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Longest Trip I've Experienced
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis
by Tripic
Citation:   Tripic. "Longest Trip I've Experienced: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) & Cannabis (exp30397)". Feb 19, 2007.

1.0 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  150 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)


I've always viewed plants that cause mind and feeling alterations to be a seperate part of our universe; a place that with the right mindset and setting can be achieved by anyone willing to let it. I don't know how close I've ever come to 'it', but I know that it has touched me in several different ways on several different occasions. This occasion just happens to be one of the most intense and definately most long-lasting I've experienced this far in my life.

It started out on a wednesday night. I was supposed to be studying for a test that I had coming up in my Psch 100 class, but instead I decided to get stoned and look for something interesting on the internet. Usually when I'm high and bored I frequently visit the art vaults and on this perticular night to check out morning glory seeds.

My friend N had an experience with them this last summer, and he said it was 'different'. He had never tripped at that point in his life, so he had nothing to compare it to. All I remmember of the night he was on MG was when he grabbed our singer in our bands mic and slammed it repeatedly into his head. Noone knows why, neither does he. But now there is a slight grundge sound that comes out of the mic whenever A sings. Sounds kinda cool actually. Besides the slamming of the mic, I percieved MG seeds to be a mix of pot and mushrooms, so that night I decided to skip school the next day to experience MG seeds.

The next day, school was actually closed because of the huge snowfall we had received. So my brother and his friends were going to chill at our house and get blazed on this great occasion. I told my bro about the seeds, and he said he would try them. So when my brother's friends B, K, and D came over, we all decided to go up to the local store to purchase them. We were all pretty high, and had some trouble finding the stand with seeds on it. Once we found it, we figured about 150 seeds to be sufficient for the experience.

As soon as we got home, I washed the seeds of pretty well. Then I got out the coffee grinder, and ground up about 150 seeds per person. J said that he couldn't join us because he had stuff to do, but he put his dose in a bag and said he would try them some other time. Then we put the powdery version of the seeds in a small glass of water. We let that sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then we strained the seeds and kept the water. The water looked less than appealing, but whatever, it was for a good cause in our minds. We then took the mush of seeds and spread it on crackers with some peanut butter. Tasted alright actually. Downed the water with the crackers, and sat around and waited. The consumption took place at approx. 2:30.

20 minutes go by, I feel the high wearing off. My mind at this point in my life is used to the feelings of anticipation the regularly occur with such substances as mushrooms and mdma. I feel that feeling, but not as intense. More discomfort in the stomach as the minutes passed.

1 hour into the experience my brother starts yelling nonsense. I felt slightly worried having mever tripped with my bro before. He reasurred me that he was fine, and continued to express emotions. Everyone else seemed to be feeling different sides of the seeds. B was very nausiated, and D wasn't feeling much of anything. Me and D decided to go play music conisdering he had brought his bass over. So we go to my room and start playing, while we're playing, I notice the nausea increasing as sensations increase over my mind and body. I couldn't seem to move my finger correctly to play anything that sounded good. I checked my eyes in the mirror. To my surprise, my pupils were quite large. I looked over at D and actually saw his get slightly larger. He said he was starting to feel the shit pretty good.

2 hours since comsumption. R can't stop talking about all the paterns he sees, and B tells us he has to go to work. D also had to leave becuase had a hockey game to play in. Within a half hour, it was just me and my bro. We were both just starting to reach a very intense peak. Ideas seemed to spill out of us like running water, about life, and our band, and the ever-changing effects that were hitting us.

3 hours into the trip, it is 5:30, and we both know our parents will be home soon. We retreat to my room which is in the basement. It is there where the most confusing moments of my life were spent. My brother was having a hard time gripping onto reality, claiming he couldn't find a comfortable place to lay or sit. I felt like I was climbing and climbing, but to what? My brother was turning in my bed, looking up at the ceiling, and muttering stuff to himself. He said he needed something to focus on. We watched parts of movies, then put on the Morning View sessions. Watching Incubus and listening to them while fucked up is one of my favorite past times. But this time, it seemed wrong. It actually made me feel unsettled and unsatisfied to watch.

