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Comprehending Infinity
by m0ckturtle
Citation:   m0ckturtle. "Comprehending Infinity: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp30557)". Feb 12, 2004.

10 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
  1.0 mg insufflated 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)


I will preface this by saying that I am not sure exactly how much 5-MeO AMT I ingested that night, because my scales are within a 1-2 mg accuracy.

If you choose to do this substance, make sure you know EXACTLY how much you are taking. This is a powerful substance.

Now, on to the report..

I had tried 5-Meo AMT on 2 prior occasions. The first at ~6mg parachuted, the 2nd being ~8mg parachuted. I fasted for 12 hours the first time, and for about 8 the 2nd. On both of these, I vomitted around 20 minutes in. Neither was NEAR as intense as the one I am reporting on.

It was around 9pm on a weekday and I thought, well, I'll give the meoamt another shot... I was very disappointed with the my first 2 experiences. So I weighed out 11 mg, dropped 10 mg right into my mouth chasing it quickly with some dr pepper (The taste isn't THAT bad, but it is quite unpleasant) then I snorted the remaining mg. Then I sat back to watch a movie for the first hour or so in which I expected to do nothing but try my hardest not to vomit. Surprisingly so, the vomit never came and was (relatively) easy to hold back. (Note, I didn't really 'fast' beforehand per se, but I hadn't eaten for about 6 hours)

+30 I felt the tryptamine body buzz begin with the lower stomach tighening

+1hr Thoughts began racing through my head that I had taken too much so I panicked. The next hour or so was spent calming myself down & telling myself it would be okay

+2hr This is where it gets insane... the visuals were better than any I had ever had off of LSD. Colors EVERYWHERE. Sounds were 'digital.' I remember going to the bathroom and thinking, 'Wow. Its way to bright in here' so I reached to turn off the light and it was already off. ha.

+3hr I put in 'Underworld' since I figured that would be cool to look at in this state, and boy was it. It all looked like a cartoon... and all motion on screen was nearly indescernible from the intense & long lasting tracers.

+6hr Now this is when it gets a bit crazy...
My dad was asleep during all this & was going to work the next morning. I knew I couldn't interact with him so I decided to act like I was asleep. So I sat in my chair. Just sat there... being quiet as a mouse... and thinking. The thinking was what got me. I kept trying to 'comprehend infinity' and felt that I was going to go insane if I continued but I just couldn't stop. I realized that that's what makes people crazy, trying to comprehend infinity.

+9hr My dad finally left for work and I was noticably coming down a bit, but still feeling good. I could finally leave the confines of my room & I just walked from window to window, looking outside. If it had been warmer, I would have loved to go outside. I decide to play my guitar for a bit, because at my lower dose experiences it was so much fun. The colors from the strings, the beauty of the music.... I wish I would have been able to do this earlier in my trip when it was still strong

+12hr all effects gone. Still I'm not too tired so I get on the internet for a while.

All in all, definitely the most intense psychadelic experience I have ever had. Though the side effects make it a bit unpleasant, and doing anything but sitting was near impossible during the peak... I walked like a drunk, having to hold on to things to keep from falling over. Its worth a try, but there are FAR better psychadelics out there. But will I do it again? Most likely not... I got what I felt I wanted from it.

Happy Trippings!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30557
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 12, 2004Views: 11,491
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5-MeO-AMT (104) : General (1), Alone (16)

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