A Mellow Dose on a Mellow Morning
Morning Glory Seeds
by Zarathustra
Citation:   Zarathustra. "A Mellow Dose on a Mellow Morning: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp29793)". Erowid.org. Mar 9, 2007. erowid.org/exp/29793

T+ 0:00
150 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)
  T+ 0:40 35 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)


Granted today’s dose was somewhat small. I am no stranger to larger doses though. I have taken doses of 5.5 and 8 grams before. Not incredibly large but not small either. Indeed, perhaps before going further I should take the time to describe these other two experiences.

The dose of 5.5 grams was my first time on any sort of psychoactive with the exception of marijuana. It began to produce effects about 45 minutes after I ingested the seeds by chewing them. It produced mild hallucinations about an 1.5 hours after ingestion, i.e. the walls seeming to grow longer when looked at indirectly, a polished floor seeming to shimmer more like a pond than a floor. A fair level of euphoria and laughter at random things.

Let me share and anecdote. I was sitting in a library lobby looking at the recycling bins. Glass, plastic paper. Someone then proceeded to walk though the lobby talking with his friends and stating that he did not know how he was going to finish his paper on time. At this I began laughing uncontrollably. He came up to me stating “What is it? I need a good laugh”. I tried to exercise self control and not respond but eventually pressured into it I responded something to the order that it was ridiculous to worry about papers when there was an entire bin of them sitting over there in the corner.

The dose of eight grams was somewhat more problematic. The effects of the seeds began taking place 45 minutes after ingestion. In the beginning things started to become weird and I noticed strange, new patterns while walking around my college campus. For example patterns of three seemed extremely prevalent; disturbingly prevalent. I cannot really describe it but things were different. This is perhaps the same thing other people describe as things having brighter colors, distorted, etc. I would not choose to describe them this way. They were just new and interesting and a little intimidating.

Then I began to feel like I could not breathe (t+1:15). This lead to panic and a rather bad hour about 10 minutes of which was spent rolling on the ground feeling like I was about to pass out and die. One of my friends walked around with me and calmed me down.

After that euphoria set in very strong and the rest of the night was pleasant. Well, not pleasant. Overwhelming would be more like it but overwhelming like an orgasm and not like a panic attack. The hallucinations were still fairly mild even at this larger dose. There was little color distortion that I can recall one very mild open eyed fractal when staring at the floor but I had to want to see it to be able to. I fully knew it was not there at all. Both of these doses made me fairly tired and lethargic. I have been told that LSA is a vasoconstrictor and that is why this occurs.

I believe one of the things which induced the bad reaction with the dose of eight grams was stomach upset resulting from the seeds. Acid reflux has symptoms which can present themselves like breathing difficulties and irregular heartbeat - at least I believe so. Feeling like there was pressure in my throat and that I could not breathe was what induced the panic attacks when I took the 8 gram doses. Of course, not everyone would have acid reflux because of stomach upset. Nonetheless feeling like your heart and lungs are not right can easily scare you. Particularly under the influence of intoxicants.

I have recently acquired a coffee grinder. This time I prepared the seeds through the following method. Well, the way I actually did it was a little different but the best way to duplicate it, should one so desire, would be as follows: I first ground 250 seeds in the coffee grinder. They were not really that fine. I then placed the powder in a measuring cup and poured in what I believe was between 3-3.5 cups of cold water. I let them sit in the water for roughly 15-20 minutes and stirred them three times during this time. I then filtered them through a coffee filter. The “tea” produced was about 700 ml. I am not sure if these measurements add up and I don’t feel like checking – my hypothesis is you just need a good amount of water because you want to make sure your dissolve as much of the alkaloids as possible. Anyone with experience in chemistry will understand that the more water you have per gram of seeds the more favorable the environment will be to dissolve any water soluble alkaloids.

I then drank 400 ml, or about 150 seeds worth, of this water at about 10:40 having gotten up that day and not eaten anything yet. Well that is not true I ate about 3 grams of fresh ginger to help with stomach troubles. By 11:20 I was feeling mild euphoria and things looked a little brighter than normal. This could be partially due to the fact it was snowing and snow always looks bright. Indeed the brightness created by the snow was why I made the choice to dose today.

I then drank another 100 ml or water, another 35 seeds worth, over then next half hour. The overall effects were very mild. Slight distortion of objects. Slightly brighter colors. A very mellow and nice euphoria. The euphoria was pretty analogous to say three vicodin only a little more active and different in the way euphoria produced by a psychedelic is different from euphoria produced by an opiate. Of course this was combined with the semi-psychotic change in thought that psychedelics tend to induce. They tend to affect me in this way more than they do most people.

This was far from uncontrollable. It was definitely at the point when I could still suppress it when I tried to. I didn’t try to though so I had a fairly amusing morning. I definitely felt better stomach-wise this time than the other two times. I did not have any cramps. I know the time I ate 8 grams I had bad cramps. I believe I also had cramps the time I took a dose of 5.5 grams but they were not disturbing enough to make and impression in my memory. I had more pronounced nausea though so perhaps the lack of cramps was due more to the fact that my stomach was empty.

I ate something about an hour ago and have had three glasses of soymilk since dosing. This amount of food did not seem to increase the nausea. I think it is better to dose and then eat after about two hours then to eat before you dose. It is now nearly two and I have been writing this for an hour. It is really bright outside because it just snowed this morning and I am listening to Tool.

I can’t describe why it is more beautiful outside. It just looks different and new but there is no distortion I could put my finger on. Indeed it is so subtle when I think directly about it that I almost don’t feel like I took anything. I find that overall morning glory seeds are much more relaxed and subtle than other psychedelics I am familiar with, which is not many. Mushrooms, for instance, seem much more frantic than morning glory seeds do. Morning glory seeds can come on very strong but it seems to sneak up on you a bit more. Sublime might be the right word for it but I am not really sure if that would accurately portray this concept to the reader. Already I am having a nice coming down feeling, which I find to be very relaxing and pleasant on morning glory seeds all three times. Somewhat comparable to the feeling after I finish taking a test. Somewhat relieving. An “I made it” feeling, even if nothing went wrong. I am now only 3.5 hours out. With the 8 gram doses it took about 6-7 hours to have this feeling and the feeling was much more strong and euphoric.

Of course there is little scientific value in this comparison of doses. There are too many extraneous variables. I am sure there are better recipes out there than the one I provided. I felt this was a good method of preparation for the seeds because I felt it reduced the harsh effects. Also I like drinking the seeds more than chewing them and in my opinion there is something aesthetic in extended methods of preparation. Also I feel it is easier to dose accurately a second time after I am already intoxicated with the liquid vs. the small seeds that I have to count/weigh.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29793
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 9, 2007Views: 17,105
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