Don't Do It Alone
Citation:   Dr.Zoidberg. "Don't Do It Alone: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp30951)". Mar 29, 2004.

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2 cups oral Brugmansia (tea)
So, until last night, I had never experimented with any drugs other than pot and alcohol. But my roommate had picked some brugmansia flowers on her way home last night (they're all over the streets here), and we decided to try it out. I've always been interested in other hallucinogens, but never really had the opportunity to do them unless I actively pursued some plan.

My roommate, who studies drugs and really knows her stuff, made us some tea from the flowers. There were three of us that drank the tea (let's call them Red, Rose, and Violet), and another that stayed sober to babysit (let's call her CC). We actually did this after a party, when most everybody was gone, so all of us were somewhere between buzzed and drunk on various combinations of beer, Smirnoff, Bailey's, vodka, and Kahlua.

We drank the tea (tastes terrible!) and watched an episode of Futurama while we waited for the drug to take effect. By the end of the episode, the only difference was that we were all *very* tired, which was probably a combination of the brugmansia, the alcohol, and the 3:00 am on the clock. When I got up to go to my room, I noticed the first effect: huge loss of coordination. Could not move in a straight line, ran into everything in my path, dropped things, you name it. Eventually, I got to my room, lay down on my bed, and expected to fall asleep.

First of all, I could not stay still and nap. There was this awful urge to move muscles, nearly spasms, but with a small amount of conscious control. Extremely frustrating. Also, I had the worst drymouth I've ever had in my life. An entire swimming pool full of water would not have been able to quench my thirst. So I went over to CC's room, and she calmed me down and rubbed my back. Then she took me back to my room, where Rose was sitting on my bed. We sat for a few minutes, then Rose threw up, a lot. CC thankfully took care of everything; she took the blankets, put them in the wash, and put some new sheets on my bed. After that, as far as I could tell, Rose and I fell asleep. When I woke up she was gone, and I was hungry, so I went to get food. I was still tired after that, and I said I should go take a nap. CC thought that this was a great idea, and ushered me back off to bed.

I woke up at about 4:00 pm (Sunday afternoon), and got up. When I saw CC, she asked, 'So, what do you remember of last night?' And I responded with everything that I've said so far. My first shock was when she said, 'You know how you lay down to take a nap earlier? That was the first time you slept since last night.' At first I could barely believe it. But then she was telling me what I was doing, and it jogged my memory about the things that had happened. They were so random, illogical, and disorganized, that I assumed they must have been a dream. But apparently they weren't.

(Anecdotes that can be left out if necessary, but I find amusing):
For example, I kept walking into the bathroom, turning the water on in the shower, and just staring at it for a few minutes. Then CC would come in to check on me and ask what I was doing. When I said that I needed to get ready for classes now, or I'd be late, she pointed out that there are no classes in the middle of the night, especially on Sunday. So I walk away and she turns the water off. This repeats several times. All of us were constantly talking to invisible people, and apparently their responses were unbelievably humorous, because we laughed out asses off for no apparent reason. I also told CC that we really needed to get some ant traps, because they were *everywhere*. The entire floor of the kitchen, and all the baselines of my room were just swarming with ants. It was ridiculous.

I kept looking in varous food that was left out to see if it needed to be thrown away. Then, I tried to go back to my room, but just barely missed running into a spiderweb about four feet in diameter. So now I had to duck down under it everytime I wanted to go down the hall. I also wandered into some room, picked up some books, and then put them on a plate in the kitchen, I think for breakfast.

Eyesight: this stuff seriously fucks with my eyes. First of all, my depth perception was *gone*. Over the course of the night, there were a ton of times where I would try to reach out and grab something that was about 6 feet in front of my face. I would reach out 2 feet, and wonder why I wasn't touching it yet. As my hand moved closer and closer, it looked to me like I was almost moving through the object. Especially when that object did not exist. I kept trying to pick things up from the ground, but when I touched them, I couldn't get a grip on them, because they weren't real. So I would spend a while scraping and feeling the floor in an attempt to pick these things up.

After I got up, pretty much all the symptoms were gone. I still got a kind of surreal/light-headedness every once in a while, but nothing more than the buzz I might feel the morning after a night of drinking. There was no more drymouth, and not really any more hallucination. All three of us had been very nauseated the previous night, and I was the only one who did not throw up. But I felt fine after I woke up. However, the eyesight was still not back. I could not read anything, with or without my glasses, regardless of the distance, unless I squinted like hell at it. Similar things happened to my other roommates. It has been about 24 hours since we drank our tea, and the eyesight is definitly not all back yet, although I can as least read these blurry words without straining my eyes. It's more like trying to look at a Magic Eye puzzle than just reading off a page, though.

Pros and Cons:
Cons - Terrible drymouth, bad muscle spasms, eyesight goes way downhill for at least a day or so, nausea, confusion, and whatever long-term effects there might be that I just haven't gotten to yet.
Pros - Mainly, just a story to tell. There wasn't much in there that was very pleasurable, and it all just felt like a dream anyways.

It is sooo important to have a sitter. CC stayed up the whole night with us and made sure we were ok, and ushered us to where we should be. I think that if she were not there, people may have been hurt, and the paranoia from the hallucinations would definitely have gotten to me. Also, who knows, if she wasn't there, I might have walked outside and tried going to classes, and then who knows what would have happened. The sitter is extremely important.

I've never heard anyone say that they really liked datura or brugmansia, and neither has anyone I know. Why did I do it? Curiousity. I've never done any hallucinogens before and I wanted to try one out. I probably will not do it again though. It's fun to tell people about last night, but I can do the same thing by watching other people and telling those stories. If you do try it, make sure that you are in a good mood and surrounded by a positive environment. I can't even imagine what a bad trip might be like on this stuff.

I hope this is helpful to those of you who are considering trying this, and also to those of you who are wondering if what you experienced was normal.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 30951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 29, 2004Views: 63,743
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