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Sleep Is for the Weak
by Mokdis
Citation:   Mokdis. "Sleep Is for the Weak: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp29989)". Jun 18, 2006.

  repeated   Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


A few nights ago I had two very good friends (we will call them C and K) invite me over to hang out, get high etc. I knew we would have fun seeing as how their son was out of town with his grandparents. I consider both G and K to be two of my best friends, and have done a few different drugs with them in the past, excluding Weed, which we smoke together basically everyday. I had already been up for 24 hours straight because I had binged the night before on Coke.

On this particular night we ended up burning through the remains of my last 8ball (1.2 grams) (yes thatís right, 'LAST', I had been binging on coke for about 2-3 weeks straight, and had decided it was time to give it a rest, reason being is that I had built up a very high tolerance for it, and When I did peak, the euphoric happy feelings only lasted for about 20-30 minutes before 'the burn' kicked in, which is what I call the after effects of coke, where I feel kind of wound up, anxious and depressed...on a side note, I havenít touched it since ;p)

Anyway, after finishing off the snow and smoking a few bowls, I got a call on my cell from a friend of a friend who was trying to get rid of some 'premium stuff' .. He told me he was selling ice for a very low price, $60 for one Gram, of good ice... I was skeptical to say the least, Figuring that it would turn out to be weak homemade bathtub crap, I hesitated...but the friend assured me it would be worth my time.

(Ill skip the whole portion of when we all went to pickup the Ice, but I will say that the guy I ended up getting it from did have a lot, It was good stuff, very pure and strong..etc..)

Anyway, of course by this time Iím burning (off my coke rush) and semi-high from the pot, we get back to my friends house, and I open the little baggy up, pour out a few crystals onto a plate, grab my razor and go to work...a few minutes later...3 beautiful , fairly small sparkling silverish-white lines. I had cut them very small because I had been told it did not take much to get me up...

Anyway, we all did our lines, they burnt really bad, C and K have done basically everything as far as drugs are concerned, but after getting married and having a child, they slowed it way down, and now only smoke , and every once in a while will try something else (which basically just means whenever I buy something else)..

BURN!!!! Very painful, did not taste all that good, But C and K seemed to like the taste since they could tell it was good stuff.. 20 minutes pass... and I feel a bit buzzed, but nothing super. Not like coke, just a little more aware, and awake, very awake..

Then, K mentioned that I could dissolve it in water and have the same effect as eating it, so, I chipped off a little chunk, crushed it, cut it into 2 lines, and put one line in a shot glass, mixed with water and drank it...tasted like medicine, waited another 10 I was starting to feel pretty I put the other line in the same shot glass, refilled , drank etc...Then we all kind of sat around talked, listened to music, etc, well I should say, me and C where just chilling, K at this point was already busy cleaning her entire house (which after it was all said and done with, I ended up helping her with :D)

C then told me that Ice is really meant to be smoked, or at least that is what all of his friend who had always been heavy into it preferred, as it was suppose to give me some type of awesome up. He said in order for us to do this, he would have to make a glass pipe. So while he got the things together I cut up more lines and prepared them into little bumps (each bump being very chopped up, around the size of half a line, but in a small circle)..

I cut enough for us to each do 2 bumps... Chris returned with a light bulb pipe, (basically he removed the metal portion of the lightbulb with a screwdriver, then placed salt inside the light bulb, shook it, which removes all of the white powder stuff inside...then cleaned it..), so he sets the pipe, and a straw down on the table, and shoves a bump into the end of the straw, then gently places it in the bottom of the pipe (which is the base of the bulb)..being very gentle so he wouldnít spill the bump..

Then he said , basically what to do is, put the straw in, ill light it, since its ice, it will have to get very very hot before it will start to burn/smoke... but as soon as I start to see smoke develop, I can start breathing in slowly and deeply... so we did this, he held the pipe so He could place the lighter exactly where it needed to be, I held the straw and watched... he lit...about 5-8 secs later, smoke started to fill the bulb...C told me to I started taking a very slow deep breath in...I didnít notice anything that spectacular about the taste. Kind of like medicine. It didnít burn or anything...anyway. Iíve been sucking this stuff in slowly for a hella long time...and my lungs are just about full...and then he says ok start sucking fast now (and I suck fast and get a huge hit off what was left) ...I Breathed and then set back in my chair, closed my eyes, and exhaled (very little smoke actually came out)...

Instant head rush...almost like a whippet but not exactly. Followed by a great body high...neither of which went away ....I Can remember dropping the straw, leaning back in the chair, and looking at C..he just started laughing talking about how that was a 'awesome hití. I couldnít say anything...I couldnít move.. I couldnít grin.. I was just completely blown away...about 20 secs later.. I remember telling him that While I was starring at him I couldnít say anything, but wanted to let him know how good it felt..

We ended up each doing several bumps (probably between 3-5 more each), none of my hits where as good as that first, as far as how much I actually got, but each was extremely pleasurable. The headrush/bodyhigh feeling never really goes away, it just gets intensified each time I do a hit... So anyway, I was wired.

The next 27 hours are a blur, as I was up, cleaning, working on computers, conversing, smoking weed..chilling...We did decide to finish off the remains of the G later on that day (about 7 hours later) - we smoked it all... 3-4 more hits each, K actually did hers in lines , because 'she doesnít get anything from smoking it'..

Again, a lot of this is a blur, But I do remember that the 2nd time we smoked it, It wasnít as intense as the first...of course, at this point, I have already been awake for 48 hours , done a fair amount of coke, ice , and smoked a lot of bud...

Anyway yeah..I donít have much to say about the experience...I just wanted to share ... Iíve pretty much quit everything short of bud. Iím only 19 years old and donít want to get involved with 'heavy shit' .. Coke was fun, I thought I could control it, and it would be great to keep around, like weed..thats bullshit...I build up a expensive...and in the end I am left with the burn...Ice was fun, it is a really good high, but. After dealing with coke, Iím hesitant to play with Meth-esque drugs since they are extremely addicting etc...not to mention being a student and working its hard to put aside 24 hour periods where I can just 'chill and be high' ;p, also, I donít even really like being high that long...I mean its cool I guess but not the type of thing I could do every day...both C and K told me the same thing...Nothing after weed is worth it, and even though Iíve only done a few drugs (Weed/X/Ice/Cocaine/Xanax) - Iím already starting to agree with them.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 29989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 18, 2006Views: 31,018
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Methamphetamine (37) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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