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First Hallucinogenic Experience
Citation:   Shaolin. "First Hallucinogenic Experience: An Experience with 2C-I (exp29926)". Mar 4, 2008.

20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
Took: 20 mg powder 2C-I (4-Iodo 2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) 3:00 pm. orally in a gelcap stored in a refrigerator.

Prep: Read extensively about psychadelics in general and 2C-I specifically, recruited two other psychadelic virgins to come along, fasted for sixteen hours beforehand, brought musical instruments, fruit, lights, etcetera to the dorm room we were playing in.

Personal History: I have never done any psychadelics before, only a bunch of marijuana and some light drinking. I also smoke cigarettes, and take Adderall during finals week.

Brief Description: I would describe this as having a slow, subtle build up; at first it just feels as though I am enthusiastic about the world, everybody around me, my wonderful friends, and then the bottom falls out and it's okay. Huge creative impulses; we recorded an entire album's worth of listenable material, and a bunch of paintings and drawings during four or five hours of very intense tripping. The come down was okay; I felt sociable, but I really really wanted to sleep. The insomnia was comparable to my experience with adderal, except I was less able to form coherent sentances.

Setting: Mostly a dorm room, with some brief excursions outdoors and to a couple parties well past peak. I found said parties very distasteful, and realized I would much rather hang out in a dorm room with friends or relax outdoors. Nature was amazingly marvelous.


3:30: Down that gelcap with K. He is still high from smoking marijuana the previous evening, which might explain his reaction. We get a call from our mutual friend S, who woke up with a bloody handprint on her wall and no memory of the previous evening due to heavy drinking. We pay her a visit. Still feeling baseline, though there is some placebo excitement, jitteriness.

4:00: Talking with S. Wonderful conversation. We watch cartoons, talk, and I think that the drugs are not working. Twenty dollars down the drain, we think.


4:30: We eat bagels, and I realize that I am in for a ride. The texture, the shape, the tiny ridges, the fine grain of the bread. The cream cheese is hillarious. S decides that we look like we're having fun and asks for some of what we get.

5:00: Definitely mostly gone, my everything I can see starts shaking and the texture of the popcorn ceiling is swimming. Loud conversation. Screaming music. Huge empathy with S and K, I care about other human beings far more than I usually do. I play my guitar, and feel far more powerful than the situation warrants, but a wah pedal is amazing. Music is outrageous, we're listening to the Boredoms and related side projects. I can feel it in my bones, my skull, my brain. I can almost see it. Tremendous time distortion, two minutes feels like an hour, then twenty minutes feels like seven seconds. Sometimes I feel like I am twelve again, but then sometimes I feel like I am nine-hundred and sixty-nine.

5:30: S still feels nothing, so she goes to dinner in the dining hall. We tried to stop her, but were unable to make enough sense to stop her.

6:00: While S is gone, I go to the bathroom, an entirely new sensation. My reflection is visible dully in the blue bathroom door, and it is swimming in and out. Awesome. I get back, we talk about how we hope S is having fun, and realize that we've both had a lot of sex with her. We are having so much fun, it doesn't matter, so this was the best possible time to figure that out.

6:30: S comes back, and is totally cracking up and having fun. We watch a movie, entitled, Gay Niggers From Outer Space. It makes lots of sense, surprisingly.

8:00: I feel able to control my actions. We visit friends on other halls, order pizza, etcetera.

9:00--->4:00: I try to go to sleep and fail repeatedly, so go out for walks, visit friends, have conversations, reevaluate all my relationships, and appreciate nature immensely. I figure out a lot of things I have been doing wrong, and figure out how to fix them; for example, I have smoked a bowl or two of marijuana a day for almost the past month, and that needs to stop; I'm very powerfully stimulated, almost the complete opposite of 2C-I's frantic happy energy, and the idea of going in to that lethargic dullness of pot no longer sounds appealing. I try and do sexual things with S, but am just too physically worn out; however, cuddling, hugging, and any skin contact just feels amazing. We have a great conversation about our mutual personal histories, and tell a lot of stories that we otherwise would have been too self-conscious to tell otherwise. Finally, drift off at four in the morning.

Overall, this was a very physical, drug; I felt very motivated to draw and produce music, but only because the sensation of looking and hearing resonated so strongly throughout my sense of touch. I moved very fast, and felt that amphetamine sociability, but with a much more elegant comedown. I really could've gone for a good dance party. The visuals weren't so overwhelming as I had expected, but they were still tremendously memorable, especially for a psychadelic virgin such as myself. Some negative thought loops briefly, but I've experienced those on marijuana and know how to deal with them.

Also, a very empathic, person-based drug; while wandering from place to place, I was amazingly sensitive to the attitude of those surrounding me, their relationship to myself, their approval or disapproval of psychadelics, and so forth. Lots of really wonderful conversations, and I had sunglasses to hide the massive pupil dialation. I felt a real compulsion to tell truth, and my tripping buddies did as well. I feel far, far closer to both S and K.

I felt no real compulsion to reach wide, overreaching philisophical breakthroughs, even though I tend toward that sort of thing in sober life. Rather, I just realized a bunch of simple truths about my lifestyle and relationships with other humans, and how to change the parts of said truths that I found distateful. The most profound of these realizations is my drug addiction, which is now completely under control.

This is a drug to be treated with awe and respect; I can envision what a negative trip would be like, and would never wish that on anybody. I will always be very very sure that I set my atmosphere to be pleasant, happy, and with people I trust explicitly.

I really, really think that this is a great introduction to hard drugs; I didn't experience any of the stomach discomfort reported by others, (unlike mushrooms) the oneset was gentle and the comedown was smooth, the peak was over in the first six hours so I wasn't stuck hallucinating for eighteen (unlike acid), and I did not feel any physical withdrawl or addiction (unlike amphetamines/heroin).

Have fun out there.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 29926
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 4, 2008Views: 7,150
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2C-I (172) : Relationships (44), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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