Around 7:30 at night, me and my brother peaked out hard. We decided to put on Dazed and Confused. He was telling me about the numbers in rows and colors surrounding it, IN THE AIR. I was confused by what he had meant, for I had been seeing the numbers 1 and 0 blending with colors around peoples faces in the movie. He assured me it was much more than that. He said they started with 0, then went down to 9 in columns all around his vision. Then something shitty happened. My dad shouts to me to shovel the driveway. I guess it had been snowing pretty bad still. So I tell my brother to chill out and lay here until I get back.

The outside world was in fact a different world to me. It was about 7 degrees outside, and I was bundled up with so much shit that I was sweating out there. As I looked at the sparkling snow, it seemed to blend colors of yellow and red and blue together. Then the neighboors green street light or whatever became more noticable. Everytime I stared at it for awhile, it seemed to get brighter and closer to me. I found this to be one of the most amusing things I have ever seen.

I would shovel for awhile, then look back at the light as if saying 'Aha! Gotcha! Almost sneaked up on me.' Then I hear a door close. It's my brother with a snowshouvel in his hand. I walked over to him as he started to shovel. 'What are you doing out here?' I asked. 'I don't know, I thought I was going insane, and then I puked in your garbage. Then dad came downstairs and told me to shovel.' he said. 'The colors seem to be mixing all together'. At this point I decided it might be dangerous for him to be outside tripping this hard, so I decided that we're done and we go back inside.

It is now past 9:00, and I feel a different kind of 'what have I done to myself?' feeling, its more like 'where am I going, and how far untill I'm there?' I was going in and out of conscious talking with my brother, while he was reacting to the stuff like it was speed or something. He grabbed a pen and some paper and began writing thoughts down. Every once in a while I would mutter something radical like 'We need to make a soundtrack to the world.' So this gave my brother the idea to write a book in which a story will reveal who each and every individual really is on the inside, and find a way to use it positively. This held our attention for the remainder of the trip.

I was used to the colors and number on the tv, but when various parts of cast members' bodies would get slightly larger, it really made me think about why I'm doing this right now. Then I started to remmeber that I washed the seeds with dishwaser soap, and that maybe that soap was too strong and we had eaten some of it and it might have poisoned our brains. I of course kept this thought to myself. Then I thought about the seeds in my stomach. They were they ONLY thing I had eaten all day. I woke up, forgot about breakfast, and then tripped on MG seeds.

I was beggining to think that the trip would continuously rise until the seeds were out of my system. I tried to puke in the other room, but my body wouldn't let me. So I decided to wait for the right moment. About 10 minutes later, around 10:00, I vomited quite explosively into my garbage where my brother had just puked. The sight of his vomit made me vomit more. All the while my brother is literally shouting 'You're puking up the evil of the world!'

This was the most unconscious I have ever been on any substance. I couldn't see straight, and my brother was going nuts from what I could tell. Finally I stopped, and I feel instantly a little better. Me and my brother just kinda look at each other like 'fuck this shit, I'll stick with pot.' He then proceeded to write down thoughts until he realized it was almost midnite, and he needed to get up for school the next day.

The next 2 and a half hours went by very rapidly. We started Dazed and Confused at 7:30, and I had been continually watching it until 2:30. The difference was that everytime it would near the end, I would send it back to the start. Every time I watched it, I would start it over a scene earlier and earlier until I was starting it over at the big party at the end. Then I fell asleep to some tool and woke up the next day feeling quite refreshed.

I have noticed one permanent effect of these seeds, I can see paterns in carpets and even on walls at school, around peoples heads like auroras at any given time. I think that there are patterns out there in which certain substances simple open out eyes to see. Either way, the seeds were interesting, wouldn't do them again because of the constant discomfort, but it was a good experience overall.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30397
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 19, 2007Views: 75,622
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