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The Beast Is Easily Provoked...
2C-E & Cannabis
by Sir James
Citation:   Sir James. "The Beast Is Easily Provoked...: An Experience with 2C-E & Cannabis (exp30470)". Feb 2, 2004.

12 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  0.5 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It all started on a cold and snowy day. I called a good friend of mine who is full of the spirits as am I. We decided to get together that day. My mind was set for a release of some kind. What or how I don’t know being we where only getting together for what I thought was going to be some bull shitting and maybe some laughs. As I stepped into the shower I put on some Tool And jammed it. Threw on some cloths and was out the door to meet my fellow philosopher at the top of my road. I did this because it was rather bad out. The roads to my house where so slippery and wild. I wanted no deaths on my account. I sat up on top of the hill next to this church and smoked my pipe (Tobacco). He came in a hour or so and as soon as I hit his front seat I heard Black Sabbath And as we drove towards his house in this peaceful little town he says to me. “I think I am going to do some Methalone and on the come down do some 5-htp.” I thought that was cool. I am really interested in the effects of chemicals on the human brain. And that is a different Chemical. We got to his house and relaxed for a while. We played guitar and just talked about things from Drugs to women.

My friend then said to me come down stairs to the laboratory. And I did…. As He measured out his Methylone (about 200mg/50mg booster for later), I asked about this other substance called 2C-E that I had tried before and got so awesome results that I had to try it again. The shit makes LSD look like candy. So after he did what he had to do with his Methylone. He measured out my dose of 2C-E. I like to do around 12mg. It suits me just fine. I know now for sure. After we both ingested our chemicals for the day we walked along the road of his town to this field. Mind you it was cold but neither of us cared. We walked and walked until we came to the town park. It’s a nice place. I use to play there as a child. We took shelter in the shelter house and just started to talk. I imagine his Methylone was kicking his ass. He was very stimulated and very talkative. I on the other hand was only feeling the threshhold of my drug. It sort of felt like the first wave of MDMA but without the over stimulation effect.

After a few hours My friend check his watch. It seemed like forever to us both and when we realized it had only been two hours. I once realized that I had gotten myself into a wild ride again. We walked back to his house where I had a very cool conversation with my girlfriend. My visuals where going nuts and I ever pictured my friends blue carpet as waves and they really where. After my phone conversation, I realized how damn fucked up I was. My friend turned on this strobe light and we jammed this sick trance music. WOW… is all I have to say. My visual field just felt like it grew before me. The images in my head came to life. And I just was in bliss. We decided to go Cruz around and at this time I was tripping hard. Mescaline Hard…. The ride seemed like lightning and we smoked this herb on the ride that was so awesome it made me choke. Cannabis and phenethylamine go together. And it is strange because LSD and Pot don’t do shit. All I can feel is the acid. But anyway… We ended up at Wal-Mart.

The walk in was strange. Was I in another land??? Another state???? I don’t know. But I walked into this horrible place to see that it was being run by animals. Jumping, pissing, shitting, animals. I said to my friend who took his booster dose of METHYLONE before entering. God damn this place is run by animals. AS I saw people pass by I could hear their thoughts. Was this bad. Was I staying this way. My friend had to walk me around and keep reassuring me the safety of the matter. I just couldn't grasp the sights and sounds. It was like being out in a circus where there was no admission and there were no humans. It was as if the world was given to those go damn animals. I walked outside with my friend and saw tire marked every where and animals driving cars. Goddamn animals I said. Got in the car and thought I was going to lose it. But isn’t that the point. I blabbed on to my poor friend who I imagine was sick of my crazy talk and was wanting to cool the mood.

Next thing I know we Are back in his small town parked in the middle of town next to this gazebo. I watched cars sled down hills on skies. I even pissed in the middle of the town. The come down is very subtle from this drug. As we sat at my starting point by the church on top of the hill and talked about our lives and music.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30470
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 2, 2004Views: 7,104
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2C-E (137) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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