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Vindicates My WorldView
Morning Glory
by Chuck
Citation:   Chuck. "Vindicates My WorldView: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp30121)". Nov 11, 2007.

200 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Iíve always heard how Morning Glory seeds can get you high and Iíve been meaning to try this myself for some time. In the early morning hours of January 17, 2004 I finally was successful. I had tried once before with no luck. I ate three full packages of Pearly Gates seeds with no effect so I thought my particular system was immune to its effect. I thought Iíd give it another try with four packages - about 50 seeds per package - this time. That turned out to be the correct dosage to produce some interesting effects.

Prior to trying the seeds I had had a few shots of bourbon. I am a moderate drinker but had a little more than usual early that evening. I didnít get drunk but did have a pretty good buzz going for a short time. I got hungry and ate a substantial meal and before long the effects of the alcohol had gone away. Later I was sitting up all night and so decided to pour four packages of seeds into a jar and soak them, thinking maybe there might be some water-soluble chemicals on them that it would be better to get rid of if possible. The taste at the time was bland but I still washed them down with lots of Diet Coke.

I didnít expect anything to happen really but figured there would be nothing to lose. By the time I reached the last remaining seeds I began to notice a slight euphoria, nothing like a marijuana rush but still pleasant. I was playing a game of CSI on my computer and was stumped on an arson investigation so I decided to save the game and try again tomorrow. Still, I found myself absolutely focused on the details of the evidence I had uncovered and was excited about the fact I thought I was certain of the motive of my principal suspect. I kept seeing his face and hearing his excuses but in my mind I could see right through them.

This picture of my prime suspect was extremely vivid. Even though I had shut the computer down I could still hear him and his explanations which just did not wash as far as I was concerned. Now when I say I could see him and hear him I do not mean to say this was either a visual or auditory hallucination. It was just an extremely intense memory and mind picture of what I had seen, more vivid than usual recollection.

As I lay down to sleep I shut my eyes to relax and was treated to a breathtakingly beautiful sound and color show. No, it wasnít exactly hallucinations but it was more than just imagination. The sound started out as a faint low-pitched hum like a biplane in the distance. The hum grew and was soon accompanied by a sound as of a host of natural sounds like one would hear in a tropical rainforest, with frogs and exotic birds and all of this was as though passed through some sort of distortion filter. The hum of the biplane would periodically return and become quite loud and the best way I can think to describe the hum was that I sounded just like the hum between the songs Friends and Celebration Day on Led Zeppelinís third album.

The light show accompanying these sounds was indescribably beautiful and reminded me of the stereotypical kaleidoscopic color one might see in an old psychedelic 60s movie. It wasnít as if this color show was all I could see. It was just that when I would close my eyes it would be there and I could consciously increase the intensity. At no time did I lose contact with reality. I was fully aware of who I was and where I was throughout the whole experience. When I would open my eyes the color show was gone replaced with the images of the objects in my room exactly the way I would see them in my everyday experience. It was more that I wanted to see this color show and my mind was fully accommodating to this desire. By the way, the kaleidoscope effect was different than through an actual kaleidoscope as the color patterns were not radially symmetrical but were more like an oily mixture of colors.

The whole experience was wonderful and uplifting. It was joyous throughout. The only down sides were that I felt considerably nauseous, not unbearably so but more noticeable than I would have liked. There were a couple of times I wanted to maybe get up and throw up but since vomiting is always painful for me I fought this urge and was successful. The other negative was that I had a terrible taste in my mouth. The taste of four packages of morning glory seeds in my mouth was awful. It wasnít that bad while I was eating them but they leave an awful aftertaste. Iím thinking maybe the next time to do this I will grind the seeds into a powder and make some capsules.

I had never tried any hallucinogens before and was a little concerned about having a ďbad trip,Ē such as I have read about. In addition, I had had some unpleasant experiences with marijuana about 25 years ago when I experimented with it. In some people, usually the inexperienced, severe panic attacks can develop when smoking certain strains of marijuana. In those days I was a fundamentalist Christian and so was concerned that my getting high may be a way of opening up direct channel to Satan. This did not always happen. Sometimes I would smoke and would simply enjoy the high. Since those days I have rejected Christianity and decided to adopt a scientific-rationalist worldview, eschewing superstition in all forms. I can now see that the idea of Satan is ancient baggage the human race carries around and that thereís nothing to fear from such hobgoblins of the imagination. In a way, trying the morning glory seeds was an attempt to see if I had truly expelled these ideas and that there would be no part of me with still lingering fears. For this reason, I was mildly concerned I would have a panic attack.

I was relieved to find that the trip was pleasant and well worth doing again. Itís not something Iíd want to do often but it will be a rare treat. It certainly vindicates my new worldview.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30121
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 11, 2007Views: 4,793
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