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There Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here...
by Kittay
Citation:   Kittay. "There Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here...: An Experience with MDMA (exp3046)". Feb 14, 2001.

  tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


this report is for all of the disbelievers, that MDMA has no long-term negative effects.

i will tell you this, i used MDMA regularly, for at least six months strait, everyday, three times a day (at least) in the form of 130mg 'hello kitty' tablets, which i got for free, from a chemist friend.

yes, MDMA had some awsome life-altering, super-terrrific moments! i mean, i had one hell of a time on the stuff, it seemed like the world was mine.

now, almost two months of not rolling once, my brain wants to just die. it craves MDMA, i dream about it, and think about it all day long. but i know, i will just loose shitloads of money, and god knows what else if i get back into it.

i also have fits of very, very unusual fear, and dementia, confusion, and everytime i smoke a cigarette, i get dizzy to the point of passing out. and i've been a smoker for almost seven years, and never get 'rushes' or anything abnormal.

i have been put on a drug called 'ativan' which seems to be ineffective for the insomnia, and axiety that i deal with on a daily basis. and i hope to coax some psychiatrist into giving me ritalin or something to produce a druggie euphoric thought process. otherwise, life just seems drab.

i am convinced that all of the psychosis i am experiencing are due to MDMA abuse, and i only pray that there will be some drug that can get me back to pre-MDMA lifestyle, i am lost without this drug, and i would not recomend it to anyone, stick to things like DXM or AMT, or the legal alternatives, believe me kids, i am a living breathing example of just why MDMA is illegal.

i know that life can get boring, and parties get repetitive with only drinking and smoking pot, but it is much safer than venturing into uncharted territory, there are real reasons why things like MDMA, LSD, ketamine, and of of those other wacky things are illegal, and that's because they fuck you up!!! wake up! and start living life responsibly! if you don't you may pay for it the rest of your life!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3046
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2001Views: 6,691
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