Grazing on Fresh Material?
Morning Glory (plant material)
Citation:   Jamshyd. "Grazing on Fresh Material?: An Experience with Morning Glory (plant material) (exp30166)". Feb 1, 2005.

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  oral Morning Glory (plant material)
This retrospective report covers experimentation with fresh Morning Glory plant material (as opposed to dried seeds). I will start by saying that I have experience with a humble selection of drugs, including MDMA, DXM, Methylphenidate, Opium, Tramadol, Alcohol, Methcathinone, Cannabis, and of course, LSA. I have used (and admittedly abused) Morning Glories (Ipomoea Violacae) in a numbers of different settings. I have come to recognize the signature of the experience, at least subjectively. My experiments ranged between doses of 100 up to 500 seeds, and lately, which is what this report is about, with plant material.

By “plant material” I mean the unripe seed pods, leaves, and stalks. After my best MG trip at about 280 seeds, I kept a few seeds from the same pack and planted them. In few months I had a nice indoor vine that produced dazzling blue flowers that spiralled open in the morning and collapsed in the evening. Truly magical! Since it was indoors, I realized that I had to pollinate them manually if I wanted seeds. And that is when I realized that I would never be able to keep up and still survive at the end with enough seeds for a decent trip. So the project was abandoned and the plant left as decoration. The few times I DID pollinate them though, they produced seed pods that where attached to the vine with what appeared to be very juicy conical stalks. Over the period of the last three months, I tried this three times. I took two or three of the pods with their juicy stalks, plus a handful of leaves and stalks, and ate them, just to see if they had any psychoactive potential. They tasted like peas (Ipomoea?) but with a very disagreeable edge that I would attribute to the indoles. Very juicy as well. However, it was not as bad as the dry seeds.

The same thing happened all three times: There was an unmistakable effect that was at the same intensity as a moderate dose of Weed. I would say it is a ++. It was also like a tuned down, sublimated version of the effects that occur after eating the seeds. I doubt they are Placebo since they are way too complex and pronounced to be so. The effects (which where the same every time) are summarized below.

Grazing Morning Glory?

Generally, nothing happens during the first hour, except perhaps a nausea reaction to the bad taste that subsides shortly. Then as I go through the second hour, I start to feel some discomfort in the legs and some unavoidable nausea. This intensifies in the third hour: waves of a not-so-good feeling start at the legs and spread throughout the body. These waves seem to have “POISON!” written all over them. During the third hour a lot of sedation sets in accompanied with a sense of apathy (I use the word after Hoffman, since this sense of apathy seems to be drowned during the seed experiments by all the other effects. Or perhaps the plant material contains different concentrations of alkaloids). The nausea is still there and so is the discomfort. By the fourth hour the nausea and the discomfort start to subside, leaving a dreamy feeling behind that is accompanied by the sedation and apathy. It gives a feeling that the surrounding air is much thicker than usual. And I mean I found myself just content lying down and doing nothing and it took a lot of effort to do anything. The effect is very paradoxical in that the body feels tense (Or “poisoned” as I like to call it) while at the same time it is extremely relaxed.

At this point the psychedelic effects start to manifest themselves. One has a sense of being much more intelligent than usual. Thoughts flow freely all around, and one retains a lot of control over them (unlike the seed experiences). Weird thought loops may occur, as with all Lysergia. I might note as well that, during my last experiment, I had a psychology quiz at that day which I forgot about. It was during the third-forth hours of the experience. I did not study well for it and I decided to see how the drug could influence my performance. As I wrote the multiple choice quiz, answers seemed to be easily obtained, made lots of sense, and memory retrieval was MUCH more efficient than usual. I later discovered that I actually scored 61% -- not as good as it seemed while I wrote it!

Between the fourth and the seventh hours occurs what I would consider the plateau of the experience. It is basically the same effects described above lasting between three and five hours, then slowly tapering off with a rather euphoric afterglow that usually lasts till I go to sleep. The same structure of the trip for me applies to the seeds and the plant material. The difference is that with the seeds, the effects (especially the negative ones) are much more intense, there is a lot of “mindfuck” – and there are also the swirls and eddies of prismatic colour that occupy the field of vision during the plateau. With the plant material, the only visuals experienced are a slight trailing and “auras.”

To me the stages of the Morning Glory experience are the opposite of those of MDMA. With the former, I have to go through a lot of torment in order to experience the good effects of the drug. With the latter I am quickly lifted to a very pleasant place and then the horrible effects start creeping in after four hours and eventually consume me for the next night/day(s).

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30166
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 1, 2005Views: 23,690
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