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We Only Come Out at Night
Citation:   silverfucked. "We Only Come Out at Night: An Experience with 2C-I (exp31395)". Aug 17, 2004.

T+ 0:00
23 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 6:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 7:45   oral Pharms - Hydroxyzine (pill / tablet)
A friend, Jimmy, came into town, along with his friend Rebecca and Alicia. Jimmy is an old friend, whom we both shared an opiate addiction, which sort of bonded us. He quit however, but still has not given up his love for exotic psychedelics. He brought with him 232mg of 2C-I. I dosed 16mg on Friday night, however, this report deals with Saturday nights 23mg, and the insanity that followed.

Here is the agenda for last Sat.

8:00p.m. - I dose 23mg of 2C-I; Jimmy doses(J) 16-17mg 2C-I
9:30p.m. - Rebecca(R) doses 16mg 2C-I.

So here we go.

2C-I - 23mg -'I have no idea where I am or what's going on'

8:00p.m. - Jimmy and I dose in my car, where the 2C-I is presently being stored at the moment. (It is colder and darker in my trunk than in my room) I chug down 23mL of the solution, which tastes like chalk dissolved in water. J takes 16-17.

8:30p.m. - We head up to Matt's room, which is Alicia's boyfriend. Really, just for a place to sit while go thru the comeup jitters. The comeup jitters that are felt on tonight's 23mg are way worse than last night's 16.

8:45-9:15 - I am overwhelmed by a horrible stomach ache and naseau, that causes me to lie down in the fetal position. Just thinking about the Buffalo Chicken i ate eariler, sends vomit signals up my spine. My mind is starting to race as well, and the sounds of one TVs 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' is blending with another TV's Grand Turismo are blending into a sickening puddle in my head, causing a quite uncomfortable spinning sensation.

9:15 - As if on cue my nausea lifts immeadiatly, as Rebecca and Alicia burst into the room. Also, like MDMA, the mental comeup of 2C-I was quick. Within 10 minutes I had gone from being dizzy to full out tripping. This could have been just me though. I start laughing hysterically as the oscillating fans beings to spiral slightly and the TOOL poster takes a few breaths.

9:30 - We decide to take a trip to my car to dose R. Walking feels like MDMA, rather than a tryptamine. Light and bouncy, rather and disporportionate and ackward. However, if I think myself into it, I can stretch and melt. I also find that the OEVs dont stand out unless I physically look for them. A pretty cool effect, its as if I can flip a 'visual trip' switch on an off. The perspective change, however, is here to stay, and cannot be shaken off so easily. It seems as if the majority of this substance's effects are a strong emotional change, along with a strong mental shift in the way I view things. On tryptamines it feels more as if the things yI am viewing are actually being warped themselves, and not of actions on my own accordance.

I get into a suprisngly full elevator, and jump out in an even suprisngly more full lobby. My mind is racing. Some guy says, 'Jesus, you scared the shit outta me', probably refering to the way I ran out of the elevator. ' You have no idea I tell him' and bolt out into the street. I follow the sidewalk, which seems to be flowing like a conveyor belt (something I experienced also on mescaline from san pedro). Jimmy and I are pretty far up at this point, and I say something to the degree of: 'Its weird how all the logical things in the world dont make sense, and all the illogical do'. J agrees, Rebecca laughs, and Matt and Alicia just sorta stare. We get to my car and I dose Rebecca with 16mg. This is her second time on psychedelics. Matt and Alicia decide to stay sober and actually get into a fight, prompting Matt to go his own way. I take a second to blare some Prog. House on my system. I open the trunk and sort of get lost in the sounds coming out of subwoofers. The I shut my car off and we float back up to the dorms.

