Booty Bump: What Not to Do
Citation:   last time user. "Booty Bump: What Not to Do: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp31187)". Aug 10, 2018.

7 hits vaporized Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    rectal Methamphetamine (liquid)
I am on occassional drug user, maybe doing drugs once every six months, and usually only ecstacy or acid. (Because of my metabolism, I normally have to take two to three pills, which can get expensive, and I didnt have a lot of money on me.) I went to this party where this guy had some crystal, which I had only done once or twice before, and I let myself be convinced to do it.

At first, we started to smoke it, and I did about 7 inhalations in about an hour or so. Not that bad, really, I felt really horny, really animated, and generally ok. And thats when I got stupid. My 'friend' told me we should try 'booty bumps,' which is where things got bad. He took about 12-14 small crystals, and mixed it with some water (about 5 tablespoons) out of the crystal meth bong water, and then proceeded to fill up two, regular size, needleless syringes almost 3/4 of the way. I was then directed to take the syringe, and put it up my butt, and release the meth infused water into it. Which, stupidly, I did. This was at about 4am. All I wanted to do was to try something new, and to get some energy, which I heard meth was great for. If I had any idea of what was to come, I would have stopped myself.

By about 10am, I was starting to come down from the meth, and went home from the party, still a bit in the lala everything is fine with the world shtick. I hung out with my roommate, and took a two our nap, thinking that the experience was over. However, at 4pm, almost 12 hours after the booty bump, all hell broke loose.
I hung out with my roommate, and took a two our nap, thinking that the experience was over. However, at 4pm, almost 12 hours after the booty bump, all hell broke loose.
At first, I could feel my heart starting to speed up, and by speed up, I mean to almost 160 beeps per minute. Then, my ears started to ring really badly, and I started to see things with my eyes, mostly just color changes (almost like a small acid effect). Then, my body started to heat up and I started to sweat profusely, though my hands and feet felt like somebody had stuck them in ice for hours. My arms and legs also started to tingle pretty badly. At this point I started to freak out, as nothing like this had ever happened to me, even worse because I was alone. I went to the bathroom and took an ice cold bath to try and get the fever under control. I also grabbed my cell and predialed 911 in case I couldnt get myself under control.

After about a half hour in the bath, I felt my fever break, and called a friend of mine to come over and moniter me (actually, I really wanted to go to the hospital, but he wouldnt let me go). Through this entire time I am trying my best to keep my slow my heart rate down. I am drinking lots of water, in the hopes of flushing it out, and practicing meditation techniques to control my heart rate, which was only mildly effective (I was able to get it down to about 130 from 160, my normal heart rate is around 60). For the rest of the night, I had to be half carried to the bath room and back, and every time I stood up, I almost blacked out. I would also see these yellow diamond kinda sparkles in my vision, and my ears were practically roaring. My heart also started to really pound, and I mean so hard that I could feel it something terrible, and, it started to really heat up and get warm, which I account to all the blood and the speed at which is was beating at for so long. Needless to say, I was an unhappy camper. I kept begging my friend to take me to the hospital, because I felt like I could be ODing (or at least borderline, per one of the meth websites). But he wouldnt take me. He was afraid, and rightly, that if I had gone, then the police would have gotten involved, and it would have been put on my record, and I would lose the new job I just got, which is in the securities industry (stocks and bonds).

As the night wore on, all I could do was lie down, and drink lots of water...which was in addition to a lot of whimpering and praying. The entire time, I was afraid for my life, and was doing everything I could not to panick. I did not feel euphoric or horny, or even filled with energy. I felt like my chest was going to explode.
I did not feel euphoric or horny, or even filled with energy. I felt like my chest was going to explode.
Also, my vision looked like someone had taken cotton and made everything was really hard to see anything detailed. At around 10pm (by this time, my heart had been beating at around 139-140 for almost 6 straight hours), I was able to put myself into a light trance, and fall into a light sleep. I woke up throughout the night, but I seemed to be coming off it. The next morning, monday morning (I had taken the meth saturday night), I could stand and not black out or fall down, and was able to take a shower and get dressed for work. Unfortunately, my pupils were still huge and my heart rate would start to race once I stood up and moved for any duration of time, so I ended up calling in sick.

Its 2:30pm now, same day, and I'm still in bed, drinking lots of water. I can move around some, but my heart will begin to speed up to about 120 if I do to much. My fingers are still tingling, and my feet are still cold, though not quite as cold as they were. My vision is for the most part normal, though looking at the computer screen, every now and then it goes into 3D. For the most part, it seems to be staying around 100-120, which is a hell of a lot better then 160. I've noticed then when I take a nap and wake up, I'm 'almost' normal, but the moment I start moving around, it speeds up. Even typing this is making my heart go up to 120. So, what does this mean to me? 1: If your going to take meth, take it in small doses.
1: If your going to take meth, take it in small doses.
2: If you take meth, have a moniter. 3: Know your body, and know your limits. 4: When in doubt, go to the hospital. 5: Take long, deep breaths, and count down from 10 to one, using your heart beat as the count. Do this repeatedly, while telling your body and your heart, to relax. And by repeatedly, I mean like every two minutes or so, if not more often. This helped, however small, to slow it down a bit. 6: DO NOT DO BOOTY BUMPS. The rectum is filled with millions of capalleries, and the drug goes almost right into the blood stream. I dont know why it took so long to kick in, but I have a wierd body anyway. 7: check your pulse often, as this is a good indicator of any problems. If it gets too fast, lie down, and relax, or go the ER. 8: Stay calm. Getting paranoid and freaking out, while understandable, just makes one's heart rate even faster.

I think one of the only things that saved me was knowing how to meditate and slow my heart down. Looking back at the experience, I have decided never to do meth, or any drug, ever again. I have a huge feeling that I could have died, and that only by the grace of the gods I made it through. I decided to write this because I wanted others out there to know what to do if something like this happened to them, and to warn them not to do booty bumps. Yeah, its a great safe way of putting it in, but was not worth it people.

Be safe and be careful. And please remember, when in doubt, go to the ER. Its better to be alive and with a record then dead and with nothing.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31187
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 10, 2018Views: 26,310
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