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Trippin Balls in the Police Station
AMT & Mushrooms
Citation:   AcidFreak. "Trippin Balls in the Police Station: An Experience with AMT & Mushrooms (exp30569)". Erowid.org. Feb 5, 2004. erowid.org/exp/30569

30 mg oral AMT (capsule)
Last friday night I picked up 16 grams of shrooms and 2 capsules 30mgs each of AMT. As we were driving back home we stopped at a gas station to piss. As we were just about leavin 'C' decided to go to the side of the gas station and start goofin around with pepsi cartons. When we were just about to pull out of the gas station a cop pulled up and told 'C' to get out of the car and started yellin at him saying he was pissing on the side of the building or tryin to steal something. As he was yelling at 'C' I hurried up and ate a capsule of AMT. The cops told us to get out of the car and searched us all finding 2 baggies of shrooms on 'K' one was a half of mostly stems and a few caps, the other was a quarter of alot of shake and a few caps. The cop found nothing on me even though the shrooms were mine but told me to get back in the car with the driver 'J' who had nothing on her.

I was about to give her the other capsule and tell the cop the shrooms were mine but as I was entering the car the cop yelled at me and put me in cuffs finding the lil baggie with a capsule of AMT and violenty asked 'What the fuck is this?!' I told him it was AMT and he said 'What the fuck is AMT?!' I told him its a triptamine and he just ignored me and threw me in the back of the cop car. When I got to the station I was starting to feel the AMT kick in. Luckily I can handle myself and keep cool under pressure. The cop asked if I had another capsule and I told him I threw it in the snow, but little did he know I was trippin balls right infront of him and he had no clue. He asked me what would happen if I would have sold those shrooms to someone and they died on him, I said 'You can't die on shrooms, you'd have to eat like 2 ounces of them.' And he said 'what if they were dipped in something, huh, what then smartass?!' and he then asked what if a lil kid would have picked up that capsule of amt i told him hes stupid because its a gel cap and it would disolve in the snow, he then said 'Oh, you think your so smart don't you?!'

They then put me in the cage, and the cage was all spade shaped and the visuals really started to kick in then. My foot looked like it was sinking in the ground and when I would breathe out the floor would go down and when I would breathe in the floor would rise. The cops called JDC and JDC did not want me since it was my first arrest, I was coroperating, and since I was still a juvenile. But 'C' and 'K' ended up spending the night at county with a whole bunch of drunks and 'K's' bail was $1,000 since he was in possesion of the shrooms and because of probation and stuff. I'm still waiting on my court hearing, they had no clue what AMT was and sent it to the DEA Lab. I'm guessing I'm either going to JDC or getting probation and a huge ass fine, and drug classes.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30569
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 5, 2004Views: 25,845
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Police / Customs (60), AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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