Melancholy Euphoria
4-Acetoxy-DiPT & 2C-T-21
Citation:   Jamshyd. "Melancholy Euphoria: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DiPT & 2C-T-21 (exp30576)". Feb 19, 2004.

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T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 5.0 mg insufflated 2C-T-21 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:59 5.0 mg rectal 2C-T-21 (powder / crystals)
Here is a report of what I would consider an excessive dose of 2C-T-21, especially that I am typically a very lightweight person when it comes to Psychedelics and drugs in general.

I have had an experience with 4 mg 2C-T-21 insufflated and it was pleasant. It reminded me of a proportionally similar dose of MDMA (~50 mg?) without the feeling of being lied to (by the drug). Also there was no crash. Both my trips with 2C-T-21 seem to have two halves: The first 4 hours there is a considerable push, and a general goofiness. The second 4 hours are less energetic and more serious and intellectual. At 4 mg insufflated the drug produced no sensory effects. I would like to note an interesting “melancholy euphoria” that I experienced, which I believe was also experienced in another report by someone else.

This time, I insuflated 5 mg. I then notice that I had a very small amount of water in a cup with an unknown quantity of 2C-T-21 dissolved in it that I have left out. I imagined that it was probably no more than 3 mg (Big mistake 1: estimating an unknown amount of potent drug). Maybe I was right, but in retrospect I would say it was most likely 5 mg or more, because it increased the effects more than three times as much. In any case I dabbed the solution on a small piece of tissue paper, rolled it into a very small “suppository,” and took it rectally (Big mistake 2: taking an unknown dose through a sensitive route of administration). I must note that, an hour before, I had taken 15 mg of Iprocetyl (4-AcO-DiPT) orally. Iprocetyl does not seem to have any effect on me other than tactile and colour enhancements. I feel completely sober under its influence. I do not believe it altered the effects of 2C-T-21 much, but it probably contributed to its intensity.

In any case, I go out walking and within 30 minutes I was at a +++. I literally could not feel my body. I was not really numb, I simply felt...ethereal (physically). This was probably some kind of dysfunctional synergy between the two drugs, because an hour later it was gone. As a matter of fact, I actually looked at my body a couple of times during the walk to check if anything was wrong. I felt extremely detached from the world (physically), and felt a more intense version of the abovementioned “melancholy euphoria.” In fact, I was severely depressed yet extremely happy at the same time. The snow-covered world appeared so ugly. It was indeed the prison that I considered it to be.

During the past years I have been researching Sufism, and have experimented with whirling. During the 3-hour plateau, I felt like I was whirling at a very high speed. Don’t get me wrong: when you whirl correctly, you do not get dizzy. I was not dizzy, I just felt like I was rotating at a very high speed. I could only walk in a straight line, and turns where VERY disorienting. After the first hour I was starting to see visuals. It was getting dark and the snow looked pretty uniform. If it where not for the prismatic tracers around the pavement that guided me, I would have probably ran into heaps of snow without realizing it.

Listening to music increased the mindfuck. By the 3rd hour, I decide that listening to music is a bit uncomfortable. The problem is that, as intense as the whole thing was, there was no introspection, no visions, no revelations, nothing of value. I do not like being “fucked up on drugs” for no reason – it just doesn’t float my boat. Every time I used psychedelics I learnt something important about myself and/or the world. This, however, was simply messy and pointless.

By the fourth hour the prismatic tracers where stronger, but there where no real visuals per-se. I have seen many more visual effects on low doses of 2C-I. However, an interesting effect was that everything had a golden “shine” to it… I have read about such a thing with LSD, but I do not have any experience with that drug to verify it. I had a lot of energy and I did not want to go out walking again because I was afraid of going astray (I only recently moved to this neighbourhood). So to diffuse the energy (and waste time), I decide to masturbate. Oh, and speaking of time… this drug plays with time like no other drug I have experienced. Minutes can turn into centuries and hours can turn into seconds, very easily. Anyways, orgasm was not hard to achieve, and it was other-worldly. COV’s just exploded with chaos and they where accompanied by (chaotic) auditory hallucinations. I masturbated again half an hour later and had a similar orgasm. Interesting to note though, the drug itself is not erotic at all. I have to actually start in order to get into it.

Near the end of the fourth hour, the mindfuck suddenly faded away. From there till sleeping (9th hour), there was just some residual energy and lots of the same visual and time-distorting effects noted above. There was a lot of thinking going on, but none of it went anywhere. Sleep was pretty difficult to achieve, but was achieved at last.

The next day (today), I felt irritable and emotionally fragile. I felt disgusted by the world. This is not like the MDMA crash… this was very philosophical. It is not very easy to explain. It is now 24 hours since I went to sleep yesterday, and though I am completely sober, time is still distorted. During the day I saw some tracers, but now they are less.

Was this trip a bad one? Not really. Was it pleasant? No. I would actually consider it an overdose. I guess this would be a good lesson… not to think you can estimate small amounts of a potent drug. This drug seems to have a radical dose response curve, so be careful. I would also note that it is very benign on the body, but not so much on the mind, at least not so far.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 30576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 19, 2004Views: 19,980
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4-AcO-DiPT (55), 2C-T-21 (290) : Combinations (3), Overdose (29), General (1), Alone (16)

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