A Bit Different
Wormwood & Cannabis
Citation:   Archenteron Crisis. "A Bit Different: An Experience with Wormwood & Cannabis (exp31133)". Erowid.org. Jan 12, 2007. erowid.org/exp/31133

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1 bowl smoked Wormwood (leaves)
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So last night I went to this new place in Vancouver. I won't give the name of it in order to protect it's identity, but most Vancouverites would be able to find it if they looked enough. I degress.

After searching through the many different herbs and herb extracts available, I decided to give wormwood leaves a try. The dealer claimed that the substance could be brewed into a tea using 7 grams per cup, or smoked on the same level as marijuana. The expected effect, I was told, was something similar to a cannabis like high.

So I bought 28 grams for a VERY cheap price ($2.52 canadian, which is approximately $1.75 american) and smoked a bowl full of it in a pipe. The bag smelled absolutely FOUL. I would compare the stench to sweaty socks or an old gym bag. But the taste of the smoke was actually quite pleasant, both to the tongue and the lungs. I would describe it as a combination of wood and flowers. It's not unlike smoking some sort of floral incense.

After about 15 minutes and not noticing ANY effect, I smoked another bowl. 15 minutes after the second bowl I did indeed begin to notice cannibs like effect, but in a different way. I am a HEAVY cannibas user, somewhere in the range of 1-4 grams a day, and I feel I can safely say that while the effects of a gram of wormwood were like cannibas, they were also very unlike any cannibas high I have ever experienced.

Personaly, most cannibus highs I experience are generally a sort of relaxing 'downer' high. Very mellow, very intense but also with an effect of having energy sucked out of you. The effect I got from the wormwood was that of a mellow 'down', but also mental clarity and increased energy at the same time. I would compare it to a very large amount of yerba matte.

30 minutes after smoking the second bowl of wormwood, I decided to smoke a full gram joint of marijuana to see what the effect would be.

It was absolutely outstanding. It pushed me right to the threshold of visual hallucinations, ie 'tracers'. I would notice things in a different way than before. The best way I can describe it was that I was in a very familiar setting, yet I felt as if I had never been there before.

Information on smoking wormwood has been extremely difficult to locate. I know that drinking large amounts of absinthe over a long period of time can lead to absinthia nervosa, but I have yet to hear any positive or negative health effects of smoking wormwood.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 12, 2007Views: 19,108
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