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Everything in Strobe Light...
Citation:   AQUA. "Everything in Strobe Light...: An Experience with Cannabis (exp3071)". Erowid.org. Dec 17, 2001. erowid.org/exp/3071

5 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


A few days ago, three of my closest friends and I decided to get together and smoke marijuana. It wasn't a new experience for any of us, but the effects of the drug were.

I had paid my friend D $30 for some hydro and picked it up. My close friend B brought $20 of regs. First we sat in a clearing in the woods and loaded the bowls of hydro. This was the most powerful shit I ever took. I was warned that 2 hits would be adequate, but I decided to take around 5.

In about 10 minutes, it all started to kick in. I forgot where I was. I was in a sort of pseudo-reality. If I concentrated really hard, I could at times control my actions. But 95% of the time, I was moving and functioning without thinking, just letting my body flow.

This feeling was very odd. As it peaked, the effects became so strong that I thought I might be eternally doomed to this trance-like state. Everything I saw was in a freeze-frame. That frame would stay frozen for about 4 seconds and then I would see a new clip. This was my reality. Life was in frames, and I would see a new freeze-frame about every four seconds. If I let my mind go and tried to free it, I would be drawn in to whatever I was looking at. If I stared at the stars, I felt like I was being sucked into them. And when I stopped looking, everything became choppy and blurry for a few seconds.

I did not know where I was. All I remember is babbling to my friend G about how I had to get home before I would pass-out. He didn't pay attention to me and kept passing the bowl around. We were all very very high at that point. Normal yellow-white lights would appear red and blue. I was scared and wanted to go home and sleep it off. When I stood up, the effects were even stronger. I felt much more disoriented and afraid.

After we returned home to my place, the effects were still strong, but beginning to wear off. I was very hungry and ate upon instinct. I couldn't control my body. I ate some cereal, and my body moved the spoon to my mouth with no thought involved. My brain was forcing me to do things. Half of the milk that went into my mouth ended up on the table or floor from my unintentional drooling habits (only because I was high).

I went upstairs to my room and was not scared anymore. I felt happy and funny. I began to do an Asian warrior dance. I thought I was a samurai! After I was done, I could barely remember doing it at all. It was probably because 'I' wasn't doing it; my brain was controlling my movements. And I couldn't control my brain.

Then I noticed that when I would touch anything, it would feel so so different. I could feel every nerve ending in my body. There was no such thing as pain. Pain is a feeling interpreted by your brain, and I couldn't control my brain! Everything I touched felt the same. There was really no such thing as texture; I just had the same intense feeling when I touched everything. So I started rubbing my body and my arms especially against everything around me: the walls, pillows, even my friends. This feeling lasted for hours, and I can still feel part of it now, a day later!

I could not control my speech. I would say things without thinking, and after I said them, I could have sworn I didn't! It was crazy! I would talk to people and never recall saying anything.

My memory was affected greatly. After I witnessed certain things happen, I would be unsure if they actually ever occurred. I lived in the present moment. And after that moment passed, I could barely remember it.

Finally, my 3 friends and I went to bed after we smoked two more joints of the regs. In the morning, I still felt the odd 'touch-effect' strongly. So we all got up and went for a walk. We smoked 2 more joints of the regs and went to the mall. Being in the mall while high is unlike any other experience I can imagine. The regs didn't give me that scared feeling I had experienced with the dro. I felt happy yet mellow. The whole situation was indescribable. I couldn't control my mind, yet it functioned rationally on its own. When store clerks instructed me to pay, my mind understood. And without thinking (upon reflex or instinct), I would take out my wallet and pay the desired amount.

Then we decided to eat in the food court. The food tasted so great! Touch and taste were the 2 senses which were most amplified. That 'strobe/frame-by-frame' feeling I had from the dro returned. Only this time I had delayed reaction with taste instead of sight. When I would chew something, I would only taste it every few seconds. But when I did taste it, the taste was incredible.

Outside of the mall, I remember running across the parking lot with my friends B G and J. My legs were moving on their own; I couldn't control them. I only felt my upper body. It was like I was soaring across the empty parking lot. This was such an excellent feeling.

I should also mention my perception of time during this account. I could be lying on the bed watching a movie for what seemed like 30 minutes, yet only 2 minutes would have passed. This also worked conversely. I could have thought that only a minute went by, yet in reality almost a half hour could have passed.

So, this where my story ends. And this is the advice I would have given myself beforehand: “If some one warns you that 2 hits is enough for the night, trust him/her. Also, don't speak a lot because you won't make sense to those listening. And don't keep on smoking just because you aren't 'feeling it'. It takes a few minutes to get high. It's better that you take a little at a time and wait for the effects. Then, if desired, you may increase the amount accordingly. Otherwise, it will all kick in at once. Finally, I just want to mention that hydro is much much more powerful than regs, so you should always know what you are smoking and trust the people you are smoking with.”

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3071
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 17, 2001Views: 9,731
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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