A New Appreciation and Understanding
Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis
Citation:   Darkfire. "A New Appreciation and Understanding: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & Cannabis (exp30320)". Erowid.org. Dec 28, 2022. erowid.org/exp/30320

2 cups oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  2 cups oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  2 cups oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  2 cups oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (flowers)

Its 8:30 night is dark, room is crisp, mood is good, I'm ready for a voyage across the depths of my own mind. I'm sitting on my comp talking to the nookers, who are cheering me on in my first ever psychedelic experience. When the time came to finally do it - I held the jar of 8 cups of cactus juice to my mouth, and took my first sip of the most fowl tasting shit I have ever tasted. Scents of vinegar and wretched pedro envelop my sense of smell. Tastes of sharp acid and alkaloids fill my mouth and the texture of jellyfish slime coats my mouth. After the first sip I realize I'll need a bottle of mouthwash and a big glass of water, only one sip down I still need about 8 cups to go, its a challenge like nobody could imagine.

I down another 2 cups and I nearly puke, I realize I'm gonna need some weed to get through this, luckily I prepared for this and I set my bowl aflame. One bowl down and I'm feeling like I can get some more of that juice down. Down go two more cups over a short time. I'm very happy I'm half done, but a little worried. An hour has gone by it's now 9:30 and the world is getting thick. My stomach is turning and its contents are half up my throat. Time for another bowl of weed, I now lay down for 30 minutes and claim I will just chug the rest in a bit.

The thirty minutes are done and the rest of the juice is poured into a couple cups. Another hit of weed and to my lips comes the nasty shit. By now I'm hallucinating pretty good but I want more so I say fuck it and drink but it won't go down. In fact the previous stuff is trying to come up but I won't let it. I can visualize the fight between my body and mind in the form of muscles in my throat. Luckily my mind wins, it finally goes down and I quickly take another gulp while I can, then a few little sips and my mouth forces itself closed and one of the 2 large cups are half done. I rub my stomach smoke more weed and do it again. its even harder this time but it finally is an empty cup and I'm ecstatically happy. My mind is doing loops while my body is drooling raw sewage on itself. By now my world looks like an oil painting and I feel I'm close to being out of here.
I'm ecstatically happy. My mind is doing loops while my body is drooling raw sewage on itself. By now my world looks like an oil painting and I feel I'm close to being out of here.

My last hit of weed is smoked and I go to take another sip but as its aroma enters my nose, my stomach juice enters my throat and mouth, and like the sick bastard I am I swallow most of that shit again wipe my face and drink most of that last cup. Now there's a little under half left in there but I shove it to the side and am satisfied I have had enough. Another rinse of mouth wash is swished around and spit in the coke can and another cup of delightful clean cold refreshing water is drank, my fractal screensaver is turned on as is my music and the trip begins.

I relax and enjoy the light show for about half an hour as the fractals fly off my screen and envelop all of reality, closing my eyes only creates an even better show so I sit back and enjoy a trip through what seems to be a very colorful stroll through a place like vegas, that's what the lights are like. I open my eyes and struggle to reality for a bit. There's my body, I'm holding my balls for dear life, they feel so weird in this intense body high. I don't wanna loose them. I'm about to puke and I'm drooling on my self from mouth and nose. I tell the nookers how I'm doing. I told shade 'now I know what tripping balls means' which she posted in quote of the day. The world is looking very weird kinda like a flintstones world. Like a crazy place made out of clay and covered in oil paint. I realise I could stay here in reality suffering from a sore stomach or I could go back to flashing lights and insane fractals. I choose fractals. But first turn on some dbz music videos. I watch my resolution which is heart wrenching sober, but in this state the tears fly, I also watch a couple others which give a cool show but now I turn of the monitor, kick my chair back so I'm laying down and close my eyes. I need some darkness which I enjoy enjoyed for about a half hour.

Soon I wake up, tripping really hard, and I can feel this trip turning south very quick. So I search as hard as I can for some positive happy music. Shit!! Over a 100 kazza songs and 6 cds and not a single happy song, all depressing music. My trip is now reaching plateau so I figure no depressing music. I'll finish this in silent darkness. Music goes off and I lay on my bed, wrapped in warm and cosy blankets with no sheets, just how I like it. There's scary faces out there, made of beautiful purple/ green/ blue fractals, skulls and just alien faces and other stuff. They are punishing me for all the bad I've done, all the means things I've said, and all the people I've hurt. I now know what hell is like. I see some flashbacks of the last few years, me and my dad fighting, starting when I was much younger just yelling in the kitchen, to midway where things got more physical, then to the more recent years where it was just more rejection than anything. I was just so sorry for what I had done, for all the pain I had caused my father. (I think this had to do with that dbz video I watched earlier, as it focus on the love of a son for his dad that died for his son.)

Still on my plateau a roll off my bed onto the floor and I can barely stand up, but I drag my carcass off that insane looking ground and hobble into the bathroom. I run myself a nice hot bath and lay around in there for a while, it feels nice. At this point the difference between the water and air feels negligible and its hard for me to keep from breathing the water. Turning the faucet off was a struggle. Luckily I could raise my leg high enough to kick the valve in. I slid the plug away with my other foot and the tub drained. I struggled to my feet and met the carpeted floor of the adjacent room as I laid down once again. This is the first light I've seen since my trip started and as I looked at my arms, the hair was pretty scary looking as it crawled around. I decided to turn off those god forsaken lights and re-enter my room.

I stumbled into my bedroom again and sat at my comp, I resumed talking for a bit but I really couldn't do it. I could only read what people have said to me, they were talking about how tripping is cool. I was pissed at them, I figured they were insane for liking this. But when I first saw my glowing lcd monitor, I saw it as the only contact to reality I had. One that put my brain on a 4 hour circle of what reality was. It was so horrible, very hard to bear. I realized a few key points that seem so benign in real life but fully understanding them nearing made my brain explode.

First off was the concept of infinity, another the fact everything is happening at once, and the other was what I thought reality was however this was too screwy to remember and I'm glad I forgot it. Once I realized it I thought I would never be able to exist normally again. It was my one wish to forget it. Luckily I did when I woke up on Sunday, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The mental strain was unbearable, and I realized where most of it was coming from. I had to go and spill my soul to my parents. That was a hard walk down that hallway, my spirit walking forward, the more logical me walking back.

I enter my parents bedroom at like god knows what hour of the night and laid down. They both were wondering why I was there. I told them I just ate cactus, and I was tripping hard. I spent a long time apologizing to my dad. I found out he did mescaline a long time ago too so he knew I was ok. My mom, on the other hand, went completely insane she thought so many things, from me going into psychosis forever to the cactus being laced with arsenic. She was very worried and upset, she even said this was worse than her brother committing suicide. She was there from then on though. I was happy to have some comfort.

I finally fell asleep at about 7am after 3 hours on the comp. I woke up at 9am and couldn't sleep or eat all day. I hated this trip and never wanted to do it again. All day I was still seeing fractals and I cried almost all day from everything I have done in the last 17 years and how much I loved my family and how I wanted to spend more time with them.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Dec 28, 2022Views: 831
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