10:45 - R is fully up and going and having a great time. She seems to take on a very innocent like aura. We turn on Winamp's Milkdrop Visuals and play the Tool's 'The Grudge' and NIN's 'The Perfect Drug'. J and R are stretched out on the bed, while I am sitting in a chair about 12 inches away from the moniter. It feels as if I am on a rollercoaster, twisting and turning with the visuals. Also, I get so entranced with it, that my periphial vision begins to mimic the computer screen, and the walls begin melting, twisting, and turning, and changing colors, as I stare at the screen. If I look directly at the walls though, they seem to 'exhale' and go still. It seems the majority of 2C-I massive OEVs occur in my periphial vision, unlike mushrooms that do it to my face. I have a minor 15 minute freak out session when my father calls my cellphone. I choose not to answer it. 'Why is he calling so late?' 'What if something is wrong?' 'If he I turn my phone off, he'll know im on drugs, that is if he doesnt already know'. J and R chill me out though.

Rebecca seems to be feeling the 16mg nicely and sort of sticks her face in the computer moniter at just stares for 10 minutes to a depressing Evanescense song. At this point I tell her that this song is bringing me down, and that I am going outside for a ciggarette and to look at the stars.

11:15 - 'Starbursts and cigarettes are all I need'

We walk out in public which is a strange feeling, as most of the people on campus are drunk by now. We decide that we are not really in the right mind frame to deal with these people just yet, so we go to this gazebo that is located in a sort of 'zen garden' on campus. It is extremely peacful. The feeling of interconnectedness the 2C-I brings to me is quite powerful (but only half of what MDMA does), and there is a strong romantic feeling going on too. We sit down and find that the stars are invisible due to the streetlights. However, if I stare long enough they appear anyway. The grass seems to shawdow and shift around itsself, something ive seen on MDA. I get the feeling that I am slightly tolerant to this phenethylamine, as I feel that though I took quite a bit more than J and R, they seem to be tripping equally as hard as me. It may just be that I am handling it more introvertedly, some it comes across as equality. Either way, our conversations take on strange approaches. Example:

Me: 'I need to walk to Walgreens to get water and take a piss (pointing to WG's on the horizon)'
R: 'But thats a far walk'
Me: 'Yeah but if you think about it, the distance between here and there is just a small speck on this planet, which in turn is just a small speck on the tail of a spiral galaxy consisting of billions of stars and planets, which in turn is nestled amongst thousands of similar galaxies'.
R: 'Well, I guess its not too far then.'

Also, Starbursts have taken a central theme for this trip. Despite the lacking OEVs, the strong mental perspective change has brought about some really nice synthesesia. When I eat a lemon starburst, I see and feel lemon. I 'enter the realm of lemon'. That tree, 'becomes lemon'. We all experience this. I talk about how 'Im about to eat the pink' I forgot to mention that sexual innuendos have been the choice joke for the night, and words like 'pink' and 'hard' give way to inappropriate lengths of laughter. There is also a strong sexual tension radiating between me and R, something that had begun when I had tripped the night before. I tell them that smoking a ciggarette is like having sex with my lungs.

11:30-12:15 - 'The Strip'

Here on campus, there is a road that runs thru the middle, known as the Strip. On weekends it is filled with beligerent drunks and is very remeniscent to something like Spring Break in Panama City.

I wasnt lying about the trip to Walgreens, and after some reluctance J and R decide to go with me. When we hit the strip, the activity is overwhelming. Drunks screaming everywhere, and car stereos blaring. It is the first overload of the night, but we decide to endure it. We also end up walking about 2 miles of it, as each place we go to is closed. I get to a gas station and go in to find three policemen waiting. (Police encounter number 1). Jimmy immeadiately turns around and leaves, but me being familiar with being fucked up around authority, stays. Rebecca also stays. I tell her not to say anything. After a confused look around the 'living and breathing' store, I buy more starbursts and some water. It goes over well, and I walk out to find Jimmy sitting down. We drink the water and decide that its the best water ever. Unfortunately we all had to piss and this gas stations bathroom was closed.

