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'I Think I Died In Your Room'
by NMF
Citation:   NMF. "'I Think I Died In Your Room': An Experience with DXM (exp3118)". Dec 17, 2001.

600 mg oral DXM (liquid)


One night after I had got back from my vacation I was pretty bored so I thought that I would delve into the cough syrup I bought, specifically for a time like this. Usually I can chug cough syrup pretty easily but this stuff was thick like oil and I gagged uncontrollably after the first swig. Getting down two bottles was extremely difficult and I just about threw up. Finally after I had finished the two bottles I went outside to sit in the backyard with my dog. The grass looked particularly strange at this time. It was if I saw every blade of grass swaying in the wind perfectly in harmony together. I decided that I would play with my dog for a bit, so I chased her around (which was stupid) and then I jumped on my trampoline a bit (which was even more stupid).

Then I sat down for a bit and I felt the heavy effects coming on. My body felt like pure lead and I decided that I had better get myself inside before the rest of it kicked in. I went inside and started to watch TV but it was so hard to concentrate and my head was pounding. At that point I was getting scared because I had these bad thoughts running through my head. I realized that I had taken wayyyy too much and there really wasn't anything I could do about it then. I started getting these scary thoughts of dying or being rushed to the hospital. I eventually made my way up the stairs and into my room.

A few moments later the phone rang and my cordless wasn't in my room so I ventured into my sisters to use hers. I sat down next to her bed and picked up the phone. It was one of my friends asking if I wanted to smoke some weed that night. I just about puked at the thought of it and things started going downhill from there. She was talking but I just sat there and 'mmhmm'd at everything she said because I didnít have a clue what was happening. I finally interrupted her mid sentence and said I had to because I was going to barf.

Not even ten seconds later this wave of all things evil washed over me. It was like the purest form of nausea known to man. My whole body felt like it was on fire. Everything was burning. Burning to the point that I was scared I was going to spontaneously combust or something. I thought my ears were bleeding because they were so sore. My scalp and just everything was on fire. I think my body temperature rose to at least 105. It felt hotter then that, but maybe it was just my imagination. Actually no, no amount of imagination could physically cause that much pain. Then I had streams of projectile vomit coming up. I was trying to be as quiet as possible because I didnít want my parents to hear me. Thatís how stupid I am, I was so afraid of getting in trouble I decided that if I was gonna die I would die without getting yelled at first. I kept gagging until my stomach was totally dry.

After that I had passed out (?) for about an hour. During that time I had the strangest things happen to me. This is where I thought I had died because there was this vision that I was being rushed down a corridor of a hospital on a bed and this slightly overweight nurse was telling me to breathe and asking me what my name was. Because I was so messed up, I didnít know if it was just a really real hallucination/vision or if it was a real life experience that was just all fuzzy because of the dxm. So after having checked the clock apparently I had been there for just over an hour. I got up and left the room crawling on my hands and knees because it was too hard to stand up. I got into my room and sat there in the dark hoping that I wasnít going to die and hoping that my parents wouldnít find me.

After about two hours of just sitting there with my head in between my knees I decided to try and go to the bathroom. Unfortunately I couldnít, it was as if my urethra had been clamped shut. I started to gag again and it was just dry heaves, so somehow I managed to almost do a headstand so that I was completely upside down to get out the rest of the stuff in my stomach. Oh I forgot to mention, the vomit was surprisingly tasty. Perhaps because it was all cough syrup coming back up. Unlike normal vomit, this angelic substance didnít burn my esophagus and leave a skeezy after taste. I noticed that I was sweating a lot, my clothes were soaked. Then I remembered about the little present I left in my sisterís room. I walked into her room and saw the vomit. But instead of cleaning it up I just went back into my room and chilled for a bit. For some reason I kept walking in and out of her room and every time I went in there the vomit would either be there, or NOT be there. It was like disappearing vomit. Explain that one. I went back into her room and covered it up with towels. Eventually I just wrote my sister a note...

'I think I died in your room tonite, donít tell mom though. I'll clean up the vomit later, Iím really sorry'

So of course when she came home she went up into her room. She read the note and started to laugh because we always play stupid pranks on each other. So then of course when she lifted up the towels to find that lovely blob of joy, she was quite shocked. She just about screamed, so I ran in there to shut her up and explain to her what happened.

A little while later I attempted to clean up the vomit. It was probably the most difficult task Iíve ever completed in my entire life. Going downstairs and getting some stuff to clean it with was awfully hard. Getting by my parents was even more risky. Somehow I managed and did a half assed job at cleaning it up. However, I must mention that not only did the vomit taste pretty damn good for vomit - it also was a breeze to clean up. For some reason it was like lifting a sheet of gelatin off of the carpet. It didnít soak into the carpet at all. So I peeled it off and wiped down the carpet. A bit of Febreeze (tm) to finish it off did the trick. *the carpet is still crunchy in that area to this day*

I stayed in my room for the rest of the trip until I was interrupted by a knock at my door. It was mother dear coming to see why I had been up in my room all night. I explained to her that I was just getting ready for bed and she looked at my eyes. She didnít say anything though and left after a few minutes.

I guess that this was a pretty crappy experience to say the least. I have never been so scared in my life. It did however teach me a few important lessons.

1) Iím not ready to die
2) donít drink two bottles of cough syrup
3) donít drink two bottles of cough syrup

It was definitely a life changing experience and I have no regrets about it. I am glad that I survived. Maybe I wasnít at the point where I was in any real danger though. Lethal Dose may be higher, but 600 was deadly enough for me. I really wanted to reach a third or fourth plateau and experience it instead of barfing my way through it. However, if going that route, I believe powdered DXM is the way to go.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3118
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 17, 2001Views: 11,558
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