Finding Nemo on Battleship Gray
Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi
by myst1k
Citation:   myst1k. "Finding Nemo on Battleship Gray: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp30521)". Aug 27, 2004.

10.7 g oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (powder / crystals)


Friday my order of San Padro cactus came in the mail. It was 32 grams of rock hard cacti pieces. Also included in the package was 4oz of Syrian Rue and 200 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. By 630 my two buddies H and S were at his apartment. I blended the cactus to a fine powder then put 1/3 of that and an 1/8oz of syrian rue in each bowl. We took spoon fulls of it and chased it with orange soda. We were done ingestion at 6:45. We knew it was going to take about two hours for the effects to kick in so we started watching the movie Blow.

About an hour and a half into it we were feeling 'something'. Little waves of excitment/pleasure. This continued until about 10. At this point we were beginning to think we were not going to trip. It felt good but nothing even close to shrooms. No open or closed eye hallucinations or anything. Damn. There was powder left in the blender and the bowls so we poured water around the sides to get it out then put it all in two cups and S and I downed the nasty mixture and then took another 8th of the syrian rue. H didnít want to take any more because he had thrown up around 9:30 because the stuff was nasty. S and I didnít throw up.

So around 10:30 our buddie comes back from work and is pissed we didnít save any for him. I tell him about the seeds that I have back at my spot and he says he will drive us. So we slowly get up to go. The effects are getting a little stronger by now. Itís not so much coming in waves - its more constant. We get out and a car slowly drives by. We freak out, fearing he is trying to kill us so we book it to the car and take off. We get to my spot and I run up and get the seeds and run back down. H has discovered if he closes his eyes he can see everything that is around him as if his eyes were open. If someone moves their hand he'll see it, and when we start driving he can see the suroundings. S and I try - it doesnít really work for me but it does for S. Cool. We get back to H's apartment and we are in a full blown trip hallucinating our asses off.

I take a hammer and mash the seeds, put some coolaid in with them and then we hold them in our mouths for 30 minutes. The guy who had driven us brings over a fog machine and some party lights. About 40 minutes after taking the seeds he trips out and leaves. We now turn on Finding Nemo and watch the virtual aquarium which is just crazy. We spray fog every few minutes and see faces and shit in the fog. I suddenly get the urge to get up and I start doing ti kwon doh (sp)type moves to the music (I have no idea how to do ti kwon doh). H and S are amazed.

We now put on the full movie of Saving Nemo. There is a scratch in the disc about 10 minutes in and the screen just freezes. We donít notice - the image appears to still be moving and is in 3d. Crazy. I get up and stare at the mirror for a while where my face contorts, my mouth drops down past my stomach and expands out very wide. Cool. I come back down and say that this is the best shit ever and we could make millions. We decide to dub this drug Battleship Gray (name of the song that was on at the time). I proclaim 'If you bought battleship gray between 2004 and 2010 you bought it from us (like in blow)' we go off on a very long tangent about how we are going to be millionaires. Awsome. I stair at the Bob Marley poster which waves and moves back and forth and then at a Simpsons poster which has similarly cool effects. Everything feels great 'You know how they say some drugs are better than sex?' I ask 'this is better than sex' I say. 'This shit is insane'

I then get up with a cup of water and say how much I want to dump it on my head. They all laugh and say I should so I do. It feels great. They get up and dump water on themselves. I dump more. It feels great. We canít believe we just did that. All the while we are smoking weed and smoking the hooka when we can manage. Blowing the smoke out I would see faces. We discover if you put a coat over your head but keep your eyes open you get some very cool visuals.

Then the badness happens. I just am not feeling well - not physical but mentally. I am not comfortable and I am sick of tripping. Itís around 2am. We started at 6:45 so itís been a while. I keep changing rooms, laying on the floor trying to find comfort but cant. I am really scared, I just want to be done. I hate this. I decide to eat a little something. Moments later I am in the bathroom. Only a black light lights it up. I look in the mirror and my eyes go very wide and my face morphs into the devil. Fuck. I go to the toilet and pray to be better. I now know what a heroin addict must feel like in rehab. I swear to myself i'll never do drugs ever again. The pain is intolerable. Then a few seconds later what feels and sounds like 10 gallons of vomit rush out of my mouth. I collapse on the floor and stair at the ceiling. I can hear H and S downstairs laughing after hearing how much I just puked up.

I suddenly feel rejuvinated. Itís like a second high. Itís incredible. I go down stairs and S looks like shit. He is sweating and just looks horrible. I know what is about to happen. He too is coming down hard. H had already thrown up so I donít think this is going to happen to him - that and he didnít take the seeds, as much Syrian Rue or the second batch of cactus. I try and help Steve and tell him in just a little bit everything will be ok- that I know just how he feels. I tell him to eat and drink water. He does. He looks horrible. Finally he goes up and pukes a little. He comes back down and asks me to turn on the lights and help him to get back to reality. I turn off the music, turn off Nemo and turn on the lights. He is not doing well. He goes back up and I hear the 10 gallons of vomit rush out of him. I smile. He is going to be better. I am still tripping pretty hard - probably like a shroom trip now (Before was like shrooms times a thousand) He comes down looking a lot better. We start talking a little about the experience so far and I realize I need to leave. I just had to get out. So I get my keys and bounce.

The drive back could have been a lot worse than it was. Somehow I focused. Iím surprised I didnít flip out and crash. I was still seeing a lot of shit. I get back to my room and am tripping hard. I really want to be done at this point - its 5am and I have to be up at 11. I drink some water, turn on some music and try to sleep. I cant. I am hallucinating my balls off and just start to think about everything that is wrong with my life. I email my girlfriend and confess some stuff to her. I go back to bed and pray to sleep. I cant. I canonly think and overanalyize. I turn on the light and pray to get back to reality. I cant. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I canít stop. I then freak out thinking that I am all alone and think that it must be horrible to have AIDS (not sure why...) and then I flip out and think I have AIDS and that I am all alone in the world. Its now 7am. I drink some water and get a grip on myself and tell myself I'm not alone and I donít have AIDS - I am fine, just on drugs. For the next three hours I keep tripping. I remember seeing 9:50 on the clock and still hallucinating.

Then someone comes in . Its 10am. I have to be up now. Fuck. I feel like shit. I am not tripping anymore but I just can not function. For the rest of the day I examine and analyize my trip and what I thought about . I donít want to - Iím so sick of it - but I canít do anything else. Finally on Sunday I feel back to normal.

All in all it was insane. It was great and I am so glad I did it. I had been really wanting to try some hard drug and this was what I needed. I am done with hard drugs now, maybe for ever. Id never do anything more than mescline thatís for sure. It was so extremely intense. Coming down sucked more than anything. I wish I had not left my buddies apartment, had I been able to stay there and talk to them until 10am I would have had a much better time - but it is good that I had time for personal reflection (even if it did freak me out many times). Would I recommend it? Fuck yes. But id try and puke early rather than latter. When I am tripping and need to puke it ruins the trip.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30521
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 27, 2004Views: 11,522
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64), Syrian Rue (45) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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