So we go to another gas station. I go in the bathroom and its the type of place that I would expect to find needles in. I quickly piss, which is not as strange of a sensation as I thought it would be. I then take a look in the mirror. A long look. I begin to think about my opiate usage, and watch my face become 'junkiyfied'. My cheekbones beging to grow out, my eyes beging to darken and sink in, and my complexion pales and worses, the skin loosening on my face. I shake my head, and my face reverts to its normal composure and I leave the bathroom, to wait outside. While waiting outside a police car drives by me and stops to ask some other people questions. Then it drives off. (Police encounter number 2). This time made me a little more nervous, as the first thing most of our friends our asking us is 'what are you on?'

We walk back to the Gazebo.

12:15 - At the gazebo, we get a call from Matt and Alicia saying that they are going to a kegger. R gets it set in her mind that we need to go. After arguing we decide we will give it a shot and go to meet M and A at the bus stop, the buses being deliberately designed to tote inebriated people around all night. We meet them and sit and wait for the bus, which seems like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. Drunks are walking by and shouting and Jimmy and I find it very intruding. And we are going to a kegger? Rebecca comments that Alicia looks like a turtle, and then Alicia makes some joking face at her, that I didnt catch. R screams runs 10 feet, and bursts into tears. She has been saying crazy shit all night, and I was on twice the dosage of her, yet I dont think I could have had that extreme of reaction to anything. I make a mental note, to be careful for future dosings with R. She stops crying when she realises we are all staring at her in shock. 'Are you sure you want to go to this?' 'Yes.' 'Whatever, I say'.. 'If I see you take one drink tonight, I'm turning around and going home'

The harshness of my words shocked me, but what shocked me more was that I cared so much about her when I had only met her 36 hours earlier. She said ok, but I had little faith that she would not drink.

12:30 - 1:30 - 'Parties, Cops, and the Olsen Twins'

We get to the party and the sheer noise overwhelms us. For the most part my OEVs have stopped, though my shift in consciousness, and sensitivity to stimulus was as strong as ever. On this drug, I perceived drunk people to be hilariouss, but also saw how stupid and pointless the drunk mans conversation really was. The party seemed like one big meat market, and almost like a game everyone was playing. I felt on a mentally superior level to these people, and this whole party seemed childish and shallow. (BTW, I go to these parties and get hammered all the time; the 2C-I had merely brought out some really deep reflection and inflection.)

We crush into the first room, and I'm am getting strange looks, as I am chewing gum, have a backpack on, my hood is up, and my eyes are dilated beyond belief (being that they are blue, they are harder to hide than J and R's brown eyes). People are screaming and making out, and fighting, and laughing, and I begin to feel this sensory overload thing again, only much stronger. It is as if my brain is taking in so much that it is calling it quits. It's like being at a loud pool party, and then going under water... Seeing nothing and hearing nothing. I temporarily soar into this Neverland and totally forget where I am or what's going on. Jimmy is the same way. It is as if our whole night has been an identical trip, but Rebecca's totally different. I get snapped out by Rebecca pulling me into the keg room which is pitch black, with one black light, and one strobe light. Me and J huddle into the corner. We want out of this godforsaken hell that we have been dragged to. Back to the gazebo. Back to the peace that seemed to be decades ago.

I'm sure to god that R is gonna drink, and if she does, I feel that I will fall apart emotionally. I dont wanna see her do that to herself, merely because she is out of control now, and I know the alcohol is gonna send her over the top.


All of the sudden the lights flip on. 'COPS'! is yelled by someone and all of the sudden there is a mad rush to the door reminiscent of a stampede of buffalo. I get swept up into it, and this is too much for me and I start freaking. 'Let the motherfuckers who are on acid get the hell out first', I scream. (Saying 2C-I wouldnt have the same effect.) Amazingly everyone parts and the five of us exit, right as three cops enter the side door. We run down to the busstop, and the masses follow us. 'Yep, time to go to the dorm' I say. Really, I felt relieved that the cops came, as they spared me from hours of enduring that shitefest party. I meet a guy who has a radio show at my college, and tell him I dig his show. He says 'really', and I get the impression that he thought no one listened and that this had totally made his day. My empathy level suddenly shot above anything MDMA has done, but dropped as soon as he walked off.

