Proper Mandrake
Citation:   Cosmo. "Proper Mandrake: An Experience with Mandrake (exp3081)". Sep 25, 2000.

  smoked Mandrake (roots)
    oral Mandrake (tea)
Very interesting reading all of the previous entries, of this ancient root. Within the past two months, I have also passed it to a few friends. What I have found is that it reacts differently towards different people. If you are looking for just a 'TRIP' go get some acid. If you would like a very enlightening experience, then proceed with caution.

First I have been sober for about 8 years, I almost went to prison in southern California for selling speed, methamphetamine, I spent two years in a rehab and the following 6 years absolutly blind to my spriritual side but also chemical free. I moved to Big Bear California about two months ago from San Pedro (LA). My life took a major turn back into the spiritual side of me.

I suppose some would think that being of celtic origin may make a difference. It does not. Mandrake is not something to play with, I have seen people very sick, puking, pass out in front of me, slowly drop to the floor, fear from the woods in their eyes, oh and did I mention all of the toilet paper that was gone thru.

These results were just from smoking it mixed with skunk bud (the best marijuana I could find). Not to mention the hangover feeling the next morning. I HAD NONE OF THESE EFFECTS!! my sister did though and those who fear what they don't understand.

I have been studing WICCA latly, I have always been keen to the Goddess, just blind for awhile. When I smoke it is usually thru a pipe made from an antler hand carved by a very mystic friend of mine. Since the root is by some accounts poisonous. When you smoke it, it tends to leave a residue with you. After awhile the dose increases to where now you are immune to the adverse affects. BTW I would not recommend smoking it straight unless you have been smoking the mixture for awhile.

Remember this IT IS A MAGICAL ROOT USED FOR MAGICAL PURPOSES. Whether your magic is good or evil it will enhance it around you. It has been used as such for a millenia.

Cider tea:
1/4 cup mandrake root
4-6 red apples
6 cinnamon sticks
1 cup natural honey
2 quarts water

you boil the root in 1 cup water seperate from the cider. Boil the root down and drain the root.

Boil the cider brew, once everything is complete pour the root mix into a cup, then pour the cider into your cup to infuse the mix.

THat is a very basic thing I thru together. About 5 people tried it and thought it was not bad it did however have a nice kick for an aftershock. I must admit we were drinking that night and smoking weed. I was supposed to go out in the hills and perform a ritual for the first day of fall with two fellow wiccan girls, (who did not drink it btw) we ended up having a party, So the intended purpose did not occur. althought since I had everything in the truck candles etc. I set up in front of her fireplace. We paid homage to the Goddess and the gods and welcomed the new fall.

For the next few days I have had minor stomach action, but it seems to be cleaning me out.

The next time my environment will be much more controlled.

If you wish read some wiccan or tao. The wicca will not tell you about mandrake but the rituals in the book are proper. Scott Cunningham is the best so far, too bad he's dead.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3081
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 25, 2000Views: 25,205
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