Instant Hangover Tea
Citation:   Jesper. "Instant Hangover Tea: An Experience with Kratom (exp30154)". Jan 19, 2004.

T+ 0:00
15 g oral Kratom (tea)
  T+ 1:45   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Approximately 15 grams of dried Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) leaf, moderately crushed, is boiled twice in 12 ounces of water each time. The resulting brew is strained and consumed orally. The kratom was sold by a reputable vendor and supposedly verified as authentic by chemical analysis.

Body Condition:
I am a Caucasian male, 25 years old, and 125 lbs. I eat a balanced and healthy diet, take multi-vitamin supplements, avoid caffeine and nicotine, am a very moderate alcohol drinker, and regular cannabis smoker. I rarely use other substances.

I smoked cannabis yesterday. I also consumed 5 teabags of ginseng as tea over the course of yesterday. Three light beers were consumed at least 15 hours prior to this Kratom experience. No OTC or prescription medication has been taken recently.

Set and setting:
I am alone in my apartment after just waking up on a Sunday morning. After two experiences with low doses of this same batch of kratom, I know of the stimulating effects. I have a fair amount of work to get done on my day off and could use a boost. After reading that 15 grams creates a ďmoderateĒ experience, I decide to put the pot on the stove and make myself some breakfast tea. 15 grams does not seem like a lot since I have read of only ďslight nauseaĒ with 25 grams or more and that a 50 gram dose is ďprofoundly euphoricĒ.

The first batch of liquid is quickly consumed on an empty stomach. This liquid from the first boiling is extremely bitter but is effectively mellowed with honey.

T + 5 minutes
Effects have started to be noticeable already. This feels similar to a mild caffeine buzz, from a soda or something.

T + 15 minutes
Liquid from second brewing is consumed quickly. It is much less bitter, so no honey is used.

T + 30 minutes
Effects have continued to build and now are rather strong. I am moderately jittery and paradoxically tranquil in an agitated dream-like state. My mindís imagery is that of floating objects, like ducks on a pond, but my hands shake as I type this report. There is only mild euphoria in comparison to alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, or even caffeine. I feel warm all over.

T + 45 minutes (The rest of this report is being written post-experience out of necessity.)
Effects have continued to intensify. I have some difficulty re-focusing my eyes quickly so when I look around there is a visual strobe-like effect. This is comparable to the balance and visual distortion induced by threshold amounts of salvia divinorum.

At about this time I phone a friend to tell him I'm getting non-imagined effects from a legal herb. I have some trouble speaking my thoughts clearly though I donít think I sound intoxicated. It is more like verbal apathy in a person who is usually quite talkative. At this time I am also becoming warmer, bordering on hot, sweaty, and dizzy, like Iíve been spinning on a merry-go-round. Things quickly are becoming unpleasant.

T + 50 minutes
I get off the phone so I can take a walk outside before I hurl. It is chilly outside but I go out in a short-sleeve shirt and walk around at a brisk pace. I feel pretty energetic and things are okay (Iím not writhing on the ground in dizziness) as long as I donít try to focus my eyes on anything too quickly or stop moving. In fact, focusing on one thing only, like the ground or a thought, really seems to help. When I stop moving or go back in my apartment, which now subjectively has a swampy atmosphere, I begin feeling very dizzy and sick.

T + 1 hour
The walking is no longer helping but only making things worse. I decide that vomiting is going to be inevitable so I go inside and wait by the toilet. I gag once but nothing comes up. I am trying to just remain calm, not necessarily to resist vomiting. As long as I just sit here next to my good friend, the toilet, staring mindlessly at the floor, my nausea is manageable. Closing my eyes helps mellow the dizziness too and I keep drifting off to sleep for minutes at a time.

T + 1 hour, 20 minutes
Opening my eyes or standing up brings on the queasiness full-force, but somehow I am able to retrieve the phone and sober up long enough make a due phone call. My porcelain companion remains beside me throughout the correspondence. Talking is very difficult because of the nausea and my comprehension is slightly deteriorated. The phone call lasts ten minutes and then Iím free again to wallow in my sickness.

T + 1 hour, 45 minutes, +
I manage to abandon my post and make it to the den to smoke a little cannabis. It certainly does help, but not as much as I wish. I lie down and enter a twilight sleep state for the next 7 hours, waking twice to smoke more cannabis and drink some water. The water almost brings the onslaught of vomiting, but I am able to keep it down since I know Iím dehydrated by this point.

T + 10 hours
I am typing this sentence about myself typing this sentence in real-time now. I feel good enough to move around without running to the toilet, but I still have a headache and feel dizzy. I compare the experience to two things. Early on it was like the first time I tried ďdippingĒ tobacco (the quid-method) as a non-smoker and got an extremely pleasant climb in effects collapsing into extreme disorientation and nausea. However, both these effects were stronger with tobacco. The dizziness that Iíve felt since things really went bad is comparable to an alcohol hangover. The dizziness and nausea related to movement and light are present, minus the intensity of the headache.

I slept all day. I feel like shit. I got no work done. No insights, no motivation, and a feeling of gullibility. Thereís a mess of kratom preparation in my kitchen that I donít want to clean up right now. Oh yeah, I obviously havenít eaten all day either.

Kratom, at doses of 5, perhaps even 10 grams, is agreeable with me and mild in effects. I should note that these mild effects carry a feeling of 'emptiness', leaving me yearning for more. 'More' was 15 grams, but 'more' was also unfortunately nothing but a disaster!

These types of disasters, also including my big blunder once with yohimbe tea and residual ephedrine in my system; my unwise, solitary, and intensely frightening salvia level 4 or 5 trip; the erosion of my throat and lungs by trying to smoke a feeling from other ridiculous herbs like catnip, blue lotus, hops, etc.; all are primary reasons I always fall back on cannabis. It is consistent and reliable in its gently uplifting, not disabling, effects, and much more euphoric than this kratom could ever be. Also, kratom is so bloody expensive, much more expensive than even black-market cannabis, that Iíd be a fool to think of purchasing more.

I think Iíll stick with the illegal drugs for a while since they seem to be much safer and reliable than any legal ones.

*Even mild caffeine doses give me a terrible reaction, so unpleasant that I avoid it entirely.
*Alcohol has done nothing but cause problems in my family I avoid it for the most part.
*Nicotine is terribly addictive and Iíve beat that habit twice already.
*Ephedrine makes me jittery and uncharacteristically angry.
*DXM packs a helluva hangover.
*Yohimbe is an MAOI.
*Salvia is creepy.
*KratomÖ well, you just read this didnít you?

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 19, 2004Views: 166,086
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