We hopped on the bus, where R begans flirting with a guy who has handcuffs on. I couldn't tell if they were real or fake and was shock when she locked him to the bus pole. 'Did you really just do that' I asked. They all laughed at me, aas it turned out the cuffs were plastic.

1:30 -4:00am - 'Where do we go from here?'

We get back to the dorms and Jimmy and I sprawl back on the bed. We are coming down, but the events have left our mind so frazzled that all three of us are finding hilarity in everything. It seems though, that Rebecca has come almost completely down by 2:00. At 2:00 Jimmy and I were both still tripping hard. 'God when will it end?', he asks jokingly. This substance has lasted an amzing time, as even though im having no real OEVs, no CEVs, no synthesesia, and the emotionaly effects are dying off, my perception still feels as if it is blown up, and that I am still peaking.

Around 2:30, Jimmy and I decided to adopt the attitude that 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em'. In other words, since this psychedelic refused to give our mind a rest, we might as well add on. We go and smoke a joint at this point, also half hoping it will induce some sleepiness. This 2C-I has a pretty strong amphetamine feel, kind of like MDMA. We are wired, and the thought of sleep feels impossible, as if we came down off speed a long time ago, but our mind refuses to quite racing. R decides to sit out on the weed.

Pretty much all the weed did, was bring up the midfuck to an insane level. There was no weed high. None of the strange thought patterns or body sensations associated with THC. Instad it just more finely minces our already scattered mind. Nothing was comprehensible anymore. Everything was hilarious. Matt had gone to bed, and we were chilling in Alicia's room again. It is now around 3:00 and Jimmy and I have been laughing for about 30 minutes straight. I can see that Alicia is getting tired of our drugged asses, and even Rebecca is sobering up to the point that she has lost that connectedness with us. We stop laughing, only to have A's roomates come in and turn the stereo on fullblast to a song called 'Juice These Hoes' That incited another laughing riot with me and J.

At 3:45 Rebecca decides that she is too wired to sleep and that she wants to hang out with some guy she met at a party the night before. This changes my mood to somber, as I know the night is ending, and that R's choosing to hang with this guy sort of feels like a rejection or boredom with me. I doont blame her, she got sober while Jimmy and I continued to get fucked up. I told Jimmy that I'm gonna attempt for some sleep and walk Rebecca down to this guys apartment. I gave Jimmy some hydroxyzine, some weird sedative, and also took one myself.

I walk with her down the road, and we have a nice conversation. I can't but feel attracted to her, and I get the feeling she feels the same way. Unfortunately, I am so scattered, that there is nothing I can do about it. When we get there, he was waiting, and I told her goodnight, and that maybe I'd see her in the future. She agreed, we said our ackward goodbyes, and I left. I wave of small depression washed over me. When I got back to my room I went immeadiately to bed, though it took a few hours before sleep came.

When I woke up at 2 pm today, I felf very worn out, but i also felt a depression I havent felt in quite awhile. Almost a post-MDMA depression, which leads me to wonder if perhaps these phenethylamines are causing a neurotransmitter release, rather than mere receptor agonism. Regardless, I ingested opiates at the beginning of typing this, and I feel better now. :/

As for 2C-I, I think it is a wonderful substance. I would classify it as an entactogen with medium hallucinogenic effects. It is shocking how different this felt from a classic psychedelic. I also have about 20 more 20mg doses left, and Im looking forward for a repeat. However, the drain that two trips caused on my body, worries me enough, that I'll probably wait a month or so before I do it again.


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31395
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2004Views: 15,545
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