My Heart Is On Fire
Codeine, Caffeine & Cannabis
Citation:   Union J.. "My Heart Is On Fire: An Experience with Codeine, Caffeine & Cannabis (exp31054)". Jun 12, 2007.

T+ 0:00
480 mg oral Codeine (extract)
  T+ 0:00 480 mg oral Caffeine (extract)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00 256 mg oral Codeine (extract)
  T+ 2:00 480 mg oral Codeine (extract)
Using cold-water extraction technique with 75 ml filtered water.

Initial Dose:
Codeine 480 mg
Caffeine 900 mg
Theoretically (1g/300mL) 250 mg Aspirin remains in solution.

I must also note I have some tolerance to Codeine; I have built it up the past few weeks on an every-other-day basis, getting a satisfying buzz from 300-400 mg.

I began feeling threshold euphoria within 2 minutes. Onset came on fast, and for some reason, then staggered. Impatiently smoked half a joint until effects began to increase in intensity. Immobolized in pleasure in my chair, barely moving, breathing slowly but surely, and feeling a strong, fuzzy, semi-orgasmic glow from the pit of my stomach. I felt positively wonderful, but had a bit of a fast heart rate due to the amount of caffeine introduced to my system so fast, the equivalent to 9 cups of coffee all drank at the same time. After about 1 hour, the biggest peak was plateauing, and I knew I wouldn't get any higher. And so I began the slow descent. Began to feel itchy all over, and it was more intense this time than usual. Every few seconds having another itch in another spot to scratch. Nose was especially itchy. Smoked marijuana as I came down.

At T+2:00 I had come out of the strongest part of the high and was beginning to enter what was sure to become an intense nod session. Deciding (stupid me) to redose, I attempted to get back to where I was before (ain't we all been there?)

Redose using cold water extraction method

Codeine: 256 mg
Caffeine: 480 mg
Aspirin: Theoretically reduced to 167 mL in 50 mL filtered water

Perhaps 10 or 15 seconds maybe after I swallowed the last of the solution, I swear I could feel it coming. This feeling, subtle at first in my chest, snowballing, coming closer, feeling heavier, until it was extremely pleasurable. But it didn't stop increasing.

I soon found myself becoming uncomfortably high, and my heart was beating extremely hard. I was feeling very disoriented, my vision was blurry and I was seeing halos around objects. I felt dizzy, weak and sick when I stood up. I began to fear for my life. My heart was beating so hard and fast, I could hear it clearly and every beat reverberated throughout my body, shaking me. I was literally shaking and spazzing in time to my heart beat for a while. I was so afraid I'd have a heart attack, as I wasn't born with the strongest heart, but by no means any life-threatening issues to this point. This horrible, burning, glowing pain that felt all too real and too much like death was growing in the middle of my chest, I just knew it was my heart, there was no doubt of that in my mind.

I at one point thought, 'This is it. I'm still getting higher, I'm gonna die, in my parent's house.' I couldn't control my shaking arms. They just shook, my muscles were contracting so rapidly. My arms felt tingly and I was starting to sweat profusely all over my head, arms and legs. I walked (barely) to the bathroom and drank 3 cups of water and ingested about 1500 mg Vitamin C chewable tablets. I took my shirt off, and tried to keep cool. Played some comforting music on my CD player, Nirvana Unplugged and Alice In Chains Unplugged. Refrained from any further marijuana smoking. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, my body began to slow down.

A chill swept thru me T+4:00, 2 hours after the redose. I finally began to come down to a relatively normal state, though my muscles ached all over my body and I had a headache and mild persisting nausea. As fun as Codeine is, I'll never go anywhere near this high a dose again. I'll be happy with 300-400mg and not redosing. I feel it was definitely the caffeine that put me over the edge; I'm sure the Codeine brought down the extremity of the caffeine high to some degree, though it was a large dose in and of itself. My body constantly felt like 2 forces were fighting inside me: sedation and rush.


I feel shakey but more or less normal now. I've entirely calmed down, tranquil, and I'm upset and reflective. What can I say folks, this shit is dangerous! Be safe(r than me)!!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31054
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 12, 2007Views: 31,057
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Codeine (14), Caffeine (11) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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