counting them out to 50 and then made a bunch of piles of what looked like 50 although I am pretty sure most of them were more like 70. Any way I ate a bunch of seeds, about 200, very easily. I just chewed them up like that. I am now very comfortable on my bed covered in blankets and smoking a bowl. After about an hour after of ingesting the seeds I am feeling pretty blazed and didn't really notice the seeds too much. So I ate a lot more. I started feeling kind of sick but it went away.

Minutes after eating all the seeds it hits me. My entire floor turns to squares and there are all sorts of patterns all over the floor. I am watching TV and things are moving all over the place swaying a round. I'm thinking all right this is pretty cool, I'm getting some visuals it's just like a hit or two of acid. Half an hour later it manifests into the most intense trip of my life and I have tripped hard before. I was not prepared for this I knew it would last many hours. I shouldn't have done this by myself. The whole night was me battling trying to maintain my sanity. Most of the trip reports I had read all sounded mild with little or no visuals.

This was just a bizarre trip I can't describe what was happening. I tried to go to sleep for a little bit which was a bad idea. After closing my eyes I had many closed eye visuals which were all vivid frightening images of disfigured faces. I tried to convince my self that I was not that fucked up and that I was just chilling in my room trippin out. I must also mention that of all my trips this was the first time I had tripped alone. Basically I watched TV but it was so intense. There were patterns and colors flying at me from every direction. Every once in a while I would have a moment where I could just sit and try to enjoy it. But then the weirdest thing happened.

I started hearing noises that were like alarms and sirens, all very loud, and everything on the TV seemed to be a message from god. I remember a commercial about strokes came on and I thought I was having one because of all the caffeine I had drank with the combination of these seeds that were making me jittery and shakey. I changed the channel and it was a church show another sign from god I thought. I started having this sensation that I was not breathing and now my body was getting tired while my mind was just tripping the fuck out. I started almost falling asleep but it didn't feel like sleeping it felt like I was about to die instead so I jumped awake really fast. All this while these increasingly faster and louder sirens were blaring. Then I realized all of the sounds were coming from the goddamn computer.

I shut that shit off and felt better but I was still tripping just as hard. The whole time I thought I was dying was either because that the seeds actually did have poison or from dehydration. I then went out to the kitchen to get the first of many glasses of water. I drank so much water which made everything so much better. All this water made me have to take a piss many times. Every time I went to the bathroom I never glanced at the mirror or my dick because by this point I was seeing bugs crawling all over my room and myself. I went back to my room and the clock was changing numbers all the time, everything was breathing, there were still patterns all over the place. Then I saw some of the coolest visuals. One was a dragon fly that was flying around my room and it looked so real I grabbed to see if it was but then it disappeared. Also for a second right in front of my eyes a chair in my room transformed into a dog and then backed into the chair.

Through out the night I kept drinking water and going to the bathroom which eventually woke up my parents. On one of my trips to go get water I saw my dad reading a book on the couch. I handled it like an OG and told him that I was sick and getting some water even though his face was all disfigured and had bugs crawling all over him. Then I felt better after talking to my dad and being able to handle so I sat in my bed and tripped hard as a mother fucker until the visuals started calming down at around 8 in the morning and I finally fell asleep.

Overall this was not a positive experience because it was my first time with this substance. I was in a comfortable place but I was still alone and unprepared to trip this hard. And I was definitely not expecting to stay up all night off of these seeds. The peak probably lasted for about 6 hours so I was not able to get any sleep. The morning after there was no hangover or pain but I still felt kind of out of it. Another thing that contributed to the negativity of the trip was that I had fried pretty hard off of an 1/8th of some bomb shrooms only 5 or 6 days before and during the morning glory trip I decided I didn't feel like handling 2 trips in a short period.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 10, 2007Views: 5,974
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Morning Glory (38) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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