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Always Be With Me
Citation:   Oblivious. "Always Be With Me: An Experience with Heroin (exp31162)". Apr 28, 2007.

  insufflated Heroin
    IV Heroin
Ok, half my life (I'm 21 now) I've been smoking plenty of weed, its pretty much a normal day to day thing in my life. I've had my experiences with other drugs too like acid, morphine, cocaine, ecstasy, oxycontin and lots of other painkillers. But earlier this past summer (summer '03) I'm a changed person. It was around the third week into the summer, and it was only me and a friend. We decided since we had enough herb to last into the next week, we'd find something we haven't done before. Me, being the one that usually gets our supply of whatever, brought up heroin. After about 10 minutes we made up our minds, so I picked up the phone. I tried 4 people who I figured could actually come thru with it, the last person I called actually did, surprisingly.

We had $150 to spend that night, but luckily I only spent $60, which got us a bundle(10 bags). I ended up going by myself with my connection to some apartment while my friend stayed at the house. When we got to the room number, my dealer knocked on his door and said something I can't remember, I think he was letting them know it was him. The guy we were buying it from was pretty cool, but I figured its obviously to get his sales, I sell weed myself.

We sat on the couch and he came out of his room with a brown sandwhich bag, he pulled out a bundle and threw it to me. I counted the bags and gave him the money. I got back that night and quickly got to my room, as my friend followed me. I took the rubber band off the paper packets and they all had different stamps on all 10 of them, the only ones I can remember are BLACKOUT and Fuck The World. I tore open one of them and poured the very white powder onto a cd case, opened another one and poured it for my friend. I divided up about 5 small lines. The guy said it was purest he's gotten in months, so I sniffed up only one of the lines, and handed the cd case to my friend and told him only do one.

It hit me as soon as I looked away from him, a wave of warmness overwhelmed my entire body, feeling of happyness in me, my eyes felt very heavy and glossy. I laid back noticing my friend enjoying it too. I closed my eyes, feeling detached from the world and society. I felt as if I was somewhere else, far away and nonexistant. Nowhere in particular, just somewhere else. I was in the land off the free. It went on like that for the rest of the night, without doing not even one more line.

The next day I did it about twice more, and from what I can remember the bundle was gone soon, from myself. It wasn't long until I discovered the needle, about 3 months. I was by myself, after buying 5 bags, the dealer offered me a free clean needle. I stared for a minute until I said I'll take it. Fiending as I got home, went to the kitchen, grabbed a spoon, cup of water, and a cottonball from the bathroom and went strait to my room. I sat down in a comfortable chair, looked at the syringe tryin to make sure its clean, and sucked up a little bit of water and squirted it in the spoon, then opened one of the bags of H and poured it onto a cd case. With a razor I picked a small amount up and dropped it onto the spoon and held a liter underneath until it boiled a bit. I put a little piece of cotton onto the spoon, stuck the needle into the cotton and sucked up the liquid.

I made sure I had an easy vein to hit, and slowly, slanting the needle so I wouldn't puncture it, I slid it into my vein. From that point on, I was HIGH. That first second the needle got into my vein, I got trapped. After the rush, I was just on top of the world, nothing could phase me, even annoy me. I was in a beautiful, separate place from the world, in this place theres no violence or madness, just happiness and nice weather, the smell of flowers and being free. The feeling of shooting dope is like those little things that feel good, stretching in the morning, the relaxation u feel as you sit in a hot tub.

Heroin puts me on top of the world, it is the ultimate-fix. I don't see myself without it, and its been almost a year now. I shoot up about 5 bags a day of the most high quality heroin in and around my area. My goals are erased, I can't even remember what I do anymore, and my feet have needle tracks everywhere.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 28, 2007Views: 33,601
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